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  1. Some may remember my arrangement for an iBoost. No damage, van Lunar with aluminium panels.
  2. Nah! Wast of time pointing anything out. Quote " So who cares what they think as I don't?" Mind made up. Bit like the "red lines" May has tried not to cross. My Belgium friends jokingly asked if I wanted to move to their bit of the world a few days ago. I say jokingly but in reality from pity.
  3. I think the point is - shown clearly on the graph - that the value fell dramatically during 2016 as a direct result of Brexit. It has remained at the end of 2016 low for the past couple of years.
  4. I can only admire the time and trouble some go to in order to watch UK TV abroad. Really not necessary you know. - honest. I watched a guy a few years ago hold a sat dish to his chest and walk around the van. Window open with wife inside ready to stop him if he got lucky. So far as I remember he gave up! I wonder if he ever made it? And this is true - not made up.
  5. Came back from Bourges (Vierson) last year and did exactly this (Round Orleans on the A10) I too would suggest you consider it. From Chartres we followed the route you have shown with easy driving throughout. Afterthought. Interested to note you skirt London to the South! We've always headed for Dartford after the M1. Disgusting journey either way especially after the space in France.
  6. The serried ranks of CMC sites smack of anything but the freedom camping should bring. Maybe most commercial sites suffer from a similar malaise but for us CLs and Red Pennant are the ONLY reasons we belong to any so called "club". Janine, Lady Bird - you would be most welcome parked next to us no matter what type of site we were on. But from experience here I have to say that the "official club sites" of the CMC do not ooze friendliness. We use them only if no alternative available. It's so different abroad. There you find vans, motor homes of all ages and not a s
  7. Why not check on Google maps for the car park or exact spot you want to visit, right click on the map in either map mode or satellite mode and select "What's Here". (whilst you're at it "drive" any dodgy looking sections to check all good). Simply add these coordinates to your Garmin and save as a favourite. You can later edit it and pop it in a more meaningful category if you wish - you can, of course, make your own category if required. This method will take you exactly where you wish to go. Selecting random street names and house numbers or whatever will not. All you ca
  8. That's interesting. I always believed that tyres stored properly would not deteriorate within reasonable periods (say a couple of years) and that the estimated life started from date of fitting.
  9. The rate early 2016 was on a par with 2004 to 2008. It rose steadily from 2009 until 2016 as you can see, Notice the sharp decline throughout 2016?
  10. Nothing whatsoever wrong with your brain or your fingers Janine. Was just curious to know what you were meaning. Good to hear that you are sharing your expertise with your local council too. Without mentioning any topical debate - if you can stretch a point and call it a debate - there are many of us who have lost faith in politicians. The "elected members" point certainly applies to many at the moment - decisions/allegiance etc swayed by personal and political gain and not the future of our country. I hope your husband's parents were not caught up in the recent
  11. Do you think the Councils have been caught out then? Are we talking about recent residents or those born and bred in the UK? Just a tad confused as to who you are talking about? The "now" seems odd!
  12. HaHa Wonder if you need wellies to walk around the place! Can just imagine the dogs barking, the kids playing football, the parents drinking mainly because they either can't get out or dare not get out for fear of holidays ending! Beggars belief. The pic below shows that a simple barrier can end the pollution caused by motor home "parasitic" parking. This is in France where motor homes have countless parking specifically set aside for them. The number of times we have paid for our site and gone out in the car only to find parking with no height restriction freque
  13. Found similar under my new van. Particularly butt ends set maybe 5mm apart directly under gas locked and rest of caravan floor. Would be a straightforward job to fill the gap with sealant but I've decided that would have been done if considered necessary. Since the van comes with a 10 year water ingress guarantee I am presuming it doesn't present any problem and, just maybe, filling could be claimed to negate the guarantee!
  14. Superb web site (so easy to navigate and clear to understand) and congratulations on your success.
  15. Always on the look out for decent CLs and this one is very close to the railway if that's a priority. Had a look on Google - as you do - and just one question please. Are the 5 vans parked with their back up against the large shed with solar panels on the roof on the designated the CL pitches? If that's the case, and since space between each van is approximately the width of each van, are cars parked in the hedged off area away from vans? There looks to be a few cars there!
  16. Bit of a downsize as you suggest but will be putting adverts in the local press next week for a "driver"!
  17. I think that could be possible. In my crawlings around under it I realised the chassis is the new type - made of single "beams" and not bolted together in sections for size adjustment as was the case in most vans. It's possible that the axle was left in the same place (distance from the hitch) as the previous model and the extra length with associated extra weight behind the axle is the culprit. It's equally possible the new chassis design has a bearing. In all honesty I've not the faintest idea - all I know is that unhitched on the hill I li
  18. It is baffling isn't it? I think some people believe I'm making this up. I'm not. I can tell you that releasing the van outside the house was strangely difficult because I now knew it was trying to tip backwards and pressing abnormally on the stabiliser. As it came free the hitch started to rise. As I've explained I managed to hold it down - very little effort was needed - and my wife took over whilst I sorted the mover. One on the drive and lever the van, of course, sat normally. I wish I had checked the nose weight at that time but it was late afternoon and co
  19. Yes, agreed. Certainly on this van. But they do and with a decent nose weight to start from then not an issue. Hey Ho. I've amended, rearranged and modified to get something that hopefully works so all is well. I'm not going down the road of trivia and point scoring but suffice it to say that: 1. In my stupidity I presumed that Swift would not fit a cycle carrier to a van that is patently not balanced for one and certainly could not be made safe without the upgrade to 1500 kg. It beggars belief what weight issues would arise with 3 bikes on the
  20. According to Swift Talk the 2016 van was shorter than mine. There were no issues with nose weight. This van is around 2 feet longer and has the tall fridge. The opinion seems to be that adding the extra - and with cooker, fridge and wardrobe all behind the axle, this has caused the light nose weight. It's worth noting that without my upgrade to 1500 kg there is no way I could have added sufficient weight to counter the effect of two bikes on the rear. I hope no-one wanting a "lightish " van and towing with a smaller less powerful car, and wishing to carr
  21. I tried and changed in my profile but it doesn't seem to appear here. No. But have considered other possible ways forward. I've joined Swift Talk now I have a Swift and posted there too. If you have the time and patience this sets out my thought from this point on. Having slept on this here are my immediate thoughts (thanks for the interest Yorkguy) The carrier has provision for a 3rd bike. I am intending moving the outer current "channel" inwards to the place where a 3rd channel would fit. I will need to do a bit of drilling but hopefu
  22. If I can achieve 85kg after adding all the weight I can to the front then I'll be content. Nice to know you manage it although maybe you have a different van. I don't blame the dealer - without cycles and with spare moved I had 70kg and could have added a bit more. But if Swift add the carriers to a 480 then you'd expect them to be functional. Next idea is to move the outer bike carrier inwards to where a 3rd carrier would be fitted. I'll need to drill a couple of holes but should be a straightforward job. Hopefully this will gain another 5kg of nose weight. I didn't actua
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