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  1. I tend to do it slightly differently. 1. Feed into awning rail. 2. Peg out close to caravan. 3. Inflate main beams. 4. Peg out other corners. 5. Peg out sides and front. 6. Inflate bracing poles and fit. 7. Velcro buffers to awning and press against caravan with poles. 8. Peg out storm straps. That works for us but it really depends on the style of the awning. There are many ways to do it. You have to decide what works best for you.
  2. If its the same as my Lunar it is held on by a type of very strong Velcro. Its not Velcro but it works in a similar way. It will just pull off but it does take a bit of effort.
  3. Port de Limeuil is one of the best sites we have ever stayed on.
  4. The large washer sits in the cap. I bought a new cap which came with the washer already installed in the cap.
  5. We have the same problem. We managed to get an awning that fitted so that the bracer beam fitted just to the left of the awning light.
  6. We have a 250 Rapide which we are currently selling. It’s a good awning. It stands up well in all weathers and is dead simple to put up. I like the Vango products a lot and although you could class this as entry level it is very good indeed. It come with rock pegs, mallet, storm straps, in fact everything you need to use it out of the box.
  7. We had a 2003 Swift and the roof was just like this so I expect it is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Our current Lunar is the same. Some makes/models do have bonded roofs which should not be like this but many do not. I certainly wouldn’t be worried about it.
  8. Ours is behind the reading light as shown above.
  9. I have just fitted the Fit2Go (now Michelin) system to my caravan. Easy to fit. No setup required. I have tested it and it seems to work well. It does not show actual pressures but just lets you know if there is a problem.
  10. Could still be relevant. We have a 2013 Lunar. That has a Truma pump controlled by a Whale pressure switch.
  11. Vango do a 100cm round bamboo table with adjustable legs. Maybe that would be better.
  12. As the only thing holding the caravan to the car why take the risk? I would buy the Alko tow ball.
  13. The offer is shown on the Offers page of the CAMC website. You just have to show your membership card to the dealer to get the offer.
  14. Friends were at Damage Barton CMC site a few weeks ago and had to leave after 2 days due to very high winds gusting. It is very exposed so keep an eye out at the weather.
  15. Sussex Caravans have two outlets. I have found them a decent company to deal with. Very friendly. Very fair.
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