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  1. Hi, 2017 VIP exactly same problem. Replaced under warranty but magnetic catch cannot stand a light draught in the van without opening at the worst time. More sticky stuff? What is happening to Coachman Quality.
  2. The 2017 VIP has the same issue, seems to be more of a problem the more miles I have on the clock!! Our erratic water supply in the van seems to be OK now, Thanks Wanderhome.
  3. Thanks Snowman, maybe the way to go. hope the dealer sees it that way.
  4. Hi, Yes I agree Stevan, My concern is we are headed for our third pump in one year. There has to be a solution or are Truma pumps that rubbish?? Thanks
  5. HI, Don't know, we havn't tried that but either way the blown fuses, 10 to date, would confuse the issue. The water temp in usual use does not appear too hot but will try anything as head office says it will have to go!!!! Thanks
  6. Hi first Coachman caravan for us. From delivery the water pump was erratic and low pressure. Went through all the processes of resetting the pressure switch to no avail. The cold water flow would stop leaving the hot water only running due to residual pressure in boiler. This occurs when using shower and can cause scolding before tap is switched off. Changed pressure switch not much better. When on site next trip out the pump fuse blew every time we turned the tap off. Replaced the pump and seemed ok but now the old problems, scolding water from shower and blowing fuses. Any body heard of this problem as we now have to go back to dealer who dosn. t seem to know anymore then me.
  7. An old topic but seems to be back on the agenda. New type clip on brake cable is okay to clip on towbar? Old type spring clip hang cable around ball hitch? Which one do any body recommend. Confused . RobjRob
  8. close advert

  9. Up Date on Cover plate. Truma customer service have sorted my problem, supplied replacement cover. Nice one TRUMA!!
  10. Hi, One of them looks like it will check it out Thanks Thanks John, Will Check out it the frozen north for breakers. Regards.
  11. last weekend I cracked the Mains output cover on the caravan. Went looking for a replacement cover, as you would, and CANNOT BELIEVE IT! Cover for water inlet same size, £7. 99, cover for gas outlet same size £7. 99, Cover for electric outlet, quoted £69. 99 to £79. 99. Apparently the electric cover plate, a cli on clip off item as is water and gas cover, is not supplied on its own so you have to buy the complete box and refit to caravan. any one else in the cannot believe club or know of an alternative.
  12. Hi. , Just had phone call from C. C. Its all my fault for retiring! So beware anyone approaching the big moment we all look forward to. Still I saved £103 pounds this year alone and they lost the business, Result for me.
  13. Just recieved a renewal quote from Caravan Club insurance. Rang to advise them that we had retired and no longer required cover for commuting to work. Instead of a decrease in cost we got a increase in premium of 12. 5%. Anyone insured by them had better be careful, it does not pay to be honest. Penalised for retiring is not something I would expect the Caravan Club to be guilty of. We looked for and obtained an alternative provider at £103 pounds cheaper for exactly the same cover. Be advised people, the rogues are everywhere.
  14. Well Said, Are we getting some where to the real problem? over to you Alde. RobjRob
  15. HI, When you contact Alde be careful who you speak to, One of the staff is a expert on the Star Ship Enterprise which may or may not explain the planet they are on. Our heating is as described in earlier posts and when your are in the Kielder forest in April this year it is far from funny or warm. It didn,t help that our companions where in their 1997 swift challenger with the old blown air heating working faultlessly. RobJRob
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