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  1. Have a read through my blog:- Bailey Unicorn 3 Cadiz Blog You may find some things that interest you,the U3 is a fine van and you still see many about,many more than the U4 in my experience. Ian
  2. In the same vein what really irks me is caravan manufacturers quoting a price then adding £500-£600 delivery charge,usually in very small print You can't pick it up from the factory so the price quoted is dishonest. We don't buy,for example,a TV then pay extra for it to come from Japan. Car dealers packed all this in years ago and it is about time caravan dealers/manufacturers did the same,do they think we are all fools,presumably they do. Ian
  3. My daughter is in the process of buying a lodge in Cornwall. Has anyone any recommendations for insurers please. Ian
  4. Tandem Man

    Gas Level

    I've got the "£72" Truma gas checker and it is very good. Saw them being sold off at a dealers for £6,bargain. Ian
  5. We had much the same problem with a Whale IC. Turned out the battery charger had somehow got switched off so the battery wasn't charging even though we had ECU. Switched it on and all OK. Might be worth a check. Ian
  6. According to Alan's link to Prima Leisure they are 'only' £40 -£50,bad enough but nowhere near £140. Would be another 10% off if a CMC member Ian
  7. We stopped there for the TdF, which passed through Leyburn,a few years ago. Wasn't overly impressed,greatly overhung by trees,a lot of seasonal vans which gave the site a rather funereal air as they were mostly unoccupied at the time,the wardens weren't the cheeriest I seem to remember but probably changed by now. I knew someone who sited seasonaly on it and they were in the process of moving out as they were sick of the heavy tree cover. Ian
  8. One thing that improves the Eclipse is a couple of extra rafter poles which I picked up cheap at a dealers. Makes it more rigid if thats the word.
  9. We usually put a litre of flush in the tank for journey stops. Ian
  10. If you ring Alde they may be able to help,very good Customer Service. In the interim you could check the fuses on the top of the boiler. Ian
  11. If you mean the grey catches in the centre of the blinds,yes they do fall off occasionally,poor glue. Easy to glue back on. Ours is a 2015 Cadiz Ian
  12. You can also buy a "side" for the Eclipse which works well once you understand how to put it up. Ian
  13. We are on a CMC site at the moment,booked it last year. VAT reduction given on booking in,£40 saved. Ian
  14. The winding assembly is the devils spawn. If you don't keep it taut it becomes loose in the drum assembly and jams,and boy does it jam. You can unscrew the unit from under the van floor but it is a "sealed" unit which is rivetted shut. A new one from Bailey is £117 and is a dealer only part. When ours did the above a neighbour who is good at DIY managed to open it,sort the cable out and and secure it again by drilling holes where the rivets had been ,tapping a thread and secured it with new bolts. Unwinding it is really a two man job,
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