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  1. In 1974 my Dad bought a new Abbey Hereford caravan made by Cosalt Caravans, the range were all named after places which had an Abbey. Unfortunately on your picture I cannot make out the serial number, from memory the lat two number indicated the year of manufacture. I hope you enjoy the restoration.
  2. I agree I would not have a caravan without it now, like ABS etc it should be fitted to all new caravans and not still an extra in some models. Hopefully you never need it but if you were the victim of an incident beyond your control it may just save the day.
  3. I carry a set of storm anchors in winter months hammer them in and straps to the chassis for extremely strong gales. High wind Park the car as close to the windward side of the caravan as possible (as others have said) the closer to the van the more effective it works. But as you have not arrived yet try and get a pitch with the hitch into the forecast wind direction, as this in my experience is the easiest and most effective way to sit out a storm.
  4. It may seem negative but a unladen caravan and first time towing it's unlikely to be enjoyable for anyone in the car. It's best to get off with a good start. As I live in a windy area (ugly wind farms support this) I regularly tow in 30 to 40mph gusts but care is needed often the forecast is inaccurate sometimes less but sometimes more! Postpone if possible or if not could a friend who is experienced tow for you? I've done that before.
  5. I disagree, as a motorists we have a responsibility to not endanger ourselves or other road users. Is it not a basic check to look at the weather before a setting off? As basic as tyres, oil, fuel etc.
  6. My 2017 - Got to say.. An excellent tow car with the. 9 speed auto, 23 to 25mpg towing. Solo driven nicely 40+ with a bit of a heavy foot 36ish as a boy racer mid 20's but it is good fun. The engine has been fine, the software is .. well interesting! Thing is the car does what others don't, I drive in deep snow, ice and in flood water all without drama. Difficult to pick a better replacement .
  7. Thing is - it was forecast. We were away for the past couple of weeks and got home Thursday, chatting to a neighbour who said 'I new you would be back before the weekend' ..... Yeth ! It was forecast, how to get us a bad name. I would rather cut a holiday short than risk our health. Sorry no sympathy more disappointment .
  8. Hi, Just wondering if your anti glare filter worked?


     thanks Paul 

  9. I also have had both, personally I have found the standard 1/4 ton leg to offer better stability on site. Basic physics the foot is further to the outer side the 1/2 ton leg is more inboard. I understand that the mountings are the same but in use the basic leg I find better (and lighter) After all who has 1/2 ton weight on a corner of a van? Your floor would never stand it! This will start a debate on here !
  10. When building our house we put our caravan on for the season. An excellent site you need to check mobile signal (for your network if important ) Rothbury nearest place nice shops excellent butchers, Cragside (https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/cragside) a interesting venue. If you want quiet you should not be disappointed .
  11. Another vote for the pup tent, in summer behind caravan maybe in winter erect the tent inside an awning, From personal experience if boys you just need to check mid morning if still okay, and generally hunger get then up for lunch!!
  12. I had a 2015 Kia Sorento and from my understanding the company who supplied the maps to Kia no longer did updates (but Kia was working to sort this out) I sold my car before any updates. I would have a look on the Hyundai forum to see if updates for your 2015 Nav are available as a starting point.
  13. PaulR

    Which caravan

    Hi Kev, Don't want to get into which is best, but you may find this website handy https://towcar.info/GB You can put in your car details and any caravan you fancy and get an idea as to how well it may tow. Happy hunting.
  14. Absolutely unbelievable!!!! Caravans disintegrate in motorway accidents.
  15. I hate to be negative but as someone who has had about 10 Lunar caravans over the years I personally think the build quality has been falling short on the last caravans we had. Our 2015 Clubman every trip something happened, our 2017 just was a disappointing. My Brother in Law has a 2016 Delta which has suffered unbelievable floor delamination in one area after another, as well as other water tank problems. Its such a shame the top of the range Lunars were always excellent. Personally I would proceed with caution, normally when I change a caravan within a year its with good reason, ask if the previous owner would be happy to have a call with you, were it my caravan I would take your call.
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