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  1. Hello fellow vanners, bit of an issue with our kitchen tap in our unicorn 3. every so often it squirts out water, as though it has been turned on and off quickly, it works fine, doesn't leak, so bit puzzling' any ideas ?
  2. Hello, came across your post while browsing the forum, I've got the same problem, and raised the issue with the dealer and on another forum. Unfortunately it's a design fault, there is some adjustment on the door but not enough to remove the gap, which on some doors is quite wide. My own "fix" for the issue is a trim along the bottom inside edge. Most U S3 owners don't seem to mind the gap though .
  3. Thank you Aldi for your offer to try a fix on the panel, I will email the details to you, thank you,
  4. Well, I tried the fix suggested, unfortunately it hasn't worked out, so looks like a replacement needed. Just wondering if a touch screen could be repaired, I know phone's can . Still thanks to Aldi for replying
  5. Thanks to Aldi for replying so quickly, I've done what has been suggested, pretty easy to remove, I will leave it overnight and refit tomorrow. Hopefully it will work, don't fancy spending £150 + for a panel ! My bailey is only just 3.5 yrs old so wouldn't have expected it to fail so soon, but hey ho, these things come to test us I suppose
  6. Hi, my Aldi heating control panel is playing up, it doesn’t respond when I touch the icons, I can’t turn the heating up or down or change menu page, everything lights up and the heating works because its still set up from our last trip , but it won’t respond to my touch, anyone got experience of this fault or can suggest a solution, thanks
  7. Anyone come up with an alternative plate rack or solution to the standard plate rack fitted by bailey ? We have the Valencia S3 and find the plate rack hopeless. Unless we wrap tea cloth's or a rowel around the plates/bowls everything just tumbles out when we pitch up. I think its a poor design, being to shallow for plates or bowls, so, if anyone has replaced it with a better item i would appreciate advice. Also, I think the mug rack is in the wrong place particularly for my wife who isn't very tall, really needs to be on the right side not left.
  8. I had the same black mold spots appear, used dettox mold remover, instant result !
  9. Brilliant, hopefully Bailey will take on board your ideas . I have a Unicorn S3 Valencia, which has the same bathroom layout, The bathroom is quite tight, I am sure Bailey could have allowed more space with more thought.
  10. Killing the Goose that laid the golden egg ? I feel I must protest the issue of rising pitch fees. I am a member of the Caravan club and the rising cost of pitch fees is now getting ridiculous. A quick search of club sites for this week end (bank Hol) pitch fees were coming out up to £34. 60 per night, plus if I want to take the grandchild an additional £4. 90 ! Please no one come on and state the obvious about it being a bank Holiday, irrespective of the weekend status, fees are now simply excessive. Caravan club is not the only organisation now exploiting the Caravan and camping tou
  11. Tandem man, thanks for your photo. Your lockers look fine. If mine looked like yours then i wouldn't have a problem. I will upload a photo of my locker asap so other owners can see why I am unhappy. .
  12. Please update the post when you can. I posted my concerns on this issue earlier in the year. In my opinion, its a design spec fault. Bigger doors or trim surrounds required.
  13. I posted my concern about the locker gaps earlier in the year. Most reply's to my query were lighthearted or from owners who didn't appear to have an issue. I concluded my post by adding that perhaps the fitter had an off day. I suppose there is a plus or minus tolerance on the gaps and mine must be on the minus scale . Personally,I believe its a design fault. Any locker or drawer should contain its contents without large gaps. Basically, the locker requires a jam to close onto, or be slightly larger than than the aperture, it ain't rocket science, and for a long established company like
  14. Remove the clock by turning the clock anti clockwise while gently pulling. same time.
  15. Just to clarify my concerns about my overhead lockers. I have done some checking (and measuring) it appears most Unicorn S3 lockers have only around a 2-3 mm gap aperture gap when closed, whereas my lockers have around 4-5 mm. Looks like the installer had an off day. ! I am going to try and adjust them, although there isn't an actual adjustment screw on the hinge, unlike a domestic kitchen. Unfortunately, it doesn't qualify as a warranty issue,
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