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  1. hello, We actually drove into your complex at the back end (October I think) of last year and saw the construction work going on for the caravan site. The exit we used (from the shops complex etc) was very steep with a steep slope where you had to stop to get out onto the main road. Our caravan was on the CC&C site at Delamere. I think if this is the exit intended for caravans it may cause some problems. I may be wrong here I'm only working from memory, but remember mentioning it to other half. Wifi is a necessity these days and not overcharging (I think a £1 a night is not overcharging). Though I have to say these days when lots of coffee shops, hotels and venues provide wifi for free I think this would be a plus point especially if 3G coverage is bad where you are. Decent sized pitches, not too regimented, with planting for interest and privacy is always nice. Agree with others about balls, bikes and dogs and regards respect for peoples privacy on pitches ie kids not cycling walking through others pitches. Excellent clean and accessible loos is an absolute must. I use a wheelchair and lots of loose chunky un-compacted gravel make a site impassable, I notice it makes it difficult for many people to walk on too, so the smoother you can make hard standings the better. I think getting the right balance between friendliness and strict rules and between a regimented car park look and a lovely natural environment is important. Like everything else we buy or experience the thing is getting the feel of the place right and providing excellent customer service. Get that right and you've cracked it. Good luck, sounds like you're 3/4 of the way there. Oh and we will be over for a visit, not too far from North Manchester for a weekend visit. (may even be interested in storage if secure and reasonably priced). Many thanks for your interest in our views.
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    T@b Caravans

    Probably a bit late for a reply, but we've only just joined the forum, not sure if you're still looking. We bought the T@b400L last September 2010 (second hand a 2008 model) the one with a fixed bed with curved electric rooflight over the bed and a small shower/toilet room. We absolutely love it. Fantastic for the 2 of us. Decent sized fixed double bed with no cut off corner. Lovely and easy to tow. If you go here http://www. tabme. de/en/models/tb-l/ and take the 360 degree tour it gives you a good and accurate view of inside. Excellent German build quality, great insulation and toasty warm in Winter with the now standard of hot air central heating etc. Doesn't feel at all 'pokey' to us loads of light and everything we need small lounge/dining space at front kitchen one side and shower room wardrobe other side in centre (weight over axle) and large double fixed bed under the most curved section at rear. We have often led in bed with a glass on vino and opened the blind to star gaze on a clear night. A bit of a head turner because they are a bit different from the 'normal' caravan - so far every time we arrive on a site people have come to ask for a look round, which can be a good way of making friends. They may not be to everyones taste, but they have developed quite a cult following - Google T@b forum. We went here to keep searching for a second hand one. Can be like hens teeth and they hold their value really well. In the end we put a wanted posting on the T@b forum and struck lucky as someone was moving to the smaller T@b - if you wait for one to come on sale they are snapped up straight away. Hope you get what you're looking for. Do try the T@b forum to get some owners views if you're interested.
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