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  1. Isabella customer service is the best without a doubt,polite and helpful. Ian
  2. You will be lucky to get much if any discount on an Isabella as dealers all seem to charge much the same price ( price fixing ?? ). We use the Isabella Bolon flooring with the plastic tiles as a walkway from door to van. Ian
  3. If you get the spare out be very careful how you wind the cable back up as if you don't keep it under tension it gets all chavelled up inside the drum and sticks fast. Had this problem last year ( long story ) and it was the devil's own job to sort out as the winding drum is inside a sealed unit which is £117 from Bailey if you need one. Ian
  4. When we purchased our Passat Alltrack back in 2014 with a factory fitted tow bar and electrics it arrived all correctly wired up with all pins functioning as they should. Prior to purchase I checked the brochure specs. which said it was fully wired. Ian
  5. I can't really understand this appointment system for storage sites. Our storage takes about 900 vans on a large location and when visiting under normal circumstances it is unusual to see anyone else there,least of all in close proximity,but you have to make an appointment etc. Appears to be a bit of overkill,if it was packed out with people fair enough,but it isn't. Made an appointment and visited last week,only two people present. Ian
  6. Ditto,excellent product. Ian
  7. Plenty of posts on here complaining about Elddis's one year warranty on front and rear panels. though. Ian
  8. Not an expert in these matters so here go's:- Have you got the correct size fuse in the caravan ? I would have thought there is only one place the surge to blow the fuse can come from and that is the car. Does it do it when connected to a lighting board ? We had a similar problem on a previous van where the offside brake lights on the van would not work intermittently,caravan dealer said it was the car,car dealer said it must be the van after checking the wiring out. Still kept doing it so car dealer had another look and there was an intermittent fault in the car wiring which they fixed by replacing the whole lot. My money is on the car,as Rodders above says perhaps an independent auto electrician is the way to go. Hope you get it sorted. Ian
  9. Our storage is "by appointment only" at present which seems a bit of overkill as it is a large site and you rarely see anyone else down there at the same time. Visited today and all seems well,service booked by AWS man on 7th.July. Ian
  10. From what I read they sold seven camper vans in one day and the phones are ringing continuously. Ian
  11. I bought one to replace the red one and yes it is a much heavier and more robust beast than the original. Yes doubtless a determined thief would be able to remove it but I don't regret buying it if only for the reason that if it is a little harder to remove than the red one the thief may move on. No regrets here. Ian
  12. You could try Panelworks just off the A1 in Bawtry on same site as Yorkshire Caravans. https://www.panelworks.co.uk/ Might be able to give some advice over the phone and it is not too far from Leicestershire. Ian
  13. There is often much comment on the forum regarding trackers and their worth as some say they wouldn't want the van back after a theft,fair comment. Our van has been locked up in storage since the present situation arose and I feel happier that I know it hasn't moved or been broken into and what the charge of the battery is in my absence. Their is another side to trackers which I find comforting. Ian
  14. Just renewed our cover with CMC,prior to renewal got quotes from C&CC and Caravan Guard,both much more expensive. Ian
  15. I think there are two types of 'space saver',the skinny type and one which is just slightly smaller than a full size wheel. On our VW Passat Alltrack we have the latter,when it is on you would be hard pressed to tell the difference from the standard wheel going by the size ( by appearance yes as it is steel and the factory fit are alloys ). There is no warning sticker on it advising lower speeds. Ian
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