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  1. New van to be supplied to the dealer within the next two weeks. To be fair, the dealer has been amazing at getting this resolved. I think the dealers need to be much tougher with the manufacturers if this is how they are supplying caravans. I'll update with the next progress :-)
  2. It is further south, but still in the North East Thanks - we wanted to be fair but firm with the dealer. They have now advised a new van will be coming from Elddis, just need to agree the timescales :-)
  3. Well it turned out the alternative van was a demonstrator model, although it was in a much better condition than our van. ive got all the CRiS numbers of the vehicles so will be clear on which one we get. I’ve offered to go right through the van to understand what they would do to put everything right, and then if it’s not to our satisfaction we will reject the van again. Want to stay on the right side of Consumer act so allowing them the chance to rectify. Ive looked at Elddis vans at another dealer and the exterior finishing off isn’t great.
  4. Erm, yes didn’t hand our part ex over. Sat in it now actually :-) Apparently, Elddis won’t let them reject it but they have offered me another van (same model) so need to go and inspect that one. people need to stop accepting sub standard output from these dealers / manufacturers. It was annoying enough it for through the factory quality checks, but should never have got through the dealer PDI
  5. Went to pickup our brand new Affintiy 554 today. The silicone on the joints on the outside had gaps in it and the front panel had several marks on. When we went inside nearly every door had scratches on, the panels had scratches and gouges out of them and the cooker had a scratch across the front. the dealer wanted to follow the normal process and do a snagging list, but we rejected the delivery of the van as we thought it was sub standard fare quality. They’ve offered to repair / replace all the necessary parts but I’ve told them I’m not accepting that can and I want it replaced. Just wondering if anyone else had done this and what happened ?
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