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  1. My Kuga has 235/55/R17 tyres. It's a brilliant towcar with or without the caravan, with an excellent 'stable' ride. Incidentally it's an automatic, my first, and I would never wish to tow with a manual again. My last Kuga had 18 inch wheels, not a problem except the tyres cost a lot more.
  2. My 2011 Kuga came with a factory fitted detachable tow bar 13 pin, minus the wiring as described above. It cost about £90 to have the extra wiring, it was simply a matter of connecting to the 'black box' on the nearside in the boot. It took about half an hour at a Ford garage.
  3. Good point! To the campsite Le Petit Port.
  4. I don't think I had appreciated what a big city Nantes is - with a big ring road to match! I have looked at the Michelin route planner which directs us to leave the A11 at the Porte de Rennes, J37. The ACSI directions choose the Porte de Chapelle. I have looked at a town plan, tried to make sense of the 4 pages of instructions from Michelin and am now totally confused. If anyone can help with instructions based on experience then I would be most grateful to receive them.
  5. An update on my situation. Even though there appeared to be a suitable replacement on Ebay I thought I would get a price from a local Coachman dealer. They don't stock this item so they contacted Coachman. Everyone sit down! The price for a 31cm Led strip was....£162! I have just re-measured and compared with the on line diagram and have just ordered a replacement for £41.99.
  6. If it's like mine it will be held in by 2 screws. Not a difficult job, however, they are expensive, mine is going to be £45 plus. I believe that like mine the whole unit will have to be replaced, it is probably LED. It will have to bedded in silicon to make it water tight.
  7. We are off at the end of August for a couple of weeks and are thinking of going to Nantes - the site there looks good and the town interesting. It would be helpful if someone could give us a first hand opinion of what it is really like! Some time ago we were recommended the site at Chateau Gontier , we are thinking of a stopover there, does anyone have a view on that ? And whilst I am at it, has anyone ever stopped at a Municipal site La Poste in St Maurice les Charencey on the N12 between Nonancourt and Alencon? We have driven past it many times, wondered what it is like and think we will stop to find out! It is literally on the roadside but may well extend a long way back . I think it may be pretty basic but may well suit us for a one night stop. I look forward to some informative replies!
  8. Hi there I have power going into the unit and nothing coming out the other side. Hence I've drawn the conclusion that it must be faulty. I did read a post elsewhere where someone had found that Powerpart would repair the unit, however, taking repair and postage costs into account it wasn't worthwhile.
  9. Thanks for the contributions. The BCA unit seems prone to failure from what I've read. I've found a number of postings similar to mine and replacement seems the way to go. Cheapest price is £95 for a Powerpart unit which David 38 says is the same.
  10. As the title says the LEDs are failing one by. Access seems reasonable , a couple of screws. Has anyone seen them for sale any cheaper than the £43+ on Ebay?
  11. Arrived home after 4 weeks away. Caravan behaved perfectly, however, I managed to scrape the side against a hedge! Went into the caravan today and none of the 12v options were available, 240v fine. Checked the fuses on the BCA 20Amp device, all were intact. As far as I'm aware there is no reset button. Has anyone had a similar experience? It looks like a replacement is in order (£130 is the best price I can get), has anyone done this themselves? I can't believe it would be too difficult, famous last words for me, as I am anticipating a like for like swap.
  12. Many thanks for all the useful information. It remains one of those 'I could do with one of them' items.
  13. We have stayed at the Tain site a few times and really like it. The site has reduced in size but has a mixture of hard and soft standings, some under huge Plane trees and the municipal pool is right next door. It's a good overnighter but also worth a longer stay now that the cycle path has been extended. It is a short walk over the bridge to Tournon where the impressive main carpark often hosts festivals and car rallies. To us it offers what an old fashioned municipal site used to - clean facilities within easy walking reach of local facilities. There is some road noise but nothing to put us off - watching the traffic on the river makes up for that! It is a few years since we were last there but we cycled around the Tournon site and decided we preferred Tain.
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