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  1. Does anyone have any ideas, in order for us to get the cheapest sailing off the IOW, we need to leave at between 2. 30 - 4. 30 am sailing, now as its very early, we wanted to take a rest once off the boat as we are travelling to paingnton, exeter and wondered if there was anywhere on route that would accomodate stop off to catch some sleep before travelling the remainder of the journey, etc. We will be travelling from Lymington through and down A35 I believe. Ian
  2. well after trying to explain to the Customer Services advisor on the phone from Towsure, the problem and the fact that we live on the iow and it would cost over £50 to go over to the store and pick up a replacement, to which he didn't seem to understand that fact no matter how it was explained to him, but finally passed me over to his supervisor, who listened and then said he couldn't help but would speak to his manager, who came on the phone finally after 30 minutes he agreed that if we wanted to have a replacement within their 14 day refund period, then we could post it back to them with a copy of the receipt and a letter explaining the problem then they would refund the postage and send a new one to us after they had tested, think this is the best outcome we could have hoped for. ...
  3. We d, love the Island but its a real pain if anything goes wrong with goods. ..
  4. Totally agree but when you live on an island have no caravan supplier/camping, etc shop there you have to travel to the mainland to buy them. ..
  5. We've just picked our new roll up from Towsure, filled it ready to use next weekend and guess what all the seals at the bottom are split in different places and it leaks water everywhere, the only problem being that we live no where near Towsure and I'm guessing they will want to see it before they replace it . ...
  6. We have recently purchased our new Bucanneer Clipper and were wondering which Motor Mover was suit this van best, would a single heavy duty axle motor mover be up to the job or would it be better suited to a Twin Axle motor mover? Also which manufacturer do people favour?
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