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  1. Towed along the A82 many times without too much of a problem, always with 7mtr + long caravans. Yes it is narrow in places, but as long as you excercise a bit of common sense, it really is no problem at all and certainly no worse than some of the Cornish roads I've towed down ! The trick is to give yourself plenty of room from the vehicle ahead & take your time. It's a lovely run in fine weather, but a bit of a pig when raining or misty.
  2. It may not be too late for the Cascade as it is a fairly solid metal unit not prone to cracking in the frost. However one thing you absolutely cannot do is turn the thing on without water in it as this will melt the rubber O ring on the one way valve causing it to stick to the metal casing with the result of no hot water ( been there - got the T shirt ). If the vans been stood for 7 months & not " drained down " what is far more likely to be damaged by frost is the christal water filter ( if it has one ) as this is a plastic cartridge full of carbon & therefore soaks up water.
  3. When we collected Misty on a cold damp december saturday in 2015, the dealer had her plugged in to the mains with the Alde heating on. They had swapped over our gas bottles & battery from the P/X & demonstrated every light switch, plug socket, microwave & the gas cooker. At the time I thought it was a bit OTT, but looking back I think the service was actually first class.
  4. I agree with Geoff, but just in case there is some kind of electrical fault ( can't see how it can be gas if the bottle is turned off )a simple check would be to put your hand on top of the boiler - if it's warm with the electric turned off, then you have a problem.
  5. Unless you were offered a starter pack, then a battery is unlikely to be included in the price regardless of the motor mover being in with the deal. Check the spec on the Coachman website as that will tell you if a spare wheel is standard, otherwise it will only have a 25mtr electric cable, steady winder, step & gas bottle pigtail. Personally I would try to negotiate a deal for a pack consisting of battery, aquaroll, wastemaster & wastepipe. Good luck with it.
  6. Unfortunately, unless you also plugged every floor vent in the Caravel, you would have been attempting to Dehumidify the planet
  7. Wightlink ferries from Portsmouth & Lymington both take caravans & are the shortest crossings to east & west ends of the island, but we much prefer the redfunnel crossing from Southampton to Cowes which takes an hour, but are much larger ships. Check in is very straightforward & if you inform them of a disability, they will park you next to the onboard lift. Google both companies for ferry times & prices. Redfunnel do a caravan special package of varying lengths of stay including the crossings which we used last year for a 10 day stay at appledurcombe gardens, which we were quite impressed with, having always stayed at the caravan clubs southlands site in previous years. Wherever you head for, please be aware that some roads on the island can be extremely narrow, so work out your route to site in advance.
  8. No tickets for me, but I have apparently won 7. 5 trillion dollars on the Nigerian state lottery prize draw which must have slipped my mind entering. All i need to do is send off £750 for processing to Mr. Eeza Crook, 25 suckerstreet, noexist province, Lagos. Now where's me rubber cheque book
  9. lesbunny

    Help required

    Maybe stating the obvious, but your choice will be limited to the towcar you have available & it's kerbweight. Second is how many people will be using it ? Which to some extend determines the layout. All I can say about Lunar is that I believe they are the only manufacturer still using the old Wood & Aluminium construction methods, that other manufacturers how moved away from. Personally we have had Crown (Elddis) ,Sterling, Bailey & now once again Elddis caravans in various models & specs & not had too many issues with any of them.
  10. Surely without the blocks on the chassis there would be nothing for the mover to brace against ?
  11. We have the same van & no problem with radio reception at all, the only drawback for us is the slight hiss from the radio speakers when tuned into the sound broadcast on our avtex tv.
  12. Back to the OP, I for one am pleased to see that 55 people had thier membership withdrawn. It will hopefully send a clear message that rules will be enforced where warranted. Otherwise, why have the rules in the first place. As for cancelled bookings I can make several comments - We are in a similar position to Markt1891 ( except we are the grandparents ) so like to have adjacent pitches if at all possible. We have booked sites only to cancel them in the past, most recently when we changed from Scotland to Kent due to Bunree expecting a hurricane that week ! We like the freedom to book just 1 night if available. To the comment about the Cotswold sites having odd days free during Easter, I would suggest this is a result of the increasing number of motorhomers, who like to move from site to site far morte frequently that caravanners ( not that I am complaining - just observing each to thier own ). No one is forced to join or stay in the CAMC & if it gets too much for you, vote with your feet & stay elsewhere.
  13. Hi Santez, Had a simliar issue some years ago & did the following: Remove the plastic guides in the floor that hold the door bottoms in place Then fit the clips as advised " clips 1 and 3 go on one door and 2 and 4 on the other " As you face towards the front of the van, the first door to fit will have clips 2 & 4 clip 4 on the left & clip 2 on the right as you face it. Stand a couple of feet back from the door channel & angle the top of the door with the clips into the channel, it's a bit tight but a good shove should do it. Then repeat the process with the second door BUT with clip 2 between the clips on this door. All thats left is to resecure the bottom guides by pushing the doors as far to the left/right as possible ( there maybe a stop screw in the channel at one end which needs to be removed to facilitate this ). As the doors close, clip 1 should push against clip 2 pulling both doors across & when opening it acts in reverse. I hope this is clear & you get sorted.
  14. Hi Winky9557, If you remove the front cover by pulling the control knob up off its spindle & undoing the screw in the centre at the top when you look through the first slat, then the cover lifts up & towards you off the retaining lugs ) you should see a 9v battery on the floor of the heater that probably needs replacing instead of a new striker. Also you may be able free the ignition button which maybe just fouling the housing.
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