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  1. Hi David, that is why I used the 'guide' as you point out its best to check. I did input your car in ie Kuga etc (I had a kuga in the past so I know the limit) and the guide did have the max 100kg for towbar limit. eg, Towing limit 2100 kg Weight ratio 59% (laden Caravan / laden Car) (1090 kg / 1852 kg) Noseweight Towball limit 100 kg Advise 65 kg If I did it incorrect , ill apologise 😀 But I'm interested if it is incorrect .
  2. This may help as a guide for the future, https://towcar.info/GB/select_type.php Enjoy your caravan.
  3. How about calling a caravan salvage company and getting a used hatch guessing would be cheaper than new, maybe give a call with the size and see what you can get.
  4. Meteodave, I think you missed the question, As I live in England its no problem for me, I was just asking about Wales after reading David P post. I cannot see how a 5 miles can be enforced if you have no shops anywhere near. Exceptions must be accepted as it was in England.
  5. We live in smallish village with a small village shop, the nearest supermarket is 21 miles away (shortest route). This must be the same (or worse) for some villages in Wales, is there any expectations to the 5 mile rule?
  6. Hopeman, is a odd place to book unless you have a reason to visit, I know the area as in 1976 I did outward bound at the sea school along the coast, pleased to say lived to tell the tail. Did visit back in 2007 things changed but still a fabulous coast.
  7. Well the old saying 'every cloud has a silver lining' excellent choice of caravan. Bet you can't wait to get away .... Fingers crossed it will not be long for all of us.
  8. I note you have a nice caravan so if you don't need a toilet block and want quiet, have a look at Dockray Meadow Caravan Club Site, don't get many kids on this site due to no toilets, but well located for the 'not so busy' but very nice east side of the Lakes.
  9. Hello Mikefrew, and welcome. You have joined at a bit of a odd time for caravans (and everything else ) but fingers crossed we will all be in our 'new normal' and out enjoying our caravans soon. Thing is plenty of people on this forum just now so ask away with questions the more the merrier we all have time to answer .
  10. Just to throw a new one into the discussions, I've been working in a school the last couple of days, from what I've seen, I don't think social distancing will work in schools, the teachers have set out computers for use well spaced, doors & windows open but the children are doing as you would expect them to do normally. With the best will in the world there was no real air changing in the rooms which was a real concern for me, so I think teachers have a real point with doubt in returning .
  11. That's easy your friends will tell you if they have been anywhere and be respectful of your wellbeing, a stranger may not. The big difference is I trust my friends.
  12. I think most caravans has a compromise, we all pick which one to accept 😀 but I gather from your post you have tried it 😂
  13. True, I'm quite happy to limit the number of people I interact with, being able to see my son will do me. But unless he clearly defines his plan the police will have a bigger nightmare then what was encountered over this weekend .
  14. Well how do you define 'as much as possible'? For me I'm never in much. Maybe a drive to the coast will be okay as otherwise I'm in as much as possible. Limit contact - so go to work & visit friends etc -should be okay? but keep away from strangers.
  15. How a look at the Elddis https://www.practicalcaravan.com/reviews/elddis-xplore-302 Pack a lot of caravan in for the size
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