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  1. Hi, I cannot think what heating system was in your caravan ( a picture would help) at a guess its a radiator with an air system behind. If so you need to turn on the heater on electric or light the fire on gas then the air system draws air from the radiator and pumps it through the vents.
  2. Hi Monza, welcome to the forum . Plenty of experience on here ask away.
  3. Hi Bulldog, First welcome to the forum. When I worked full time yes we would do short weekends often my wife would call me on a Friday pm and tell me she was packing the caravan and to get myself home and we would return later on Sunday. This year is not a normal year for caravans as everywhere is busy and the need to book for weekends is High, hopefully next year maybe a little more normal . Another option is a session pitch, were you can pick a site and put your caravan on for a period of time using it as required, but still able to remove it for trips elsewhere. Hopefully whatev
  4. Our's fell off just before lockdown - lid OK but a dent in the floor I put it back tight I thought but same again last week. So now with Bostik on the glass, holders and the screws replaced with glue on. Lets see how that works.
  5. I also suggested a fixed bed caravan with comfy seats up front, the ultimate 2 berth. Really good luck with your A's. 👍
  6. I would always go for the dedicated wiring, I know warranty may not be a problem but fault finding should be easier if your car develops a fault.
  7. I have considered A/C for the caravan but I know from experience in France of peoples units running all night when otherwise silence. I found it anti-social and would not want to be guilty of this. (i'm sure others will disagree) but that is why I have looked at the under seat units, look simple to install but would like to hear from an owner about the noise level inside and out.
  8. My Sorento has the dsg 8 speed box. Its true. The hybrid started production in the summer.
  9. One last one Andy, maybe not for now but in the future if your van is still near Pooley Bridge and needs a service etc, try Adam at Threlkeld Hall Leisure Vehicle Services ( http://www.threlkeldhall-lvs.co.uk/ ) he is a really nice young guy we asked Adam to service our caravan when we were on site, we just went out for the day came back to out caravan back on the pich all sorted. Very happy.
  10. Hairline cracks - back in the day the fix was to drill a small hole at the end of the crack to stop it spreading then fill it in. Alternatively contact Elddis who were supplying caps to cover the cracking panels. I understand its a case of sticking them on.
  11. Shame, hopefully its not put you off finding another project.
  12. Hi Andy, sorry that's the case. I will keep my fingers crossed that your seller for fills his obligations and you get a successful outcome.
  13. Andy, I see you are from Durham, can I suggest you contact the Caravan Clinic, beside the old Fed brewery at Dunston (just off the A1). As you have paid to transfer the warranty I wouldn't expect any problems in asking them doing the work. I buy caravans from all over the country and get any warranty done by them. PS, I know they have a 4x4 pick-up you could ask if they can collect ?
  14. We had a 2015 Lunar with this toilet (never had another!) the problems around that time were condensation forming on the back of the circuit board and the board needing replacement. If your caravan is much later than this the above maybe irrelevant, either way I would always empty the flush tank when not in use for that and the sticking impeller problems.
  15. Before pulling out the fridge, maybe have a look by removing the outside air vents ( just slid the clips to the side and lift them out) maybe with a mirror or mobile phone you may be able to see something .
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