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  1. The spring loaded fly screen on the door of my Elddis Hurricane EX2000 has started to come away from the vertical bar which you pull across. Is there a way of re-attaching the mesh to the bar or is it bonded on?
  2. Thanks everyone for your help and advice. It certainly seems that the Caravan Club data is wrong. I did get it to load with the GO displayed but it told me to go off road and across some fields. Glad I never had the caravan on the back as I was trying it out on a site near my home. Hopefully the Club will sort it out asap.
  3. I have just changed from my old TomTom to a Garmin 1340. I have tried to load in the Caravan Club CLs but all I get is a list in the Extras POIs and when I click on one there is no option to go to that address. I have tried several times, using the Garmin POI downloader but still just a list. Am I expecting too much from the Garmin as in this respect the TomTom was excellent. Some help would be much appreciated.
  4. Many thanks for the advice. I could have changed the thermostat but heve been outbid on Ebay for the 4000A. Never mind I will just have to look out for a used gas valve.
  5. Can I change the ignition on a Carver 4000A to pietzo which I would take off a 4000P. I assume the gas valve is rthe same3 on both models. Any halp would be great.
  6. As my pump is outside and elddis have put the red light in a cupboard the bleeper is fantastic, easy and no worries.
  7. Fantastic. That's what I was thinking. Many thanks.
  8. Here is an idea that I always use in my caravans to save the water pump running dry. This idea I use on pressure switched systems as well as systems with switches in the taps. I purchase a very cheap 12 volt bleeper from ebay and simply wire it across the feed to the pump. If the bleeper is too loud I just wrap it in foam. I have done this for years and always have that warning if the pump is running. Sometimes my wife fails to turn tha tap completely off, enough to stop water flow but not quite enough to click the micro switch. It's never a problem I just hear the bleeper and know the
  9. Fantastic service, My alarm had lost it's memory so wouldn't work. I returned it and it was back by return fully working. I now want to send in my head and see if Malcolm can get my memory better. If only.
  10. Hi, Please can anyone tell me the size Isabella awning for my1999 Elddis EX2000 Hurricane 2 birth caravan? I want to get an Isabella but I am really confused as to what size. The book says 880 but Isabella dont do that size.
  11. Hi, there is no access from the inside the van. It is just fixed on the outside. I see on other posts this is a problem with this type of light. I think in the end I will have to change it for another make.
  12. It sounds silly but the cover on the awning light on my 1999 Elddis hurricane won't come off. I have pushed, pulled looked closely and studied the thing but it just stays out. The make is Ring ULTRA.
  13. Hi, The heater is a Carverv 4000. It was a main West Country caravab service engineer that told me to squirt the silicone down where the shaft goes. Is the unit servisable?
  14. The fanmaster heater in my 1999 Elddis 2000 stays on fuill power when being used on gas. Someone suggested silicone spray round the control shaft bur it's still the same. It is all clean and the thermostat looks OK. Clould there be a plunger valve that is sticking, and if so can they be freed up? Not often we need it on gas but we have just spent a few days away and had fun turning the thing on for a few minutes and then off again. At least we didn't get bored.
  15. Thanks Al. Much appreciated. Barrie
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