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  1. PaulR

    What's this?

    HI Greenfish, Its to stop rain leaving the roof over the door and you. Simple but effective.
  2. PaulR

    Hello from Leighton Buzzard!

    Happy new year,.... guess it will be in your new holiday home 😁 Try a week end not far from home first (easy to nip back for something forgot) maybe the Grove Lock site? nice food etc, I maybe i'm from up North but my son lives Leighton Buzzard! Like LB its a very nice place great market.
  3. PaulR

    Swift AirWave cushioning

    Hi just wondering can anyone just confirm the cushions are okay. Thanks Paul
  4. PaulR

    Swift AirWave cushioning

    Just looking at the 2019 Swift's with the Swift AirWave cushioning, does any one have this seating and if so is it okay? I ask because we did have a 2017 Coachman with Ozio cushions and do not want to make the same mistake again, other caravans we owned had spring seats and we have been happy with them. Thanks for any replies.
  5. PaulR

    Condensation/leak rear o/s lockers

    Do you have an independent NCC workshop near you? As we buy our caravans from different dealers and any problems we use the Caravan Clinic (who in my experience are excellent) near us for any warranty issues and serving.
  6. PaulR

    Newbie -thetford c262 flush tank HELP!

    As above, if on site for days I fill until I can see the water just below the filler. I only tow with about 1L in the tank. Rough guide using to toilet full time for two we use < 2L per day of flush.
  7. PaulR

    Estate Towcar Options - 4WD or AWD but NOT SUV?

    Subaru estate excellent also manuals have hill holder which was great for hill starts with the caravan so would be good for a boat. Loved my legacy sports estate.
  8. PaulR

    Coniston Cc Site -park Coppice

    Hi Hairy, very pleased your visit worked to plan ( forgot to mention dripping from the trees) All in all I think its a nice area but can be a little busy at times.
  9. I could not agree more, I think we all have a social duty to support local shops & services when visiting an area and not just deposit waste. No flack from me.
  10. PaulR

    Hi everyone

    Hi Scott, we have had the Quasar & the Clubman version it's an excellent layout I did read sometime ago the 462 makes up 40% of total Lunar sales. Must be a reason for that. Hope you enjoy your new caravan.
  11. PaulR

    Hi from a complete novice

    We used to caravan all year including taking my son to ski in Scotland In caravans with the Carver heater system, we did not use the fan that much and had no complaints. I'm sure you will enjoy your first trips away. To be honest I would have the system again as I've spent most of my life fixing things so tend to think of how things can go wrong. If you have a total failure of the electrical systems only the Carver system will keep you warm in the middle of winter!
  12. We normally buy from dealers around the uk especially during show time due to dealer discounts and manufactures incentives put on at the show. Its worth noting lots if the larger dealers also do the Scottish show in Feb, (so if your not ready to deal now) also you don't need to visit the show to get the deal I just ask on the phone and do the deal that way. We have an excellent NCC independent workshop near were we live who does any warranty and servicing so not worried about the dealers location.
  13. PaulR

    Coniston Cc Site -park Coppice

    Don't recall any no cycle signs. The site has a basic one way if looking from the entrance clock wise around the larger part of the site, but by its layout two ways as well. Its worth noting arrivals are from 10am and the site has a large arrival area so if you wanted to jump on a bike for a quick look maybe ask the warden when booking on?
  14. PaulR

    Coniston Cc Site -park Coppice

    Hi, 3 mobile works fine. I think the TV signal was okay from the bollard. Sat signal will be a bit of a challenge but not impossible I would try pitch 261 & 262 if available. Two routes to walk into the village, one path behind the warden caravan and a second (better in our opinion) out of the bottom of the site and along the lake side via the camping site and boat yard then a path across the fields. Try the micro brewery beer at the Black Bull makes the walk much more enjoyable!