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  1. Tandem Man

    Unicorn 4 Handbrake Lever

    This MAY be what you need but unfortunately there is no picture so perhaps a call may solve your problem. https://www.primaleisure.com/product/1140439 Ian
  2. Tandem Man

    Gas Stop

    Anyone tried one of these,sounds reasonable in principle. https://www.primaleisure.com/product/1998466/gasstop-emergency-gas-shutoff-valve Ian
  3. Tandem Man

    Kuga titanium sport

    Can't quite understand what people have against Stop/Start,I use it all the time ( when the vehicle allows ),cuts emissions a bit which must be all to the good. Ian
  4. Tandem Man

    Sat Nav System - Error from April 6th ?

    The Tom Tom Camper can update over wi-fi and via USB connected to the computer via Tom Tom My Drive Connect. Ian
  5. Tandem Man

    Shock absorbers?

    +1. Ian
  6. Tandem Man

    Solar Panel Update

    There is the Truma set up which is what we have as standard in the U3 Cadiz,never given any trouble or problems and keeps the battery nicely topped up. https://www. truma. com/uk/en/products/miscellaneous/truma-solar-set-for-rv-and-caravan. html Bear in mind any warranty problems by drilling the roof as it is a 2017 van it presumably still in warranty unless you get your dealer to install it. I am sure someone will be along to comment on the more technical aspects. Ian
  7. Tandem Man

    New Towbar Paint.

    We have the same towbar that Leeds Lad has on our Passat Alltrack. I used to use the "grease and clean off " method but someone on here I think suggested using rust preventing paper which is freely and cheaply available on E-Bay. https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/Anti-rust-corrosion-paper-moisture-inhibitor-anti-corrosive-300mm-900mm/262739010503?hash=item3d2c7723c7:m:m7nTgTTF43vbGaGCIhnVzXg:rk:17:pf:0&var=561685230152 Put some into the rubber ball cover and hey presto no rust,one fitting lasts for months. I have been using this method for the last six or seven months or so and never had a rusty tow ball since. Apologies if this method has been mentioned before in this thread,I haven't had time to wade through all the replies. Ian
  8. Tandem Man

    Dashcam in Jeep Grand Cherokee

    I have the same camera hard wired and find if I leave it on "Parking" mode it flattens the unit battery pretty rapidly for some reason so I have turned it off. Ian
  9. Tandem Man

    Lunar spares availability.

    Regular complaint on here,one of the reasons I would never buy a Lunar. Ian
  10. Tandem Man

    SKI (spending Kid's inheritance)

    Not quite £1K a week,but if his savings ever get to dropping to below about £28,000 ( I think without looking ) the LA will pay them anyway so what's the problem. Ian
  11. Tandem Man

    SKI (spending Kid's inheritance)

    My parents were/are the same. My mum died a couple of years ago and I was always telling them to spend their money and enjoy life but no,the very,very cheapest in everything. Now my dad is in a care home at 93 with £200 K in the bank and he won't even buy a Radio Times,refuses to part with a penny unless he has to,what is he saving it for ? Both myself and my brother have no need of it and have told him so but it makes no difference. Ian
  12. Tandem Man

    breakdown cover

    . ..........and the thought of them delivering the caravan/motorhome as well as the car safely back is priceless. It must be a nightmare organising,and paying for,van recovery from far flung places. Well worth the money. Ian
  13. Tandem Man

    breakdown cover

    +1 at around £110 a year ( without looking for precise cost ). Ian
  14. Tandem Man

    Euro 6, an interesting article.

    I would have thought VW in particular were "cleaner than clean" now as I don't suppose they want to get caught again. Or am I being naive ? Ian
  15. Tandem Man


    There are some on here at Prima Leisure ( Bailey Parts ):- https://www. primaleisure. com/category/caravan-wheels-and-chassis You could remove the Bailey centrecap and replace it with a Lunar one. If you are wanting genuine Lunar ones,be aware Lunar have not got a reputation for rapid delivery,we are talking months according to some posters. Ian