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  1. Yes Tom Tom does have a "forum" type site and they are pretty good at sorting out problems,failing that you could try Tom Tom Support. As has been mentioned above there was a "resetting" of the GPS clock ( technical term ) on 6th.April which may have affected some units. Ian
  2. There was an article in Practical Caravan a bit back about how to calculate the Al-Ko jockey wheel,might be available on their site. Seemed a lot of faffing when you could use a noseweight gauge. Ian
  3. They are available from Prima Leisure :- https://www.primaleisure.com/product/1010271 Probably other places too and perhaps cheaper. I tried to change ours on our Cadiz but found the wires were cut really short so left it to my mobile man but this may not be the case for you and many posters have done their own. Definite improvement IMHO. Ian
  4. Have you tried e-mailing/calling Prima Leisure themselves rather than Bailey Customer Services they might have more idea. Failing that Leisure Shop Direct may have an idea. Ian
  5. Strange our Camping & Caravan suffered the same fate,if I was being cynical I could think they were breaking them on purpose. The new one is just as good but I don't find the interface quite as intuitive. Ian
  6. On my club newsletter it said 85% of sites unless there has been a further update. Ian
  7. Er Geoff,I did mention Catterick in a previous post to yours Ian
  8. Catterick Caravans have a fair selection of awnings on display as do YC Leisure near Bawtry which is a bit further afield. Ian
  9. No objection if site fees are reduced to compensate for paying separately for electric. Won't hold my breath. Ian
  10. Yes I had this problem,the wires were really short and nothing much came by gently pulling them. I chickened out in the end and let my mobile chap do it,he didn't seem to have much trouble. Ian
  11. We have a DSG on our Passat Alltrack and I am of the opinion "Why make manuals ". 'Nuff said. Ian
  12. A couple of things I noticed regarding Eversure insurance:- 1.New for old is only available up to five years old whereas CMC ( for example ) is up to fifteen years with a yearly service ). 2.Under New For Old regarding awnings etc. the item must be under one year old ( with receipts )or it reverts to Market Value,whereas with CMC ( once again for example ) New For Old includes equipment regardless of age,up to fifteen years. "If your awning or equipment are damaged and repairs cannot be carried out, or are stolen and not recovered, we will pay for replacement with new ones of the same make, model or type (or the nearest equivalent). You must provide evidence when claiming that the item claimed for was less than one year old at the date of damage.We will pay a cash settlement based upon market value if the caravan, awning or equipment are not replaced,or for damage to equipmentif you cannot provide evidence that any item claimed for is under one year old at the date of damage. " This is not meant as a criticism just something to be aware of. Ian
  13. We have the factory fitted tow bar and have never found it to "have your hand off". Came all fully wired. Ian
  14. Is this it :- https://www.primaleisure.com/product/1050309 If so at that price I wouldn't bother carting it off to the dealers. Ian
  15. Had our first van,Bailey Orion,insured with Caravan Guard and they were very reasonable,when we came to insure our second van,Bailey Unicorn the premium went through the roof,£200 more than CMC and Caravan Guard wouldn't shift. Last renewal was looking around and checked Frank Pickles,competitive premium but I noticed that the awning wasn't covered for weather damage which was a no no for me so it might be worth checking before buying. Just had another look at FP,they seem very keen to give you a quote without being able to see policy details. Ian
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