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  1. Hi, Just had a look at youtube & found this ,-- Hope its of some use. david
  2. This is in the news,- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-50292596 wonder how it will efect the Caravan club site at baltic wharf. True its not a total ban--------- yet.
  3. We are members of both "clubs" but dropped out of using sites some years ago -- our prefered is a T.H.S. this year the lowest price we paid was £5 for a field , cold water tap & chem emptying point. Do use C/L & C/S's found one this year in Scotland -E.H.U, toilet( washing machine & shower extra charge ) £10 a night.
  4. Hi, Just had Email from the caravan club regarding next years site fees ,guess what ---they are going up......
  5. Is a " command hook" when the wife punches you ?
  6. Dont fancy that -- could cause " tailwagging" -- have experienced it with a Avondale.....
  7. Did read ( on here ? ) that just after the Al-Ko wheel lock came out the " naughty boys " found a way of dealing with the lock -- a couple of minutes with a grinder....
  8. We use the T.V. built into the car -- O.H. can watch Coronxxxx st without bothering me......
  9. david 1220


    Hi, it has been reported in the news that the government are thinking of uping the speed limit to 80 M.P.H. for cars. Wonder if caravans will also get an increase.......
  10. As the "poster" ( founder ? ) of this thread can i point out that having visited & been shown round a factory in South Wales making solar panels i was suprised to see 6 breathing apparatus sets on the wall-- things i was very familiar with at my employment. On asking the manager why they had them he replied that they use some very nasty chemicals ( wouldnt say what ) in the event of a leak 6 staff had to put these on to isolate the problem & assist ( rescue ) staff out...... Nuclear power is NOT clean --- polution for thousands of years in some cases--- look at Japan & Chernobyl ...........
  11. Envy -- will try to remember that as i squeeze down a Cornwall lane & into a 8ft wide gate.....
  12. david 1220


    Having just read the Caravan club "tow car of the year report" ( & the praise for the Eco jag -- towing a 750 kg van ! ) one is left wondering if the 8 ft wide ,twin axle caravan is going to be the Dinosaur of the caravan world.......
  13. Yes did notice but have been unable to remove the post ! Mod edit: Now removed along with my reply.
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