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  1. It was hanging down at the middle of the van not around the hitch. We unravelled the spare from the hitch to repair the cable. It is now repaired and cable ties secure it firmly in place. We shall not be returning to this dealer.
  2. First trip out with our 2008 Sprite bought from a dealer. Halfway along our 200 mile trip, the left indicators stopped functioning. A few miles on we had no electrics on the van. When we could safely stop we discovered the cable was not secured underneath the van. It had been scraping along the ground and wires were exposed. Luckily we had no sparks and no burning. Fortunately enough slack remained for my electronic engineering hubby to rewire the cable. Naturally we contacted the dealer, who said we should bring the van to them. Our repair negated their responsibility! Not sure how we were meant to drive back, 150 miles with a fully laden van and no lights. ... Check underneath your van for trailing cables, folks.
  3. We decided to follow the suggestions of Eye Kettleby. Nice spacious site, good fishing. Amazing ablution blocks. Thanks to all who suggested it.
  4. Thanks one and all. We have booked Eye Kettleby. It fits in with the needs of the family quite well too.
  5. Shhh. ... fields end is too lovely to talk about! We go there are lot. But want a little change this summer. Thanks for your ideas
  6. That has fishing-sea or course-,allows our Cavalier Spaniel and may have space in August! Been a tricky year family wise and we haven't been able to plan ahead. So, instead of continuing to shout at the pc I thought I'd ask here if anyone has any ideas. We are from Luton, so M1/A1 will be our obvious route.
  7. There are many women over 5'9 too! I'm about 5'10 and find that I just fit. We have no trouble fitting the awning though as we can both reach the rail.
  8. Buy good quality 4 season sleeping bags. Air the van regularly to avoid condensation. Have fun!
  9. I navigate while mr drives. I use google maps with satellite view. I can then see exactly where we're heading, and can choose a new route before disaster. It can't predict cows on the road- but that has been our only problem! It has live action roadworks, traffic queues and gives alternative routes with estimated times.
  10. He loves fishing, i teach. .so its an adult only fishing site for us. Busy but quiet! .
  11. In the days when I had a VW camper we arrived at a site with a lakeside pitch. Perfect for fishing. We were told to park nose out, with our awning on the right. The warden added that they wanted engines away from the water. I pointed out that the engine was in the rear. Turn round then, she said, with your awning on the same side. I pointed out that we either had to move the van nose in, and keep the awning as requested, or nose out and put the awning on the other side. She could not cope with this. We had to wait while she phoned her husband, he opted for engine away, but they were not happy. We spoilt the symmetry of their site The fishing wasn't that good either!
  12. The ingenuity required to keep things working, more than just make do and mend, but taping windows down to drive home, when the catch had perished for example. And the polystyrene fridge that was kept cool by changing the water on the top. And condensation!
  13. Are there cherry trees nearby? The red stain could be a combination of birds and fruit washed by rain.
  14. After a bad experience where we had an awkward reversing experience in one service station caravan area and then being surrounded by permanent travellers in another. ... a scary experience with them wanting to "take that nice little van" we now use hgv areas which are friendlier. Though they stink of pee. Dunno why!
  15. The yellow bit is on the cassette. The arrows are aligned but the piece is not moving. The beige thing i referred to is in the roof of the toilet compartment. Tge yellow topped piece slides into it. All other moving bits are moving. Inside the cubicle the handle that operates the liquid that cleanses the bowl is working. The handle that opens the black rubber bit that covers the entry to the waste tank is moving but not engaging. I hope that is a little clearer. Thanks for helping. Meantime its back to bucket and chuck it for me :/ Oh yea, the van is an abbey chorus. I dont know the age but its more than 10 years.
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