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  1. Yes no problem doing that ( I think one of my photos shows the front down), their are also 4 side doors in addition to the 2 front doors we have been over in France since the 1 st May and found this awning excellent (we are waiting to get on the ferry in the morning to come back to England). It’s so versatile, obviously if you roll down the front panels at the end of the day the air may have expanded in the air tubes which can make it seem difficult to zip back up, but it’s not a problem just either pull one of the upright poles towards the caravan which then enables you to zip the awning up
  2. I have one and it’s brilliant!! can’t comment on the number of pumps to inflate it but that will depend on awning size, mine is a size 18 for a twin axle it takes less than 3 minutes to inflate the main airframe. The additional poles are inflated in seconds. If you look in the awning section you will see pictures of mine and various comments. regards Doug
  3. I used a hand pump, to inflate the main frame takes about 2 minutes then there are some additional poles for roof and front ( not sure how many their would be on a size 8) some other people on the site have used electric pumps but they take ages to inflate as they are only small chamber in the pumps in comparison to the hand pumps also their is a danger of over inflating with electric pumps it’s impossible to over inflate with a hand pump. Campbells caravans have a video on Facebook showing the Daytona being inflated, well worth a look. regards Doug
  4. Absolutely not this is the easiest awning I have ever erected and I am not built like Goliath. regards Doug
  5. It’s absolutely brilliant kind regards Doug
  6. Have a look at Pendle bike racks they have a range of racks including some specifically for towing caravans if you have a fixed towbar. Also have a range of boot mounted racks. regards Doug
  7. The centre leg and side legs cannot be removed but the other four centre legs can be removed in seconds . The only other comment I would make is that the front poles are fixed length sometimes you have to pack a leg up if the land is not level,which also means that if you are on a raised part of land the air tubes can be a tight fit which isn’t a problem until you decide to zip the front panels back in and you could find a couple of inch gap between the zips, all you do is pull down on the airframe and you can zip the front panels in no problem. This is only needed on extremely uneven sites
  8. We bought ours from Campbells Blackburn who always give us good service. You could ring Dorema direct for your nearest stockist. kind regards Doug
  9. If you take out the front and side panels it’s only 19kg to pull through the awning rail . Honestly this is easier than my previous air awning to get through the awning rail once you have removed the side and front panels,myself and my better half are both in our late sixties and vertically challenged and we found no problems, but I would not like to try to pull it through the awning rail fully assembled. kind regards Doug p. s. We have just had an horrendous rain storm overnight and this morning in France and I am pleased to say we are snuff dry.
  10. Stuart Collins is a broker what is the actual insurance company that issues the policy please. regards Doug
  11. Out of interest what is the road tax
  12. Hi could the pickup truck owners please clarify a couple of points for me please 1. Problems insuring for personal not commercial use. 2. Limitations of how long you can be abroad and still retain fully comprehensive cover ( the reason for asking the above question is I met a pickup owner who had caused minor damage to his car and a French car in a car park,when he contacted his insurance company they said they would only pay for the French drivers damage as he had been in France over a month and it was assumed he was working abroad,therefore his insurance cover despite being
  13. Remember to only clean water to clean the panel as car shampoo etc can reduce the amount of energy produced. regards Doug
  14. Their are 2 schools of thought about caravan covers unless your caravan is completely clean before fitting the cover the cover can end up scratching the paintwork also it can restrict the airflow inside the caravan as the vents in the roof lights are covered which is not good. however if you decide you want a cover protec covers are tailor made for each manufacturer and model.
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