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  1. Well i'm glad that someone else mentioned Adria rather than me, Its my preferred brand. I have a swift bessacarr with french bed and as Gary says the cut out for me is annoying and the mattress is not 5ft wide, That's why I want to change, But there aren't any British vans that have a 5ft wide bed, Some not even 4ft6". So that leaves with Adria and German vans. I was only average size but been in lock down since March so now need a bit more room. Try the beds for size. Good luck David
  2. If you like the Swift brand, Then a Bessacarr would fit the bill, As they have the cushions and chest of draws as standard, Price might be the only downside. Having said that not so sure about the latest models perhaps Griff could confirm. Happy hunting. David
  3. My previous car was a Audi a8 4.2tdi with 150.000 towed very well and gave good economy, But didnot like sitting low down whilst towing. Now have a 57plate Merc GL 420cdi with 115.000 miles, Not yet really towed anywhere yet, As only bought at beginning of lock down. MPG never sees above 25. Use sons car Audi a2 he hasn't passed his test. David
  4. Hello I found or my Wife found the Fiamma very easy to put together, We had one for a long time. It was the caravanstore Zip with the privacy room which is both sides and front. Bought from Johns cross at Earls court. They now do a Zip XL with is 2.5 m deep. If you buy one try and make sure it passes the windows and when the door is open it fits much better against the caravan side. I believe Johns cross are the importers would recommend them. We would have bought another one but it now costs over £1000. So have bought a used Isabella porch awning. One thing the bags which it is stored in does deteriorate if your buying S /hand. Regards David
  5. Yes I think you will have to, I didn't realise that Buccaneer also fitted this model its rare from what i've found out. Brayford who are Bessacarr dealers say I may have to buy a new one at a cost of £1000 pound something i cannot afford, So I hope you find the fault. David
  6. Have you got 12v to the sensor or even to the wiring in the sun roof.The sensor must trigger the motor into life, Hopefully there's a electrician on here that can shed some more light. We have a Bessacarr and have been waiting nearly a year for a new motor.
  7. Had an email today from Morris leisure about the dates they are reopening , Shropshire 14th July and the welsh sites 1st August . Hope they will as there nice sites. We had booked the riverside site a couple of years ago and had to cancel, due to the wife having back problem. I rang and explained and they were very helpful, We went last year and really enjoyed it.
  8. Philip697 Try Peter Smythe at Sutton in Ashfield, They have there own test centre. Not sure if he's still offering discount but register on Trucknet and use your user ID for discount. Good luck David
  9. Well I have to agree with Tuningdrew on both accounts, In my opinion much better for the long run.I did comment on hear about doing the test and a member said the cost was about £750. While your currant car doesn't seem heavy enough, One thing I found is that when choosing a new vehicle, look at one which may be capable for the next caravan it might be heavier than this one. Might point its a big cost changing both if the towcar isn't heavy enough. Enjoy the search for your family, I'm some of us still get a buzz out of buying a new vehicle. Cheers David
  10. Hello telegan It should be OK, but with that bhp it going to be a bit slow on hills. If you can i would try and find one with a bigger bhp giving you more torque which is the most important thing. We towed with the older T4's with 102bhp but 5 cylinder and then a 204 bhp v6 petrol. Our caravan also weighed about the same as yours, When windy and on steep hills had to change down on the diesel one. There are a lot of members on here with T5's or T6 who will have more up to date experience. I think it will be fine, but if you change your caravan for a heavier one then you will also have to change your VW only in my opinion. If VW did the v6 diesel from the car range then i would buy another if affordable. Hope it works for you. Regards David
  11. I like you have had Audi's for a very long time, my last one being a A8 4.2 tdi, Now have bought a Mercedes GL 4ltr diesel its still old, but I want a new caravan a Adria or German so had to compromise with my car. Son has a Audi a2 but hasn't passed his test yet, so i keep the battery charged. Wife has a Fiat 500 Abarth newest car and costs the least to mantain, to my suprise being Fiat. Doing your B+E should help you in the long run. Do not worry about the reversing part of the test, Most training companies have markers to help you when to turn when manoeuvring towards the box. The longer the trailer the easier to position as the distance between hitch and the axle is longer. Adria have only included the aerial in the last couple of years, If I remember rightly. Good luck and enjoy your time what ever make you buy. Cheers David
  12. I believe that you own a German car, So why worry, Its a matter of choice as others have said. I voted to leave and would like to see English made goods instead of made in ? That said I wouldn't buy a English made car. I now own a Swift Bessacarr caravan and did own a Adria so like chalk and cheese. The Alpina range does seem to white compared to the Adora range.Only now have Adria made the Altea longer giving more space, These models are much improved . After all its a lot of money and you want to enjoy using and being away in it. Enjoy looking and trying different models i'm sure you will know when its the one. Good luck David
  13. Its gone up in price, I take it that you passed all OK. David
  14. Hello Cadej88 I would recommend a B+E test and it costs around £500, Or it did a couple of years ago, You have to reverse a trailer into a box this will be good practice when you have your caravan. Also remember that whilst on your test your driving is assessed and people do fail on their driving, Basic things like speeding not using your mirrors. So any bad habits have to go out the window and think back when you past your car test. But lacking the nerves as you can drive, the trailer follows you, You need to allow for that when passing anything . The company that i can recommend is Peter Smythe Transport Training in Sutton in Ashfield. If you live more than 70 miles away he will put you in B/B for free. Also if you register on Truck net you get a discount . They have there own test centre that you can practise your reversing on. Hope i haven't put you off but any instructor will go through everything with you. I did work for this company a couple of years ago, So the price might have changed. hope you get sorted and good luck which you choose. Regards David
  15. Well i like some of your comments Andy our combination is a oven it could do all, But i like jacket tate's done on a BBQ and also salmon. Stevan hadn't thought about that one. We kept our Adria for 12 years using this method, but like Ukzero said it did give off heat outside is best, but when it was inside at the front we opened the large window. Cheers David
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