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  1. The Aqua Caps are the rubberised blue shrouds. They sell for £3.33 from the company I mentioned above.
  2. Spares2you.co.uk have W4 Aqua Caps which is what I believe you are looking for. I have never used this company. I’m sure other places must do them as W4 products are fairly well known.
  3. We have a 2020 Challenger 480 and there is a reverse polarity light on the consumer unit under the seat. I found that the nose weight was much lighter than expected so personally I'm pleased that the spare wheel is in the gas locker. Much easier to get out if required, especially abroad where you would be on the wrong side of the van while removing it from underneath.
  4. The Summer setting is for hot water only. That’s how it is supposed to work.
  5. I've just bought the Wraith and it is such a doddle to fit. That's the one I would choose.
  6. Document looks like it was created in Jan 2018. So was this a known fault that has only just received a recall?
  7. I’ve got the Sonoma. It’s brilliant.
  8. Limeuil campsite and village are the best. Had the best holiday there a few years ago.
  9. I imagine Italian rain is like having a warm shower, whereas Welsh rain could strip your skin off.
  10. Just seen Dan Trudgian on YouTube looking at the new models.
  11. I use an old pair of Milenco Aeros with the original clamps on my 2017 Sportage. The clamps need to be placed very close together and fixed to the top of the mirrors as close to the car as you can get them.
  12. That’s good to know. Thank you. Thinking about it, Swift sell a lot of caravans, so if it was a big problem they would go back to conventional lights.
  13. The new company has reopened Lunar Caravans website. On the warranty pages it clearly states that 2018 vans onwards have a 3 year warranty and 6 year body shell warranty. As this is now the new company's website I would hope that they would honour that.
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