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  1. Bit off topic, sorry - but how are you remotely monitoring the fridge temperature? Would be handy to check if the fridge is ok on a long trip
  2. From experience, another downside with electric vehicles for the distribution operators is the recharge time - with profit margins being very tight, they want to utilise their very expensive assets (i.e. vehicles) to the max, and the vehicles being idle, not earning, while recharging is a major loss of money for them - until a much faster way to recharge batteries is found (if ever), this is a major block to their use Thats why there is government support for trials with LPG & CNG as they obviously have a similar refuel time to diesel, allowing maximum utilisation Big drawback there though is the lack of infrastructure (i.e. refuelling points) and thats a bit of a chicken and egg - not enough demand, not enough LPG/CNG vehicles on the road - partly because there's not enough refuelling points!
  3. Lunar Clubmans and some dealer specials have a Pioneer DAB radio fitted (maybe others as well) This radio may show 'Antenna Error' when you select DAB If so, then my experience (and at least one other owner that I shared this with) is the that the 'DAB ANT PW' has to be set to 'OFF' This is because, as on my van at least, the DAB antenna fitted by Lunar isn't the pioneer one, and so gets the error if the radio tries to power it (I suspect the radio is set to 'ON' out the box) Please see attached extract from Pioneer manual on how to access this option Dealers don't appear to know this (although mine does now!), so I thought I'd share this, as I suspect there'll be quite a few people with this problem
  4. I know I have a Volvo and not a Kia, but the volvo towbar wiring disables some features like the blind spot detection automatically (and warns you that it's disabled them because you have a trailer connected), and the charging is also sorted - so it sounds to me like your 'dedicated' wiring isn't quite right
  5. I guess that might be the case for michelin I had a quick look on etyres.co.uk, and for a load rating of 102, there are quite a few other makes available - doesn't look obsolete across the industry If you need a load rating of 104, then there was only one from them - but I don't believe you'd need a rating that high
  6. I assume you'll be wiring into an existing 12v circuit - I would suggest that you check what fuse that circuit has at the consumer unit I would suggest that your cable has to be a higher rating than that fuse (otherwise your cable might catch fire before the fuse goes) - I've seen vehicle fires where the cable was rated lower than the fuse
  7. If you want to have a good match and willing to pay a little, you could try one of the 'paint chip' companies that do 'spot' repairs on car paintwork (i. e. they don't respray the whole panel) - I know our local one has done repairs on a caravan before, and from experience I'd guess it would be somewhere around the £100 mark
  8. Vehicle to Vehicle communication (V2V) is being developed to do just that https://www. sciencedaily. com/releases/2018/05/180509104925. htm But I wouldn't hold your breath - I suspect its more that 10 years away yet, as it needs an international standard to be adopted by all car makers
  9. Lunar Lexon 2014 with pump in wardrobe After we had the fluid replaced with the 5yr stuff, we found the pump very noisy after it had been running a while However we did have to keep topping up the system a little every time we went away for that season, and this year it hasn't make any excessive noise, so I put it down to some air in the system that's now made its way out (tempting fate to say this I know)
  10. We have the kampa Fiesta 420 air pro awning which has a huge one part front, and we now take that out when we take it down, it makes folding it up back in its bag much easier, as well as making feeding it into the awning rail easier (I can just do it on my own, but takes two if the front is already zipped in)
  11. I was always sceptical about detachable towbars, but now having a factory one on the XC60, I think it's brilliant It stays clean and dry in the boot till needed, so won't get unsightly rust like all the previous flange towbars I've had (yes, the bit it fixes to will, but that's out of sight) Not sure how the 'folding' towbars cope with that - I assume the're still 'out in the elements' even if tucked away under the bumper
  12. Thats how my tyrepal unit works I've also marked mine with D (driver) on one and P (passenger) on the other as I take them off before having the van serviced - saves having to setup the monitor every time I leave the sensors on over winter - had to change the batteries once so far - must have had them at least 5 years - probably more (probably due new ones again)
  13. Ours was quite noisy after we had the fluid changed at its second service (for 5yr stuff) - we had noises from the boiler, sounds of running water, noisy pump in the wardrobe - It took about 5 outings to finally bleed all the air out (most of that year, with constant small top ups), and now its settled down and working a charm Not sure if running it gets the air out, or travelling on the road shaking it up a bit Cut to the chase - I'd keep bleeding ito see if it improves
  14. We have a 2016 2. 4 D4 AWD Geartronic with Polestar remapping upgrade - which up the power to the same as a D5 (and improves the gearchange as well) - and there's currently some deals on the polestar remapping via the 'myvolvo' website We've had it for nearly year now, and the best car to tow with I've ever had, very stable, plenty of power, love the 5cyl engine note The adaptive cruise control also makes motorway towing much easier - but too easy to find you're only doing 45mph behind a slow lorry Also wouldn't be without a rear view camera after first having one on the X-Trail we had previously Only slight downside is fuel economy - average 32mpg around town, although 27mph towing, which is very similar to nearly every car I've had for towing I suspect the poor around town is due to the autogearbox, and the towing is mostly motorway, when the auto box out to be in 'lockup' so just as efficient as a manual in that mode
  15. Looked at an S4 Valencia at the Malvern show this weekend - it's already at its max for the axle and can't be upgraded - pity as the 6' 4" bed was really nice (I'm 6' 2") - dealer comfirmed that with a recent email from Bailey saying no weight upgrade for Valencia We'll have to stick with our Lexon 540 (same layout) that we had upgraded to allow for motor mover & larger battery
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