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  1. Yes didn't it run two pipes out the middle, Can't remember if the latest is capable of having a towbar, but seeing a clip on pistonheads going up the runway (that's nice) wouldn't want a caravan on the though. I wonder how a vehicle like that would corner at speeds greater than our max speed limit. I did try a summit 64 plate but couldn't afford that and wanting to change the caravan as well. Wife didn't like the pax side felt she had to keep her legs to the side, seat to close to the tunnel, did you find that? Have now bought a old Merc GL David
  2. Grand Cherokee SRT with either an Adria or German made van with a proper width bed 5ft wide not the UK rubbish 4ft 3 or 5. This is my biggest gripe with UK vans, and longer front seating. The Jeep is fast big and bold, not what a caravanner is looking for. A Porsche or SQ7 would be the sensible choice. Not in the right area but I wonder what will happen to the market this year, Discounts on vans or even worse cease trading. I would like a new Adria but wife doesn't like colour scheme inside to white, compared to our Bessacarr. David
  3. Hello I would recommend Peter Smythe transport training near Mansfield , you do your training on Saturday or Sunday and then test on Monday . He is on trucknet if you want go on there , and then can find out a bit more about his pass rate and the whole experience. They have there reversing area and is also a test site. Please feel free to mention my name as I worked for him. Good Luck Regards David
  4. I tow with a Audi a8 pulling a swift bessacarr, my criticism is sitting low down, as before we had a vw caravelle, I looked at a v90 last week with 21" wheels very nice but dealer didn't know the unladen weight. Why not get a newer volvo. Good luck with looking for a new car, I have considered changing but I would like to change the caravan first.
  5. Have a go yourself, then at least once its fixed you know it will last. There are several places that do wall board, your just going to have match as best as you can. There's not going to be much on show after the curtains and cushions are in place. Take it all apart carefully and your joiner friends should be able to help, you may find more damp tough. Its got to be better than losing the money you paid for it. Good luck And take photo's.
  6. Surely you only need to purchase the 13pin wiring loom, I have noticed that new detachable bars have the 13pin socket on the bar itself, mainly German cars.
  7. I too have a Westfalia which I fitted myself it doesn't have the hole for a breakaway cable. Electrics cost more than bar, very good kit on my opinion. David
  8. I've got a couple of shovels, just need some miners, then we can have 24HR electric, or should we just carry on importing wood chippings from aboard which pollute the air like coal, but that's kept quite. Where I live you have to park where you can, so how will we be able to charge our cars, perhaps the government will every family a one car? If everyone else can see problems with all this why are the government not seeing it. At present I have a v8 diesel, but I might consider a petrol version.
  9. I've had two T4's towing a twin axle for over 8 years, very good tow vehicles, as yours is only 4 cylinder it will lack pulling power. I had a Caravelle and a Mulitvan the auto gearbox was a problem with one until I fitted a cooler. If your happy with that then you should be fine. Sadly VW only put the 4 cylinder in these vehicles which is a shame, as I would go back to one, much better driving position.
  10. That's a nice choice I like all three, allroad has air which I find comfortable. There is someone with a newish a6 allroad that tows a twin axle, so should be more than capable given your weight. My ex boss bought a sport with all options and the detachable tow bar stuck out, Not as good as his old Alltrack press a button out folds the tow bar.
  11. It must be a first for me to start a topic, but here goes. A little while ago we went to Raymond james to have a look at next years models, After looking In a few different makes can't remember which one, but it had the Alde heating pipes quarter of the way up the wall, Opposite the transverse bed, was not impressed it looked out of place, ours runs just above the floor. It seems the long front seating has got smaller by most British makers to make way for everything else, that's one thing I liked about British vans. The drawers on some makes didn't go in and out very well either. Adria models still don't have that luxury about them on the inside even on the Alpina, another annoying thing with adria is that they are 230mm short of the maximum body length, which is a shame. So to sum up my opinions I am biased towards Adria having owned one for 12years but now own a Swift built Bessacarr, Yes they are worlds apart in luxury, but will have faults and cost over £30 grand. I cannot afford that even if I could I wouldn't buy one though Wife has different opinion. How do others view what's good value and a quality made product. .
  12. We also store ours in the shower, its a swift built bessacarr. So it seems most store this way, but the shower tray cracking this is a debate for a new topic ?
  13. Thanks for your replies, not a member of the CCC hadn't thought about CL'S. We don't use our facilities in the caravan, apart from night time.
  14. Could anyone recommend a site in the area, as we've never visited this place before we are CMC members. Our visit would be in the October half term. Would like to be able to walk into local village, go out for a drink and that sort of thing. Thank you
  15. Thanks for that, will have to down to Venture again and have a look.
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