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  1. We had a coachman pastiche 545 and found the bed too short, we're not that tall, hubby 5ft8ins. We got rid and bought the Bailey unicorn 4 Cabrera, best thing we ever did love this van, bed is so comfortable,it's a keeper
  2. thanks for the advice, will do
  3. Hello Folks Hope someone can advise. We currently have our caravan on a seasonal pitch in Crieff Scotland, we have decided to move to a site in Carlisle which is an all year round seasonal pitch. We no longer have a tow car (didn't see the need since we don't tour). We are looking for a caravan towing service which could move the van for us. Can any of you recommend someone that supplies this service? Many thanks
  4. Thanks folks, the owners of our site have made a new pitch and it's extremely close to ours, we're there all year (seasonal pitch), worried about the distance between when a van is put on that pitch.
  5. Hi folks can anyone advise on distance between pitches. I heard that it was supposed to be 5 metres but does that mean from side of caravan or is it from side of an awning?
  6. Many thanks for your comments and advice folks. Would love an Isabella terrierbite but at 2K+ it's a wee bit out our budget. Cheers me dears!
  7. Hi Folks I'm looking to buy a season pitch awning for the new caravan season. I've been looking at the Dorema Garda or the Bradcot Residencia '50' awnings. Have had a Dorema in the past and was pleased with it but it wasn't a heavy duty awning. Has anyone got or had the the above awnings and if so what is your opinion of them? Not sure if Bradcot is a good make? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi folks, we're up and running! We have discovered that the cable was faulty would you believe. Changed the cable and hey presto the signal came through right away, we're now 'cooking with gas' so to speak lol Many thanks to everyone who contacted me to try solve the problem.
  9. Hi yes the dome is working fine and the light come on on the box. We're back at van now and brought the sky box up. The dome is locking onto Astra north not Astra south, hubby has tried pressing the white button on box to select Astra south but it still keeps defaulting to Astra north. The set up on the tv is set to Astra south so we reckon that's why no signal is being received I would imagine both need to be the same (tv and satellite). Left a message with road pro but no response as yet. Thanks everyone for getting back to us
  10. Hi thanks yet again for the advice, problem we have though the van is on a winter season pitch with no chance of us moving it as its an allocated pitch. Hopefully we'll manage to get the signal, keep your fingers crossed! Cheers!
  11. Thanks for suggestion never thought to try that, never know it may be a faulty one.
  12. Hi yes we've done that with control box, we think it may be the free sat box that's the problem, on the instructions with that it says connect to router, so maybe it only works when in conjunction with wifi? We're going to try to get a sky box and see if it works with that initially we can bring the one form the house to see what happens. Many thanks everyone for your responses.
  13. Thanks for getting back to me, going to give them a call on Monday, followed instructions on the PDF link we got but still can't get a signal.
  14. Hello we've bought a 2015 bailey caravan with a road pro dome satellite fitted. There is no instruction booklet for it, does any of the forum members have this fitted to their van and can anyone advise on how to set it up and use it. We've bought a freesat satellite tv box, humax receiver, but when searching for a signal none can be found, can anyone give advice please. Many thanks
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