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  1. Hi Ern, Caravan is insured through C&CC, when i renewed my breakdown cover i asked would i still be able to continue the cover with the same level evenif i left the club. Was told i would still be covered even if not a member. Dave
  2. Received my "newsletter "just now, in it the club says they are keeping the membership fee for 2021 the same as 2020 . Perhaps if they had put it up they would have had quite a few "drop out" as it is the magazine is all i got this year for my membership fee, expensive magazine............. Dave☹
  3. As the owner of a 2016Skoda Superb L&K i looked up the max tow weight in the V5--2.200Kg............Seems they have reduced the kerb weight quite a bit!As stated this is a very good tow car --ours even has a T.V.! very handy while O/H goes shopping..... Only complaint is the brown leather........ Dave
  4. Hl, Normaly at this time of year i have a letter (with new membership card) but this year --nothing! Have tried to contact club but the system says my details are wrong.......(but they send me all sorts of Emails ) So are they giving us some "free"months........
  5. Then of coarse theirs the weight ....... dave
  6. Sitting in my armchair i get the three words. next day (in the same armchair) i get three different words, the same thing happens the next day............. dave
  7. Hi,Looking at our neighbors its things as normal.......... At least one of them had a car on a trailer-nearest Supermarket is 1/2mile (Morrisons) perhaps they take it in turns ?
  8. So it would seem that M/H are excempt from the law........
  9. Is there not?-- People in England are being told to avoid all non-essential travel as part of a month-long lockdown that came into place on Thursday 5 November The latest rules mean people in England will have to stay at home, unless they have a specific reason to leave, in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19.
  10. Think you are a bit mixed up --We are total lockdown (see rules on travel) while Wales being a different country is not in lock down (they came out of lockdown a few days ago ) so quite a difference......
  11. kings parade , wallasey sea front, One m/h had a car on a trailer behind it.... today --total lock down..... Wife is a member of a local church--She does shopping for older church members &as she doesnt drive thats my part--taxi driver .... O.K ?
  12. Hi Went along the sea front this afternoon &found around 15Motorhomes parked up--so much for non essential travel.........
  13. Hi, It has been worked out by some group or other that a journey from London to York (and i presume back again ) would cost £533 in pay per mile charges,,.When one thinks of the fuel tax, road tax,&now some sort of milage tax do wonder what it will do to us, that is caravaners. Will we have to pay for the car per mile &likwise for the caravan ? In case you dont know its that way in the Mersey tunnel--they consider the caravan as a seperate vehicle for tunnel tolls..... So when its brought in (and it will in some form ) will visitors from abroad pay, what will it do to touris
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