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  1. Tandem Man

    Hitch lock recommendations for Pastiche?.

    + £8. 99 delivery. Same for the red one though I imagine. Ian
  2. Tandem Man

    Caravan Tracker

    Agree with Durbanite,we have a Phantom Proactive and have suffered no problems,we have a solar panel though. It can also be accessed turned off/on from a smartphone app which is very handy. Can also be set up so that every time it moves it sends you a text even if it is you who moved it. I find the whole set up very reassuring and as Durbanite says it is only a fraction of the overall caravan expenses. Ian
  3. Tandem Man

    Towing cover

    Have used the cheaper Pro-Tec cover on our U3 Cadiz with no problem whatsoever. I always clean the windows prior to fitting but don't bother doing the panels,no scratching observed. Ian
  4. Tandem Man

    Vinyl Wrapping

    I know nothing about wrapping but as in most things in life if you can afford it it probably can be done. I can't see a lot of difference between wrapping a car with complex curves and wrapping a van,in fact a van seems the easier of the two options. Someone somewhere must surely have done it. Ian
  5. Tandem Man

    Isabella Capri Awning

    Agreed and their accessories are pretty good too,I especially like the dish rack,an inspired piece of design: https://www. isabella. net/uk/accessories/kitchen/details/dish-rack-2 Ian
  6. We pay £400pa for CaSSOA gold storage in West Yorkshire. Ian
  7. Tandem Man

    Folding campers/caravans

    Saw these at the NEC,seemed light and reasonably priced :- https://www. isabella. net/uk/camp-let Ian
  8. Tandem Man

    Leather seats in a car

    Autoglym for me as well. Ian
  9. Tandem Man

    Unicorn Vigo Series 3 Decals

    Yes I had the letters replaced on our Cadiz under warranty,however they only sent the letters and not any backing. My neighbour had some plastic packing that I cut a bit off and stuck behind the letters,not yellowed since as I suspect any Bailey provided backing would have done. Bailey said it was a design fault as the backing was not UV stable and was provided wrongly by their suppliers. It's an easy job explained on my blog. Ian
  10. Tandem Man

    Tear in awning

    Isabella do two different sorts of repair tape :- https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/Isabella-Awning-Repair-Kit-A-OR-B-Awning-Repair-Isabella-Repair-Set-Tear-Aid-/172523572309 Take your pick for your particular fabric. Ian
  11. This is where we store ours:- http://www. castlefordcaravanstorage. co. uk/index. php CaSSoa Gold They do short term storage as far as I am aware. Ian
  12. As far as your hot air problem goes,have you checked on the routing of the pipework ? On some vans the ducting is routed outside under the van so leading to big heat loss. Pipe insulation of some sort usually proffers an improvement,I did it on our Orion and it certainly made a difference. Ian
  13. Tandem Man

    First class service.

    +1 Ian
  14. Tandem Man

    Does whale heater need external cover?

    Off topic but with a slight connection,Alde suggest that their external flue is covered when not in use to prevent spiders etc. taking up residence. They don't sell a cover ( not been able to find one ) so I made my own from a suggestion from one of my blog correspondents. Buy a plastic food container with a clip lid from the pound shop ( other retailers are available ),big enough to cover the flue. Chuck the top away. Drill two holes in the base and pass a reusable zip tie through one hole,feed if through the Alde vent ( under the "Alde" logo ) out through the other hole and join the two zip tie ends together. Done. I put some insulating tape around the top of the container to prevent scratching. There are further instructions on my blog,going back a bit. Ian
  15. Tandem Man

    maxview crank up sat dish

    I have one of these and it works very well. However,as with most manual systems I suspect,it takes a while to find the correct position for the satellite. I have downloaded to my smart phone and app called Satellite Director ( free ) which will point you to your desired satellite,usually Astra 2 but there are many others. http://home. caiway. nl/~fnijhuis/satdir/index. html Ian