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  1. Quite apart from the output question -have you contacted the storage owner to see what they think? Ar there any houses close by, can they put up with the droning of the gen ?(i have yet to meet a "silent" gen....)look in to this from all angles befor splashing out the cash..... Dave
  2. Would NOT recomend carrying a gas cylinder in a car for any distance..........
  3. Hi, As it was many years ago i can not remember the sorce BUT i had a look on Ebay -the price has gone up but what price sentiment... Here you are--https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1311&_nkw=wall+stud+detector&_sacat=0 best of luck, David
  4. Since these detectors detect copper wire (dead or alive) i rest my case..... Dave
  5. Gold is a heavy metal--if you have the covoluted pipe it is spoilt for choice where to stop ! Perhaps if you ask round friends etc for someone with a pocket metal detector (the sort of thing that finds conduit/nails etc in walls) then go along the plastic pipe till you get a signal. Dont know the present price of the above item (mine cost £6years ago, perhaps Ebay or a tool hire shop... Dave
  6. Seem to remember that theres a plate on the axle beam giving the max weight allowed . Dave
  7. Seems not only do you need a b+e but in Wales a PPL ! Dave
  8. Having had a family of two girls back in the "dark ages"i think you will struggle-bare in mind you have battery &gas cylinder(s)to come out of that..... Dave
  9. The North Wales police are warning of flying caravans across the A55 this Friday... https://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/police-expecting-caravans-flying-across-19144877 you have been warned....
  10. Hi, I am looking at a cover for our van. When i looked at sizes they specifiy the measurement as being at seat hight. However there's a slight problem -for our van we need a 19.0ft (amaypole) cover, Maypole say 19.0ft /6.2cm--there's a diference of 8inches........ Regarding the cover itself, the caravan next to ours (in storage) has a Maypole cover on it--seems to be nothing more than a long sheet with lashing points around the edge--not shaped as far as i can see. Dave
  11. We must be --we keep buying their low grade products........
  12. We had the same problem on our Coachman, bought 5@£2.50each (as i remember) on Ebay still finding minature ball bearings in the van......... Dave
  13. Could be someone worried about the spread of Covid........ Dave
  14. Did our touring caravan shower tray with the special paint sold for the purpose (Ebay) some years ago when cracks started. It has a slightly rubbery feel &as sutch i gives a good grip to the feet. We use our shower a lot (green field caravaners) &its still doing its job.
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