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  1. julia0004

    Cadac Chef

    Can anybody tell me which is the best cadac portable barbecue as I keep looking but can't make up my mined about buying one and how good are they.
  2. Has anybody got one of these pumps for blowing up there air awning as I brought one hoping it would make it easier but they are so slow pumping the awning up has anybody else have the same problem as I am very disappointed with this pump.
  3. Can anyone tell me if they still use the blue in the holding tank and the pink liquid in the flush or is there another alternative.🤔
  4. I would just like to know wether people still use the blue in there toilet holding tank and the pink in there flush or is there another alternative

  5. Can anybody tell me where are can buy the Nielsen products.
  6. Thank you. Where can I buy these products from.
  7. Has anybody got any advice on how to get light scratches off the side of my caravan because of trees.
  8. I always reverse on to a pitch it's good practice.😃
  9. Tried out the new Kampa air 400 awning it's fantastic never want to go back to poles it was just so easy.
  10. Does anybody now where I can get an ace air bedroom annex.
  11. My son has a Winter hoff hitch on his caravan but when it is connected to his car it makes a squeaky noise when towing has anybody got any advise.
  12. Has anybody had the same problem with the gas struts on there Heiki sunroof as if there is just a small amount of breeze they smash down and am worried it is going to break the sunroof coachman have already put new ones on as I have had this problem before.
  13. Heiki sunroof gas struts

  14. julia0004

    Bunk Beds

    I have a coachman 570/6 which has two fixed bunks at rear and two bunk beds in the rear dinette but when I put the third bunk bed up I can never work out how the seats go to make a bed just wondered if anyone has the same make and model to give me some advise as I end up with gaps.
  15. I am looking at buying a 390 kampa air awning but would like to hear people's comments on them as not sure what to do and are they the best
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