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  1. So everything cancelled that we had booked up to the end of June. So what to do? Our friends have a new van they have not used (other than on their drive), other friends have a new motorhome not had chance to use and we just sit in our caravan on the drive. So what to do? We phoned a CS we have all been to before and said "when you open, book us in, then phone us and tell us when we are coming". So we are booked, don't know when but at least we have something to look forward to!I
  2. Thankyou Paul B, they have been done before, but perhaps we need to do them again.
  3. Thank you all for your responses. So very little in the drawer because of this problem, but will try it empty and see what happens (not much use though having a drawer you cannot use!) Secondly big thank you flying grandad, I will get hubby onto this straight away. Incidentally we had an Elegance 570 before this, and same thing happened!
  4. We have a 2017 Sterling Continental 570. We are now on our third set of drawer runners for the drawer immediately on the right as you go in the door. The grey plastic part attached to the drawer side which then allows the metal runner to attach to it, breaks. So the drawer is hard to pull out and push in and there is no soft closing. It always breaks after travelling, never when we are stationary and using it. Anyone else got this problem or a solution? We keep buying sides and my husband is now an expert on fitting them!
  5. Look at Poole Farm, Druxton, Launceston. It's a caravan club CL and is adults only. Look at the reviews on UK Campsite.
  6. Seems to me Knarf knows what he is talking about. As a serving magistrate of a number of years, I have seen many foreign defendants in court for various offences. None has said the law you are applying to me in the UK is not one we have in our country, so I am not guilty. We make it clear, when here you have to comply with our laws, I would therefore expect that the French (and any other country for that matter) would say the same when we are in their countries, when in Rome. ....
  7. Update. We have e now been offered two free services.
  8. We bought a brand-new Elegance 570 in 2014. The panoramic window leaked whist we were on holiday in Wales – we had to return home. The window was replaced. We bought a brand-new Continental 6 weeks ago. Two days later we went to the Cotswolds, on setting up, the holding tank of the toilet would not hold water, it ran straight into the bowl. We returned home after 2 hours and the toilet was replaced the next day. We went off to France two weeks later and have had to return half way through the holiday as once again the panoramic window is leaking. It is in the dealers now. We hav
  9. Hi Birdingbilly We have been into VV many times, usually, May, June or Sept when there is no need to book. We also went in Aug last year when it was very full, but June should be fine. They have extra large pitches if you are staying for a while, and they are very big, but for one/two nights it's not needed (you will find if you are on the extra large pitch and you don't fill it, people will walk through it, you decide if this bothers you). We will be staying overnight again this year in June. Alan's reference to the barrier, is because the first time we went, it came d
  10. Hi airportech We go into St Malo, usually on the overnight ferry, and stop at La Venise Vert, Coulon. This is an area full of canals and there is a lovely Auberge just 10 minutes walk from the site at the side of a canal- the site will book a table for you. Ps Sonja at the site is a wonderful cook!
  11. Have a look at Montloue in Mellac. English owned, fully serviced pitches, adult only.
  12. As others have said, it is impossible to do what you suggest in two weeks and have more than a couple of nights at each site. That's not a holiday, it's a race! If you like less commercial areas, may I suggest Gers. It's a department in the south West, formally included in Gascony. There is a lovely dutch owned site (with a lovely toilet block) called La Brouquere. The area has many lovely villages and bastide towns and is Armagnac country. You will need to stop on the way down overnight, but it is very relaxed when you get there as it is an adult only site, with mixed national
  13. Whose travelling, two adults or with children? What facilities must the site have?
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