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  1. We had an Orion with a one piece front window,we had no problem with flexing but I always thought it was too heavy for the stays. One side pulled out and had to be reattached but I was never perfectly happy with it. Ian
  2. Despite what some people seem to think,alcohol is not vital to life. If you are going to drive then don't drink. It's not difficult. Ian
  3. We use our fitted one a lot. Fiamma sell a bigger bin,tried it,found it a bit too large but others may find it OK,sold it eventually:- https://www.fiammastore.com/Fiamma-Bits-and-Bobs-for-caravans-and-motorhomes/Fiamma-Pack-Waste-Folding-Bin Ian
  4. I wipe the blades with a piece of kitchen roll soaked in meths. It is amazing the black gunk that is removed even just after washing. I also wipe the screen with meths every couple of weeks or so which seems to keep everything smooth. I winter I put a bit of meths in the screenwash bottle which helps to prevent freezing. Ian
  5. Remove the seals front and back and chuck them away. They are not critical to water resistance,got rid of ours a year ago after trying to replace them with new ones. Personally I think it looks better without them. Sadly the "outer" seals are fixed and won't shift. Ian
  6. Could I ask where the TT units were repaired please. Was it by TT or an independent ? Ian
  7. I think there is a sticker in the fridge with the model number on it if memory serves. Have a look on e bay,I found a pair there for much less than dealer prices. Ian
  8. As others have said,get some good insurance and ditch the secure door lock,won't keep any capable thief out. The Al-Ko Premium hitchlock is a mighty beast,much better than the original one,more thief proof I don't know as they could always use the scaffold pole trick. We have a Phantom tracker,gives me peace of mind despite what others say,never flattened our battery but we do have a solar panel. Prior to the Unicorn we had an Orion without a panel and once again no battery flattening. Personally I think a van is much safer in secure storage,much less convenient admittedly but much safer,try to find one near home which cuts down the hassle somewhat. Having said that it depends whereabouts at home you are going to store it,on the drive in front of the house,in a locked garage/barn,round the back out of site,only you can choose on that one. Our storage has hundreds of vans,we would be unlucky if ours got nicked when there are far more salubrious ones around us. Don't find the Al-Ko wheel lock any problem,if there is a receiver on the van perhaps it should come with one,always worth asking. Ian
  9. The only problem with these is that they are useless on a hardstanding. I mentioned this to a chap on the Colapz stand at the NEC who said they recognised the problem and that in March 2020 they are bringing out some thicker gauge pegs with a flat top so you can hammer them in with some welly. Ian
  10. Thanks for that,gave it a go. One side had the film which was removed but water must have got under the layers so it looked just as bad. The other side did not appear to have a film but I managed to scratch it trying to find one. E-mailed Bailey this time,very quick reply,they say the U4 caps will fit so ordered two. Ian
  11. It is repeatedly stated that taking the van to a weighbridge is the answer,then it is said that because weighbridges are really meant for much heavier vehicles there can be a plus or minus to a reading. In our case an inaccuracy of 5% would mean being 77Kg out one way or the other. Even the Reich weighing doo-dah has,I think,a possible inaccuracy of 2%,which once again in our case is about 30Kg. Poses a bit of a problem. Ian
  12. I want to replace the wheel centre caps on our 2015 Bailey Unicorn 3 Cadiz as the originals are looking a little faded.. The only ones for the Unicorn on Prima Leisure are for the U4. I rang Prima Leisure who said they "should" fit when I said is it "should" or "will" there was a bit of silence. Has anyone used them on a U3 ? There is no diameter measurement on Prima Leisure so I can't compare sizes. Ian
  13. We have one of those,excellent piece of kit for keeping the rain off whilst coming and going,can recommend. Can't be used with a skirt though as the lower parts fit into the skirt rail,I suppose if you were desperate you could cut a skirt into three pieces if you wanted to. Ian
  14. There are a vast array of parts for Baileys at Prima Leisure ( Bailey Parts ) :- https://www.primaleisure.com/ They are not the cheapest usually but often there is no other option for obscure bits and pieces from older models. The P&P is better now than it used to be,also Click & Collect available if you live nearby. Ian
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