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  1. can i have a copy, i was just having a play with mine to stop syncing, then try to sync again, i did seem to get it too sync again by holding the transmitter buttons till i got four amber leds to flash remove the batteries then insert and seemed to sync again
  2. i should have some instructions somewhere, i had them emailed a while ago from u-level as i couldn't get mine paired up, it might take me a few days searching through my hard drives and my old broken phone, from memory i think you have to hold the two buttons until the lights flash on the receiver and then power up the transmitter, or press both buttons on the transmitter
  3. this is a tamiya connector original use for r/c battery packs
  4. just an update i now seem to have been able to remove the ring by using goo gone, it seemed to take a couple of attempts over a couple of days but now i cant see it anymore, and using goo gone it hasn't affected the dash or discoloured it
  5. it sounds like the plug is not making contact with the car socket, so could be the spring in the monitor plug, not all sockets are the same
  6. also if it has a castellated nut with split pin they are tapered, i am actually going to be doing mine soon, just purchased a bearing grease packer
  7. i think the problem has also had to do with the gps wrno on the 7th of april mainly devices with the global locate gps reciever, other use the sirfstar iii, on my tomtom one xl with the GL the time always reads 00:00 after it has got gps signal and again just recently it kept loosing gps signal on route, or it was off by a few hundred yard and kept resetting by itself, i keep the maps updated every time they come out although not officially supported now, they might release an update for these devices in the future once they figured out to sort the issue as the internal clock still always reads the correct time, but for now i have now invested in a new one just waiting for it to arrive
  8. this will make things a lot easier for deliveries, this would have been handy when i was working for Tesco delivering the home shopping, even customer delivery instructions can be wrong, i had one said when coming from hexham we are on the right hand side, trying to find a house in the pitch black the house was not on the right hand side but the left, it should also help in my new job delivering to new building sites, although to find new places that postcodes dont find i stick it into google and find the doogal.co.uk link as hat brings up the lat/long, you can also get the lat/long in what3words when you hit the navigation button
  9. I have just received the fuel price text at 12.54 with an opology on the bottom with all the other texts
  10. i haven't used the tyrepal but use the snooper tyre pilot, and find the pressures match up with the internal tyre pressure sensors on the car reading them with an autel maxitpms ts401, i inflate the tyres using a ring rac640 inflator, it was just recently i checked this, i set the tyre inflator to stop at 33psi while inflating i was reading the internal pressure sensors with the ts401, when the inflator stops it stopped at about 34.5psi, i believe this is built in to compensate when removing the inflator from the tyre valve as a little bit of air will be released and then when adding the external sensor to the valve the reading on the ts401 then showed 33psi which also matched the reading on the snooper screen, the only issue's i have with the snooper are a couple of sensors failed and wouldn't repair had to but replacements, when the internal battery goes low/flat there is no warning, (there should be according to the instructions) and at the moment 1 sensor seems to eat batteries Now using rechargeable lir1632
  11. pantheon is a website host, had loads of text myself too, just turned of notifications, since the website is down, this will possibly be part of the problem with the repeated texts being stuck in loop, so hopefully once the website is back online the texts will stop
  12. quoting from the letter with card, we are delighted to be sending you a new fuel card and you can continue to benefit from discounted Diesel, Unleaded, Premium Diesel and Premium Unleaded at all Esso petrol stations across the UK and Europe.
  13. my card eventually arrived today when you log on to activate your new card you need to select activate card, then you can put the card number in, i will see if the actual pin works tomorrow when i finish my shift and also you can us it across europe
  14. Just a quick note there does seem to be a problem with some esso cards on the network being declined so far it seems at the moment cards with a date of 22 and on, but just a phone authorisation needs to be done so please be patient when paying thanks
  15. I served my first customer with a cmc esso fuel card he got is before new year, i noticed that it was branded the same as some of the other esso cards and it also had europe, which to me means can be used europe wide, some other esso cards non cmc that i see have national or truck, his transaction went through ok on my end and his pin worked first time
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