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  1. well if they have the van on the hook they can camp on the M5.......
  2. As once said -- words are a fine thing but its actions that count......
  3. ease the switch out ( if possable ) & measure the body widthXlength X depth then look on --- Ebay for one the same size but with a neon.
  4. Somebody is trying to invent perpetual motion.......
  5. They only have to increase the tax on diesel/petrol to reduce usage..........
  6. hi, If you mean the hight of the tow ball it should be 16 inches from the ground to the ( i think ) the top of the tow ball.
  7. Hi, Came across this on youtube - how to increase the output of solar panels with very little effort,--
  8. We have a coachman van. when i wanted to "touch in" the front i was told on here that FIAT 248 was the paint required & yes -- worked a dream ! so does anybody know ...... there used to be an advert ( now gone ) in the caravan club mag for airosol cans of paint but not seen it for years. Hi, Just had a look round & found this firm -- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HOLTS-20ML-HULL-WHITE-PENCIL-WITH-BRUSH-ON-CUSTOM-MATCH-MADE-PAINT-FOR-CARAVANS/401546895035?hash=item5d7e0f5ebb:g:Af0AAOSwB4BaBKDJ perhaps they can help..........
  9. Bare in mind that however new the caravan is the paint will have "weathered" so a tin of ( fresh ) paint will have a slight diference. The thought i have, Can you give give a small part ( locker door ? ) to someone going to the mainland & they visit a paint shop for you ? david
  10. Unless going through the Mersey tunnels---they count a car/caravan as two vheicles &charge as sutch......£3.60a time!
  11. Yep --think they came to watch a football match..... as for lockdown --quite a few neighbors thought (and still do)it did not apply to them.... The virus is/has done one --its up to us to do the other........
  12. Hmm, What sort of ( ball park ) sum are we talking about ? If you are of a mild sort of nature....... we bought a brand new avondale van just befor the factory went bust ( about 18 months before ) we totaled 25 faults over a few months-- each time we contacted the dealer ( based in a garden center ) he was too busy, no space, etc. when i collected the van the electric light gave trouble. On replacing the light the salesman connected the wires ( flourecent light ) i managed to stop him switching it on just in time--- the wires were wrong way round ! their response ? they offered me a job " as you know more about caravans than we do "........... the dealer played " hard to get" but i decided to go down the small claims route, it took about 10 months-- the dealer was enlisting the help of a senior manager at the factory in his defense. While visiting another dealer a salesman ( who i knew ) whspered to me avondale have gone bust -- Oh joy ! come the day at the court buuilding i outlined my case to the court & the judge asked the dealer for his rsponse. His reply -- " i didnt make the caravan ! " the judge read out the sale of goods act ( section 14 ) and then ordered that he pay over £1000. the dealer again played hard to get & refused payment , we sent in the Bailiffs ( another £55 ) we finaly got our money..... david
  13. carry a portable generator in the boot ?
  14. There is of course another problem --- how many of those people looking at caravans have B+E on their licence ?
  15. Bare in mind a LOT of stuff ( locker doors/ handles etc ) come from Italy...............
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