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  1. Carrshill in Denny 10 min from falkirk. It's a CL site
  2. Me personally, I would NEVER have an Elddis again. Mine had rear panel changed at 6 month old. Load and loads of problems. inc floor delamination, leaks from roof. Most faults fixed under warranty, The last nail in the coffin was a leak on the heki skylight. Elddis would not cover this as the leak was not from a SEALED JOINT, So not covered. I got shot of it after 3 years.
  3. Its 22mcg since 2014 here in Scotland. Still to high if you ask me. Zero sounds much much better.
  4. This is what it will look like when finished. 1990 compass rallye gte
  5. To workout tyre pressure calculate it here. https://www.tyresafe.org/check-your-pressures/caravan-pressure-calculator/
  6. If in doubt, check here http://www.uktow.com/towing capacity.asp
  7. The catches on most caravans have two closed positions. If you look at the small black catch it will have a letter A and a B. remove the catches and turn to the next letter.
  8. Not true, I had the exact same on my Elddis 550. The cure is to get dealer to fit Ecocamel shower rose. water will last for 4 to 5 min. Dealer wanted me to buy one, but he caved in and gave me one. Dealers do have these. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/EcoCamel-Eco-Camel-Jetstorm-E-Eco-Shower-Head-Economic-Caravan-Shower-Parts/172690407585?epid=1111740601&hash=item28352680a1:g:M0oAAOSwu1VW5Bjt&frcectupt=true
  9. look here https://www.powrtouch.com/pdf/Greasing Your Mover.pdf
  10. Had my Adora for 23 months now, no problem at all with the shower. As for the radiator, the only problem I can say is DON'T drop the soap, you will burn you bum!!!!!
  11. Fitted extra 240 v socket at bed Fitted 240 v socket and aerial socket in bed area Fitted Tv bracket to same place Fitted RGB Remote led around large centre roof window and around bed. Fitted remote start for Alde £25 Fitted Limo Black privacy film to all windows. (before the Oh no you cant fit film to caravan windows comments start) You can if its film for plastic windows. Fitted this on my previous vans with no issue after 5 years. Fitted external sat and aerial socket in battery box. Fitted extra 240 v Mains plug so i can charge van at home. The original one was up against a wall so I had no access to it. Hand that i can plug van in on any side. Modified the awning rail covers so I can fit a front cover. (no awning opening on the other side) Auto mover fitted. Replace jockey for Alko nose weight indicator type.
  12. Look here for the info your after https://www. caravantalk. co. uk/caravan-specifications/bailey/discovery-100-2005_3341 https://www. caravantalk. co. uk/caravan-specifications/bailey/discovery-200-2005_3347 https://www. caravantalk. co. uk/caravan-specifications/bailey/discovery-400-2005_3355
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