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  1. PaulR

    Rear number plate

    Hi Martmap74. I copied your post over to this forum so I could reply. I understand your predicament also not having ref doc, but a easy and cheap option is to get a number plate from a 'show plate' supplier based in Ireland made to UK road legal without the need for a ref doc. I've done this and the quality is fine with fast delivery . Guys got in faster than my explanation .
  2. Hi I,m new to caravanning, my question is- I swop my company car af last once a year, is it illegal to take rear number plate of car and put it onto caravan for towing? Obviously put it back on car when van is pitched.
  3. As a quick guide https://towcar.info/GB/outfitmatch.pup but you should check the weight plate on the caravan (next visit) But things look okay for your outfit. Other matching services are available at a cost.
  4. I note you have had no responses, So about my car, I can only comment on my DS 180bhp auto, a lowly ES. You don't say what engine your HSE has, but I currently have a Pastiche 2 berth but previous pulled a Lunar Clubman at 1500kg. The car is an excellent tow car with the 9 speed auto box. it always finds a suitable gear to maximise the engines power. you won't be the last away from the lights or last to the top of the hill.
  5. PaulR

    Mazda CX 5

    https://www.thetowcarawards.com/tow-car/mazda-cx-5-4/ Friend uses one to tow a horse box (inc a large horse in it), thinks its great. I think the tow bar weight was 88kg best check with Mazda website. I've had a couple of Mazda cars all were excellent in my opinion.
  6. Thanks, I'll contact power touch
  7. Unfortunately the Freedom model is not included on the Powertouch website as yet.
  8. Does anyone know of the lubrication points for this motor mover? my kerbside unit is making a moaning noise when reversing.
  9. If it is of any consolation I did the same, I'm an experienced tower but got stuck in a mega jam on a hill in Chesterfield. I made it to the top with a steaming clutch a limped to the cc site at Chesterfield. I was lucky it was a company car so the new clutch was not painful just a little inconvenient. I also tow with an auto now, I do understand your dilemma best and only constructive advice is to plan your routes at less busy times of the day. (whenever that is nowadays)
  10. I have 85kg last check.
  11. Must admit we have more than once followed the snow over the top to get out. It was a regular destination for February school week when my son was young. As I said earlier for those who remember the original road over the top it was a real killer for many cars. Now i'm showing my age! The guy from the garage in the village had a regular job rescuing cars getting stuck!
  12. Hi blondchaser, yes Blairgowerie and the Spittal of Glenshee love the ride over the roads are much better then years ago the bend around the Spittle was a real car killer! The LR will not have a problem.😁
  13. Thanks Guys, I tow from the south so happy with the tow, mush better after the roads were improved several years ago.
  14. Hi All, Has anyone used the Braemar Caravan Park lately, and used 3 mobile (I need signal when on holiday) ? Thanks all.
  15. I have had it fitted by the local dealer. Did it at the same cost as factory order.
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