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  1. It used to be, but not now. Multi platform networks now in use. ref speeds, I’ve readily seen 4. 5g speeds at around 250mb/s. Full fat 5g will be even better, once the operators confirm strategy
  2. Think it will be a while as initially it will be cities and large towns etc. Importantly, there is a lot of spectrum migration going on at the moment where operators are converting their old school 2g network to 4g. Reason for this is that 4g gives a better experience and with the lower 2g frequencies the signal travels further. It’s no longer the ‘roll out new frequencies’, there is a lot of work on refarming existing techs and I see no reason for this to stop as it gives a better customer experience, improved data speeds (which everyone wants), and frees up the spectrum for other uses etc. Thats about all I can say without saying other items I’m not allowed to say. ...
  3. Trust me, I can confirm that’s not the case. I work on telecoms infrastructure. Just can’t say any more than that. ...
  4. It’s not just EE doing trials, all operators are doing so. It won’t make a blind bit of a difference to you at the mo as there aren’t any devices commercially available to run it yet! As Sam says, IOT etc will be a big driver, and the architecture of it is only being set currently. ref the claim of 5g WiFi, I suggest that’s just a name. ..it’s not available yet! (I could rename my router to call it 5g if I wanted!)
  5. We sold ours recently through Caravanfinder
  6. Ours has totally surprised us as to how good it is. With the 184 version it bowls along quite nicely. ..
  7. I do like the allroad versions. Looks great
  8. Yes, we are keeping it. It does everything we want of it, plus it’s still pretty economical when not towing. With two girls, I still need the space!!!
  9. D day has arrived. The van has now been collected and departed from the drive. Feels a bit empty, but that will pass. a different type of holiday now for the next few years. We will be back in the future. For now will just lurk on the forum!!
  10. We’ve now turned the Christmas new year thing into a bit of a new year jape. A challenge to get as bad a ‘secret santa’ for a budget of a fiver. Only rule is it’s got to be in the post Christmas sale and prices must remain on the said item. Tried it this year for the first time and it’s amazing what guff you can get for rock bottom prices too. Some of the gifts received were better than those paid at full price at Christmas!
  11. Look on eBay and the like for spares only awnings. Not sure if any non oem panels are available
  12. Jiffy We’ve been going to the Vendee for the past 4yrs. We live on the m4/a34 junction, so for us we drive down to Portsmouth. Overnight ferry to st malo, and then a leisurely drive of 170 miles to the heart of the vendee. Coming back we leave at 8. 30am and drive to Caen for the 4. 15pm crossing. little tip, get the Saturday night crossing, it’s cheaper and the roads on the Sunday are dead quiet.
  13. Deffo need to get that sorted. ! It’s a known issue. Ours happened, and we pulled down the white strip in the middle slightly (3-4inches) and then captured the run off into a small bowl. our dealer did a temp fix quickly and then we got the main strip replaced under warranty. dont let it ruin your holiday
  14. Interesting the dealer advised me that this one is actually completed in the factory by Bailey, rather than the dealer on their premises. Swindon have only just started doing this again as Bailey have only just started doing specials from their factory again
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