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  1. Well they had nice scenic views........
  2. david 1220


    The owner of our compound lights bonfires to burn the waste from his dog kennels.......... !Ventilation has to be near to none or you get the "smells"
  3. david 1220


    Hi, It has been pointed out on another web site that these low cost moisture meters are not accurate to the same degree as one used by professionals costing 100 's of £. We have a problem in the cuboard in the wash room--- put dehumidifier in cuboard & left door open . Went back aweek later & found 1/3 of cup of water ! replaced crystals in dehumidifier & closed doors . Went back a week later ( the van is stored in a open compound ) & found a tiny amount ( less than 1/2 a teaspoon ) of water in dehumidifier. seems that with the doors open we were "drying out" the whole van..............
  4. One only has to look at the state of the mobile phones, laptops,phablets & other mobile devices , thet have been around for a long time & there's still no standerdisation ! ( the E.C. are trying , but... ) mind you with satalites nearly coliding , astaroides just missing us & the clock only seconds from the 3rd world war -- we might have other things on our minds in 2035---- if we are still here ! :-)
  5. Bangor - On -Dee racecourse, they had a New Year rally there it finnished 2nd Jan 2020
  6. Been told the wing mirror on our Skoda Superb L&K is over £400 --- dont want to find out if its true !
  7. Hi, Just had a look at youtube & found this ,-- Hope its of some use. david
  8. This is in the news,- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-50292596 wonder how it will efect the Caravan club site at baltic wharf. True its not a total ban--------- yet.
  9. We are members of both "clubs" but dropped out of using sites some years ago -- our prefered is a T.H.S. this year the lowest price we paid was £5 for a field , cold water tap & chem emptying point. Do use C/L & C/S's found one this year in Scotland -E.H.U, toilet( washing machine & shower extra charge ) £10 a night.
  10. Hi, Just had Email from the caravan club regarding next years site fees ,guess what ---they are going up......
  11. Is a " command hook" when the wife punches you ?
  12. Dont fancy that -- could cause " tailwagging" -- have experienced it with a Avondale.....
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