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  1. Scotland sites open from this Friday 3rd. No toilets open until the 15th I have booked and I'm off this Friday. It was announced on Thursday daily briefing. This will be confirmed this Thursday as long as there is no spike in the new cases. Which is currently in the teens.
  2. unfortunately your wrong. The B licence allows you to tow any trailer UP TO a Max of 750Kg. Any trailer over 750Kg you MUST have a B+E This is where the confusion comes. SORRY I GOT IT WRONG. PLEASE IGNORE THIS
  3. I had the exact same fault with my Elddis. I did manage to get an answer from Whale. I as you did tried everything with no luck. Every few minutes the pump would kick in, or sometime it would not stop. Whale advised me it was a faulty seal IN the pump. A seal was passing or so they said. They sent me a new pump, all good thereafter. Can you borrow a pump to try it? Don't forget to re-calibrate the IC after trying another pump.
  4. NO it surely does not. I have never turned a wheel since the lock down
  5. I am an ADI. Today I received an email from dvsa, please see below. Driving instruction and driving tests Other than emergency training and tests for critical workers, driving instruction and driving tests have not yet been able to restart because the risk of transmission of the virus in vehicles is higher. In his statement on 10 June, the Prime Minister reiterated that the government will remain cautious and measure the effect of the changes it makes. The Prime Minister explained this means moving slower than we’d have liked in some areas. Driving instruction and tests will only restart when the government is confident that the assessment of risk warrants it, subject to the 5 tests and further detailed scientific advice. In the meantime, I want to re-emphasise that you should continue to limit driving lessons to critical workers who are preparing for an emergency driving test. Once again, I would like to thank those of you who have been able to offer driving lessons to critical workers during these unprecedented times. We will, of course, share more information with you as soon as it’s available – including the dates that driving instruction and driving tests can restart.
  6. Unfortunately it the plated weights that the police go with.
  7. cat B allows you to drive any vehicle up to 3500kg, plus a trailer up to 750kg If the trailer is OVER 750kg the total weight of car and trailer must NOT exceed 3500kg
  8. Scotland sites to open 15th July https://news.stv.tv/politics/tourism-businesses-told-to-prepare-for-opening-on-july-15
  9. We have been caravaning for over 30 years. Enjoy every second you get to spend in it with your family. When we first started our youngest was 18 months. loved every minute of it. Its like any hobby it costs. But as said in previous posts, the more you use it the cheaper it gets. In these hard times, go for it and spend every minute with your family. So don't be NERVOUS, GO FOR IT.
  10. Carrshill in Denny 10 min from falkirk. It's a CL site
  11. Me personally, I would NEVER have an Elddis again. Mine had rear panel changed at 6 month old. Load and loads of problems. inc floor delamination, leaks from roof. Most faults fixed under warranty, The last nail in the coffin was a leak on the heki skylight. Elddis would not cover this as the leak was not from a SEALED JOINT, So not covered. I got shot of it after 3 years.
  12. Its 22mcg since 2014 here in Scotland. Still to high if you ask me. Zero sounds much much better.
  13. This is what it will look like when finished. 1990 compass rallye gte
  14. To workout tyre pressure calculate it here. https://www.tyresafe.org/check-your-pressures/caravan-pressure-calculator/
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