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  1. Hi, Had an Email from Safefill regarding seeing the liquid level. They recommend the method we have discussed ! they are also not happy with the problem of viewing the contents. Seems its something to do with the makers.
  2. Colin 70, Thanks for proving the point ! You seem to have a lot of holes compared to my 5 cut outs...... One thing i did notice though -- compared to the MK1 safefill cylinder these new ones are very light ! Perhaps the MK1 was "over engineered...... "
  3. Sorry to say wont work on the new safefill cylinders -- the sides are white & even with the light trick its hard to see the level in ( dull ) daylight........ Should be better when in the locker !
  4. Well i have been trying today to find a way of being able to view contents. Came up with the following-- Shine a small torch/ mobile phone torch into the side window opposite to you , view the window near you with the light shining across-- the level of the contents should be visible. The daylight has to be low level/dark but it works ! Did try ultra violet light with no results. To recap-- with the cylinder in front of you & with a set of the side windows facing you shine a torch towards you from the windows in the opposite side ( under low light conditions ) & the liquid level should be visible, no manhandling needed.
  5. well as i have posted elsewhere ( Safefill, translucent/contents ) we bought the latest safefill 7.5 Kg cylinder. Put the required 10 Ltrs of L.P.G. in --- but despite trying all sorts of light i was unable to see the content level through the ( in my case at least) white cylinder. The vendor states that the level can be viewed "in certain light " but does not say anything more ...... So i am now asking anybody who has the latest cylinder-- have you been able to see the contents & if so under what conditions ? Safefill on there cylinder page just say the contents can be viewed........
  6. well we went to Congleton ( a round trip of 111 miles ) & bought the latest Safefill ( 7.5 Kg ) cylinder. On returning home i got it filled with the specified 10ltrs of L.P.G. Got home & looked at the little cut outs, despite trying all sorts of lighting ( sun, "normal" daylight , torch, extra strong torch, shinning torch across from one opening to the other ) i was unable to see the level of the contents. The vendor states in an Email that it has to be certain light conditions..... So those who have bought the latest Safefill cylinders ( the ones with the white cylinder ) have been able to acertain the contents from viewing the small side windows & if so under what light conditions ?
  7. Some years ago on a C/L/ site in scotland we came back to find a caravan so close that the windows ( when/if ) opened would touch. Complained to C/L owner who came to the people concerned & at the top of her voice told them that mr Dxxxx was not happy with them & they would have to move. they moved ( much grumbling ) and for the rest of our stay we were ostricised by all the other C/L users. we never went back...........
  8. Did check the refill map a couple of weeks ago -- since Morrisons have joined the refill site it seems to have been updated.
  9. Just been looking at Facebook-- a number of Safefill dealers report that they now have stock of safefill cylinders ( restocked @27 march )--https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=safefill&epa=SEARCH_BOX
  10. AndersG,-- been looking on line for safefill cylinders & found this ,https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10kg-24-5L-Light-Composite-Gas-Bottle-UK-REFILLABLE/323253061989?hash=item4b43624965:g:R9IAAOSwl5JcG3gA As you seem to be on the continent it might be of interest -- you buy adaptors to suit where you are. we have the old Safefill cylinder ( paid for itself 6 times over ! ) & now that calor have stated they dont intend to produce a new lightweight cylinder we are thinking of buying another one ( safefill )
  11. just been to our local safefill dealer --- well he would be if he could get some stock from them ! he doent know whats going on, but looking on the internet there seems to be an acute shortage of cylinders. Safefill have a notice on their web page " awaiting stock" think that has been there for some time , anybody any info -- have they gone bust ?
  12. My insurance is due in a week, did some searching & here's the results, LV-- 439.30p More than,-- 660.43p Age U.K.-- 1,213.60p As i am with L.V. already......... P.S.-- i am 75 & the above is for a fully Comp policy.
  13. david 1220

    calor gas

    seems ( from my camping & caravan magazine that arrived yesterday ) that calor have issued a statement that the will NOT be making a Calorlight replacement as the demand is not there due to more people using E.H.U. & refillable tanks..........
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