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  1. mine kept cutting out on 85a battery. fitted 115A no more issues
  2. Battery size too. 85A is not big enough
  3. Butane is useless in cold weather.
  4. Is the heating on in van? The fridge goes into defrost once cold, Freezer also defrosts until fridge restarts. If the ambient temperature is to cold, fridge will stay off as it thinks its cold, affecting freezer. Its not like a domestic fridge that has a defrost heater in fridge.
  5. The boys in blue will always go with the plated weight on van. That's if traffic stop you. The normal boys in blue wont, but in the event of a crash, that's a different story.
  6. or check here http://www.towingcapacity.co.uk/car-make-model/saab/saab-9-3/
  7. your v5c will tell you what you can safely tow
  8. Yes I agree it a good bit of kit, but no good if its a neutral fault.
  9. Unfortunately your wrong. there is a clear lens letting the marker lights to be clearly seen. The photo is not very clear. This photo was taken for a previous post on here showing a cover can be fitted. I just threw it on van, was NOT fitted correctly. You can just about see the lens on the bottom left. But lights are clear when fitted correctly! I just wished some folk would ask a question BEFORE THEY JUMP THE GUN BY SAYING THIS IS ILLEGAL! Sorry for trying to help some folk by saying a cover CAN be fitted
  10. I have a cover on mine. no need to cut the rail. I will take some photos when I'm next at van. I will take photos when I'm next at the van. Showing how I fitted a cover. The cover is not off the peg. My wife made it.
  11. Scotland sites open from this Friday 3rd. No toilets open until the 15th I have booked and I'm off this Friday. It was announced on Thursday daily briefing. This will be confirmed this Thursday as long as there is no spike in the new cases. Which is currently in the teens.
  12. unfortunately your wrong. The B licence allows you to tow any trailer UP TO a Max of 750Kg. Any trailer over 750Kg you MUST have a B+E This is where the confusion comes. SORRY I GOT IT WRONG. PLEASE IGNORE THIS
  13. I had the exact same fault with my Elddis. I did manage to get an answer from Whale. I as you did tried everything with no luck. Every few minutes the pump would kick in, or sometime it would not stop. Whale advised me it was a faulty seal IN the pump. A seal was passing or so they said. They sent me a new pump, all good thereafter. Can you borrow a pump to try it? Don't forget to re-calibrate the IC after trying another pump.
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