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  1. I’m not sure it was that personal? I can only assume you ran out of intellect? Banning me from the site smacks of being a petulant old fool though! 😂
  2. I'll leave you boys to it. I'm off to save the world by not being a selfish old fool!
  3. To be fair, believing that climate change is scientific fact given the weight of evidence does suggest that my, and the majority of other peoples opinion is correct. Sorry to disappoint you, but your denial that climate change is man made does rather put you on the fringes of the argument. Some people still believe that God created the Earth and that it's flat. He didn't and it isn't, so my opinion is more valid in this case and I suggest that it's same with climate change.
  4. I take it you're speaking from a position of authority gained from first hand experience? Obviously the infrastructure needs to grow in line with the growth in EV usage. It is however improving at a very rapid pace. Don't forget that many thousands of people are quite happily running EVs. Probably because, as the anti brigade keep forgetting, it’s as simple as plugging in overnight at home to get a full charge. I'm not sure why you think it's a rip off though? Still plenty of free public chargers and, as an example, 24p kWh on Tesco 50KW Podpoint rapid chargers. Pretty fair I’d say? How much have you had to pay?
  5. Nice to see Grandpa Steve thinking of his granchildren's future. 😂
  6. Aren't your points 2 and 3 the same? I suppose we should at least be grateful that you haven't yet brought out your 'cables covered in dog wee' argument on this thread! Also, why let the facts get in the way of your (repeatedly) wrong assertion that EV sales are 0.7%. Rose tinted spectacles? It's the blinkers for you!
  7. Your selective use of the Renault Zoe in your argument is not applicable either. As far as I know this is the only car where batteries are leased. Choose a low annual mileage (5000 miles), amortise the cost across this low mileage, forget to add servicing costs for the petrol engined vehicle and the illustration is meaningless. As my car is provided by my company my only concern is BIK. The costs for the E350e are lots less than the Jaguar XF diesel I ran before. I chose to run a PHEV solely on economic grounds. As for for anyone else’s situation, that’s for them to judge. Not everyone bases their choices on money alone. They may have other reasons such the environment, ease of use or just wanting to be an early adopter. Whether the nay sayers like it or not though, in the future the government will legislate so that we will all be driving EVs.
  8. Yep, Google’s working for me too. https://www.buyacar.co.uk/cars/economical-cars/electric-cars/650/cost-of-running-an-electric-car
  9. Funny that only one side of the argument can back up their claims. I imagine this is what it feels like on the flat earth forum!
  10. So no figures to back up your opinion?
  11. Could you give some examples? I'd be interested to see your case for a pure EV costing more per mile to run than an ICE.
  12. In that case let’s not bother.
  13. There are some ridiculous, and I’ll informed arguments against EVs coming out. 'Where will the electricity come from?' - I don’t know, but National Grid do and they don't see a problem with supplying enough electricity to power the national fleet and are planning for this very future. 'Who will pay for the infrastructure?' - At the moment either the destination eg. Supermarket, shopping centre, cinema, workplace as they see EV charging as a draw which brings custom. As we move from early adoption to mass usage free electricity will all but disappear and the user will pay based on kWh used or time spent on the charger. This is already the case at some charge points. 'Yobs removing cables at night' - Clearly don’t understand that the cable is locked at both the car and charge point until released by the driver. 'Need some way of metering' - This isnt science fiction. This is how things have been working for years. Initially RFID card based but now mostly app based. 'Cables soaked in dog wee' - you've got me there. Maybe charge on your drive or on site let's ban all dogs! Or is that a bit controversial? 😂 There seems to be an assumption that every car will need to be charged every night. This isn’t the case as battery range will increase but even now with 150-200 mile real range not every car needs a charge daily. Pod Point are installing 2400 charging bays at 600 Tesco stores. The 7kw will be free, the 50 kw chargeable. I think a 1 hour charge at 50 kw, while doing the weekly shop, giving about 200 mile range, would suit many people’s usage pattern. I appreciate some people might not like the thought of having to give up their ICE cars and I don’t think they should be forced to. However, the financial incentives will switch from carrot for EV drivers to stick for ICE drivers at some point. Until that time I'm happy to enjoy all those carroty benefits!
  14. Internal combustion engined cars will banned from sale in the UK by 2040, or possibly sooner. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40726868 If, as you suggest, 'electric vehicles will need to be taxed out of existence' I'm not sure where that leaves us?
  15. It won't be the few. It's not about spoiling anything. We have to face facts that petrol, and particularly diesel engined cars will be legislated out of existence. Everyone will have to get used to EVs as they're here to stay. Destination charging will be the norm, hence why the CMC are monitoring this now. Destination means either home or where you're travelling to. When you're on holiday your home is the site, so a large demand on the electricity supply can be expected. That said, not everyone will need to charge at home (or on site) every night. When I was away last week a local supermarket had a 50 KW rapid charger. For a full EV (not a hybrid like mine) this would give you something like a 180 -200 mile range for an hours charge. This was free too. Of course, charging will have to be addressed. At the moment it's easy to get a free charge. As take up of EVs increases this won't be commercially viable for supermarkets, caravan sites etc. Then it will be on pitch metering, or more likely, a number of paid rapid chargers on each site.
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