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  1. We use the T.V. built into the car -- O.H. can watch Coronxxxx st without bothering me......
  2. david 1220


    Hi, it has been reported in the news that the government are thinking of uping the speed limit to 80 M.P.H. for cars. Wonder if caravans will also get an increase.......
  3. As the "poster" ( founder ? ) of this thread can i point out that having visited & been shown round a factory in South Wales making solar panels i was suprised to see 6 breathing apparatus sets on the wall-- things i was very familiar with at my employment. On asking the manager why they had them he replied that they use some very nasty chemicals ( wouldnt say what ) in the event of a leak 6 staff had to put these on to isolate the problem & assist ( rescue ) staff out...... Nuclear power is NOT clean --- polution for thousands of years in some cases--- look at Japan & Chernobyl ...........
  4. Envy -- will try to remember that as i squeeze down a Cornwall lane & into a 8ft wide gate.....
  5. david 1220


    Having just read the Caravan club "tow car of the year report" ( & the praise for the Eco jag -- towing a 750 kg van ! ) one is left wondering if the 8 ft wide ,twin axle caravan is going to be the Dinosaur of the caravan world.......
  6. Yes did notice but have been unable to remove the post ! Mod edit: Now removed along with my reply.
  7. Hi, While "googling" lunar caravans i came across this,-- https://www.indeed.co.uk/cmp/Lunar-Caravans/reviews?fcountry=GB&floc=Preston Due allowance must be made for the views expressed but even so....... Can confirm from personal experience the bit about missing parts.
  8. This i suspect will upset some here -but- having owned a new clubman van in 2011 & after a number of "problems" ( holes in the back fibreglass panel, fridge not fitted properly -fumes coming in van, ill fitting door -could see daylight round the bottom -closed ) I for one have little/no simpathy for the workers ! The poor quality of the work/parts not fitted properly makes me wonder how the firm kept going for so long. So -- "the birds have come home to roost"......... p.S. we kept the van for 10 months & when all three front windows started leaking decided to get shut......
  9. Thanks Ern, did check on Ebay ( £9 ) we no longer have any caravan dealers/camping shops on the wirral.......
  10. Right Folks, Having tried all three of the recommended treatments this is the result,-- Cocacola-- did remove some scale but soon lost its power. White vinegar-- As above, it did remove some scale. Sterodent-- I put a whole tube ( 30 tablets ,cost £1 ) in a bucket & poured aprox 2 gallons of very hot water in. mixed it up & when the tablets had desolved added a bit of cold water. I poured the mix into the tank ,closed the valve & gave it a shake--- the wrong thing to do ! the "mix" fizzed up the pressure rose & the mix started to come out every little joint ! i quickly pressed the air valve . When i checked the next morning quite a bit of the scale had gone . I left it another day ,poured out the contents & i was so pleased with the results i bought more strerodent & gave it ( the tank) a second go. I have this evening poured out this last mix --- the tank is clean ! so there you have it -- mind if you want your moneysworth you could put a mix in the tank & drop your ( false ) teeth in as well..............
  11. Why not ask a mobile caravan service person to have a look -- it will cost but it will put your mind at rest.
  12. Thanks Geoff, our local halfords is very poorly stocked-- unless you want bike parts..... as for morrisons-- no idea !
  13. Well as usual i would like to thank you all for your replies. regarding the "proper" cleaning fluid im sorry to say we no longer have ANY caravan dealers /shops here in the north wirral ( our nearest dealer is at Queensferry, north Wales - 25 miles away ) so i was not aware of what was available. ( Ebay is my friend....... ) so once again thanks folks. The "scale" is slowly coming off, of course when done i still have the coke to despose of -- anybody tried it with Rum ........ :-)
  14. Just took my teeth out -- no sign of them dissolving ( as of yet.. ) but......
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