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  1. The way to get around the "Unable to Proceed" screen is to Sign Out of the app from the front screen and then to Sign In again using your email and password.
  2. Isabella and Vango awnings fit caravans 236cms high.
  3. I thought Vango awnings come with a repair kit so you may be able to patch it.
  4. The straps are indeed to help position the air beams. The straps at either side of the awning can be unclipped once the awning is up and pegged out. You then won’t trip over them if you take the side doors out.
  5. Should have said, there is no need to remove the doors to thread the awning through the rail but you can if you find it easier. We don’t bother.
  6. Just seen Vango’s brochure. The Rail Weight is the weight of the awning with all the removable panels removed.
  7. We have the Varkala Connect 280 awning. It is a good awning. The material is a good weight and good quality. The main unit comes with a strap for each air beam and 2 storm straps which keep it well tied down. Vango have changed the zips in the doors from the previous model and it is no longer possible to open up the top of the doors to let air in. This is our main disappointment with the awning. We also have the left hand extension which converts the awning from 280 x 250 size to 530 x 250 size which makes it very versatile. The extension comes with a strap for each of the air beams and a furt
  8. Our Alde green light on the power button is always on when we are using the Swift control panel.
  9. Same thing happened on my Swift. I used double sided sticky tape (number plate tape) to stick the supports to the wall.
  10. We have a 280 Vango Varkala Connect plus a 250 full height side extension. We can use it as both a 280 sized porch or a 530 sized awning. Very versatile.
  11. Can't advise on the battery but the Quasar is slightly lower than most other caravans. The overall height of 2.6 mtrs includes the aerial. You will have no problems with any of the standard awnings.
  12. We were on a CMC site a couple of weeks ago and the awning size (2.5mtrs) was printed on the information given to us. Looking around the site many of the awnings were at least 3mtrs wide and there didn't appear to be a problem. Personally I wouldn't worry about it.
  13. Hi Dave. I know what you mean about the Swift awning rails. The openings are not too generous. We have the same issue with our Challenger. There is a definite knack to feeding the awning into the rail. We have found that you have to push the awning cord into the opening and slide it slowly a bit at a time. If you try to do it too quickly the end you are feeding into the opening gets jammed. Try practicing by pushing the awning skirt around the awning rail. Because there is no heavy material it is much easier to do. This will show you the technique to do the awning proper. Good luck. Steve.
  14. We also have the Varkala Connect. An excellent bit of kit.
  15. If it is a new caravan, then the large black switch on the consumer unit under the seat should be in the on position. The fridge should be set to either 12 volt or Auto. This can be done either on the fridge on on the Smart control panel.
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