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  1. You are correct that this is/was a bad design flaw by Bailey and the fact that the van hasn't had a proper service record does mean that Bailey won't be interested. You could of course start quoting CRA rules but in all honesty I think I would bite the bullet,tow it to the dealers ,have it done and forget about it. We had the same leak,with a 40 mile tow,but since the repair it has been no further problem so have it done and then enjoy your van. A local AWS service chappie MAY be able to do the job therefore getting rid of the tow but you would of course have to ensure a dry day unless you store under cover. I find it strange when people complain about Bailey Customer Service,I have always had prompt and informative replies to e-mails,sometimes within an hour or two. Ian
  2. We also have a 2015 U3 Cadiz and apart from the roof strap leak and Al-Ko ATC light failing have had no problems. Just had its yearly service and all dry ( 11% all round ). We wouldn't swap it for a U4. Ian
  3. Thanks Geoff,found the previous thread. Ian
  4. We are bound for CMC NorthYork Moors near Whitby next week and I keep getting told about a very steep hill approaching Sleights, ( Blue Bank ?? ) The CMC website just mentions a 20% hill so they don't appear to get too excited by it,anything I need to be aware of from people who have used it ( both ways ). Ian
  5. I once watched CCTV footage of a gang stealing a caravan from a barn type place. The aggrieved owner stated that he thought the perpetrators had more time to go about their nefarious deeds unobserved as it was undercover away from prying eyes rather than outside. Just a thought. Ian
  6. Yes I use the app on Android with no problem. Thought it would be more hassle than the card but it isn't Suddenly out of the blue last week got an e-mail giving me £16 off fuel and no I hadn't reached my "quota" of visits either. Not complaining though. Ian
  7. Doesn't work on my Sony ZX Premium. Ian
  8. Yes " Up to 90 days comprehensive cover whilst driving abroad" Ian
  9. SWMBO's car insurance with VW Insurance arrived today and I was amazed to see it had gone DOWN £38,never known it before. Caravan insurance only increased by £1 as well. Ian
  10. I don't know why Bailey ditched the U3 TV fixture,excellent in my opinion,using it as I type. One attachment for lounge or beds,folds away when not in use,no brainer. Ian
  11. That must be the 3010 boiler as I think the 3020 can run without water in the boiler. Ian
  12. Bailey tried a version of this a few years ago in the Bailey Orion Evo. Came without provision for a battery,no solar panel or microwave,simple heating, Only lasted a year,I think one of the problems was that even on such a "spartan" van people wanted a mover but there wasn't provision for a battery to run it. If people won't buy such vans manufacturers won't build them. Ian
  13. I was under the impression that the Unicorn 4 was built on a 1500kg chassis so no weight upgrade was possible but was talking to a chap on site who said he had had a weight upgrade to his Cabrera. Presuming this is true is it just the Cabrera or the whole U4 range ? Ian
  14. Previous posters were right about the VW Passat Alltrack,cracking car. If the All Road is auto the same as the Alltrack make sure the gearbox oil has been changed four yearly and the Haldex clutch fluid three yearly,if either is missed problems may ensue. I missed the Haldex three yearly change as it is not prominently displayed and it started playing up,no problem since the change. Ian
  15. Looks very much the same as ourVW Passat Alltrack factory fitted tow ball which works fine. As Ern says it wants a good clean to remove all the paint then treated with brake cleaner, In what respect won't it work ? Ian
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