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  1. Found a sort of solution, have clipped a couple of small bulldog clips on the back of the bin to hold the bag in place. We can use it now just change it often.
  2. Hi, Anybody have the same trouble as us, a rubbish door bin on our Adria, it's a stupid half round thing that holds nothing. Has anybody found an alternative ?
  3. Afternoon, just getting the van ready for winter and cant find the vans user manual, I want drain the water system have run the taps etc and left them open, do I open the yellow valve in the wardrobe as we did with our adora ? Cheers
  4. Hi, We have got a adria rio grande and I am thinking about a upgrade any suggestions
  5. Might bring the fire pit inside the awning !!!!
  6. You can have that one Bright Spark. But still need a good space heater
  7. Got a fourteen year old with us, so pack him off about 11 then me and the mrs want to chill in the awning and not have to wisper
  8. Hi, Looking for some ideas for heating our awning. We have got an Adria Astella Rio Grande with a 2. 5m full awning and want to get some heat into it, at the moment we have a couple of small halogen heaters but these hardly take the edge off the cold. Can anybody recommend a type of electric space heater. Cheers Mark
  9. Hi, Looking for some new tyres. Can anyone advise the best place to get some, the size is 195/70R15 C
  10. Hi, gave up on it while we were away. Got back yesterday and sorted the van out the Mrs wanted water in the van today, I filled the water barrel conected it up to the van and still had the pump running constant. I have put it on my faults list if I can not sort it, the van is a 2013 rio grande so in june the dealer can fix it at its service
  11. Got the blue one that goes in the barrel with what I guess is the pump, and we have a switch to operate it inside the van
  12. Got the whale system. When the pump is switched on it will run constantly and water will flow from the taps, if I go outside the van and move the attachment it will stop but we get no water
  13. That was quick reply only just started my beer, yes well have sort off messed about with the pressure switch. Shall I wind it right down and slowly open it until the pump shuts off/on ?
  14. Evening, Need some quick answers I am down in the new forest and have got the water hooked up with the barrel float in place, the pump unit from the barrel to the van runs constant the only way to stop it is to turn it off we have never had this problem before. The reason I need a quick reply is I am sitting in the pub (only wifi point) and no 3G on site and if I can't get a fast reply it could end up messy
  15. Have not bothered with the sat sav, our pitch is right in the corner surrounded by trees. On the good side just plugged the tv into the van aerial and all channels first time
  16. Well we shall know the out come at the weekend. The Mrs brought a satlink ws-6908 and I have dropped it off to the aerial bloke next door to work he is going over it tonight and going to show me how to use it tomorrow. I am going to give it 30mins friday when we get to the new forest. If no luck look on ebay and grab yourself a bargin . Will update on friday/saturday
  17. Thanks for all the replys to my problem, not touching it tonight cause it is bloody freezing (been working out in it all day). Got another plan, next door to where I work the neighbour works for a aerial installer and I noticed the freesat logo on his van, so tomorrow I am going to knock on his door and ask him what he uses for setting up a freesat dish. And there lies the answer to my problem. Cheers
  18. Many thanks will have another crack tomorrow (will keep you posted) the Mrs has just ordered a pro finder from amazon, hopefully I will have it sorted manually by then and send the pro one back unused ! Cheers
  19. Hi, Trying to set up our freesat system in the caravan, have got two iphones with different apps both pointing to 28. 2 east have spent most of the day in the ****** cold moving the dish east to south with the squeaker on the finder going nuts with no signal strenght showing on the tv. We are now thinking of getting a proffesional sat finder with screen, is this worth doing as I have had enough of prating about for ages. Looking for a soultion, cheap as possible. Cheers
  20. Hi, We have got the 2013 rio grand and find it a fantastic van, we upgraded from a 612DP and it was a smart move the Alde heating system is fantastic (had a couple of cold nights last Aug in Scotland) and the hot water constant is excellent if on a full serviced pitch (the Mrs loved it a 40L shower in the morning. As for the porch awning we got a decent one from Jeff Bowing awnings and works real well takes a bit of adjusting to get it right. Hope that helps Mark
  21. Hi, Just back from a long weekend really nice and chilled, But no luck with the sat dish even had a sat finder !!! Tried the angle of the dangle and panned east to south various mobile apps, forgot the tv remote not that that probably matters but was my excuse to the Mrs. Got a digital aerial fitted in June when the van was delivered and have never used it, is there a particular direction to point it ? Cheers Mark
  22. What about the angle of the dangle ? and is a sat finder a good idea
  23. Hi, Need a quick fix sat set up, got a freesat box with a satgear dish having a nightmare getting a signal, spent hours of the holiday trying with no luck. We are away tomorrow and I want to be able to set up the dish(right angle/direction) in minutes flat Cheers
  24. Hi, I want to put a pneumatic tyre on our jockey wheel can anybody advise me of the spindle / bore size on a rio grande jockey wheel
  25. Hi guys, Just after a bit of info. Has anybody got a set or knows anything about them. Think it would make life easier a remote control leveler
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