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  1. Outwell are probably better known for making extremely good tents. The awning, if in good condition, should be an excellent choice.
  2. We've had three Vango awnings and they have all been extremely good.
  3. On Swift caravans the main control switch kills all 12v supply with the exception of the alarm system and solar controller.
  4. Forget the 12 volt button on the fridge. This will only work when the van is attached to the car and the engine is running. Have you checked that the black button on the Sargent fuse box (probably under one of the seats) is pushed in ? Are other 12 volt systems like the lights working ? The fridge needs to be switched on using the fridge’s power button, and then the gas button on the fridge needs to be pressed. This will light up. Is the flame button lit?
  5. When switched to gas can you hear the igniter clicking? If not, do you have your 12 volt system switched on. On the newer Swift’s you need to have the black button on the fuse box pressed in.
  6. The gas to the fridge is on a different pipe to the cooker. If you look in one of the cupboards you will find individual gas pipes for the cooker, the heating and the fridge. The gas is turned on when the taps on these pipes point along the pipe and not across it. That fridge doesn’t have button for the igniter . Just press the button with the flame.
  7. Year G indicates a 2016 year van which could have been built late in 2015.
  8. This has nothing to do with reverse polarity. You should never have mains power through your chassis. You need to get the wiring checked. Many people go to France and do not worry about reverse polarity and never have mains power through the chassis.
  9. My solution would also work if the 39 should have been 19.
  10. I reckon 39 should actually have been 36. If that is the case then I have a solution.
  11. Just to clarify. NTS includes free access to all NT carparks in England. You just need to have your NTS sticker in your car window. This is an email from NTS: Yes, we have a fully reciprocal agreement with the National Trust. Our members get free entry to their properties, use of their car parks, and vice versa. The only thing you need to have with you is your valid membership card, and your parking permit displayed in your vehicle. The membership card will not scan to produce a parking ticket, hence the need for one displayed. Regards, Grant Hislop, Custo
  12. Scottish NT definitely does include car parks. I asked and have had it confirmed by NTS.
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