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  1. Thanks Ern, did check on Ebay ( £9 ) we no longer have any caravan dealers/camping shops on the wirral.......
  2. Right Folks, Having tried all three of the recommended treatments this is the result,-- Cocacola-- did remove some scale but soon lost its power. White vinegar-- As above, it did remove some scale. Sterodent-- I put a whole tube ( 30 tablets ,cost £1 ) in a bucket & poured aprox 2 gallons of very hot water in. mixed it up & when the tablets had desolved added a bit of cold water. I poured the mix into the tank ,closed the valve & gave it a shake--- the wrong thing to do ! the "mix" fizzed up the pressure rose & the mix started to come out every little joint ! i quickly pressed the air valve . When i checked the next morning quite a bit of the scale had gone . I left it another day ,poured out the contents & i was so pleased with the results i bought more strerodent & gave it ( the tank) a second go. I have this evening poured out this last mix --- the tank is clean ! so there you have it -- mind if you want your moneysworth you could put a mix in the tank & drop your ( false ) teeth in as well..............
  3. Why not ask a mobile caravan service person to have a look -- it will cost but it will put your mind at rest.
  4. Thanks Geoff, our local halfords is very poorly stocked-- unless you want bike parts..... as for morrisons-- no idea !
  5. Well as usual i would like to thank you all for your replies. regarding the "proper" cleaning fluid im sorry to say we no longer have ANY caravan dealers /shops here in the north wirral ( our nearest dealer is at Queensferry, north Wales - 25 miles away ) so i was not aware of what was available. ( Ebay is my friend....... ) so once again thanks folks. The "scale" is slowly coming off, of course when done i still have the coke to despose of -- anybody tried it with Rum ........ :-)
  6. Just took my teeth out -- no sign of them dissolving ( as of yet.. ) but......
  7. We have at the moment two bottles of cheap Coke in our tank-- was wondering what to do with it when finished.......... :-)
  8. Er-- we use our caravan all over the U.K. ...............
  9. I have noticed over a few months a build up of what might be lime scale in our toilet waste holding tank. Despite efforts to remove it its still there, so has anybody found a way to clean the deposit off while not affecting the plastic ?
  10. Unless conditions dictate otherwise........
  11. Hi, Had an Email from Safefill regarding seeing the liquid level. They recommend the method we have discussed ! they are also not happy with the problem of viewing the contents. Seems its something to do with the makers.
  12. Colin 70, Thanks for proving the point ! You seem to have a lot of holes compared to my 5 cut outs...... One thing i did notice though -- compared to the MK1 safefill cylinder these new ones are very light ! Perhaps the MK1 was "over engineered...... "
  13. Sorry to say wont work on the new safefill cylinders -- the sides are white & even with the light trick its hard to see the level in ( dull ) daylight........ Should be better when in the locker !
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