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  1. Sorry missed the VIP. Different door on our van
  2. Have you a picture, I cannot say I've noticed anything on our 2021 van door.
  3. Me, ref post May 1st Fitted same day
  4. As far as I know Glossop caravans had a batch to send out to Coachman owners who had fridges with the missing parts. From memory about 50. I can tell you a never expected to pay for missing parts, if asked I would have refused to accept the caravan.
  5. Just to update we received out missing items last Thursday. Thanks to Glossop Caravans for chasing this up for me.
  6. Just thought I would ask again if anyone has received the missing fridge parts from Coachman? Or are your fridge insides complete ? Thanks
  7. I Adam, the picture of the one I posted has a built in Earth trip, I just looked on ebay and found people selling normal 4way sockets on a cable. Without any trips. I would strongly advise you not to use one. Stick to one with the trips built in. Pleased you think this will solve your problem .
  8. Can I suggest another. Route, this type of thing is available yes at a cost but you can use your kettle, hair dryer, small heater and charge any batteries etc, everyone happy .😀 This is about 40 quid from go outdoors maybe cheaper on ebay gumtree etc. Also ask if anyone has an old handbook so you know what is what,, I have not answered your original question but hopefully you can enjoy your caravan. 👍
  9. We have a 565 where is the damp? also has anyone received the missing parts from the fridges Coachman sent out. As we have had a hint sites our to open soon where are the bits? Its wrong caravans sent out incomplete just to hit sales.
  10. I agree about the changes. After the weekend my wife has asked for a shelf taken from one cupboard and installed in another. I have explained I may not have time before March or Easter . 😉
  11. I have already said the same thing, I would not feel to unhappy with having to do that if it helped in anyway keep my wife safe. Fingers crossed we just do it for fun :)
  12. It finally got the better of us. Our new caravan was delivered to us in November so apart from sitting having a bottle of wine in our new caravan on an afternoon ......... like a lot of us... Nothing . So we packed it and spent Saturday night on the drive... Sad or what! But it was a good test as the temp was well below at -7.1c overnight so heating well tested, along with all the other bits of kit. The way we looked at it was we were not doing anything else more exciting with our weekend . So are we the only ones ????
  13. In Acadia - NEW Dometic 10.5 XS 92 litre electronic fridge freezer VIP - NEW Dometic series 10 series 92 litre universal handed electronic fridge freezer Yes, different modules .
  14. And I think the VIP has the next size up
  15. Hi, I looked on the Dometic website which shows two shelves in the fridge and a lower door 'bottle holder' type shelf and an upper door shelf we use for items ie cheese. It was coachman who informed the dealer about the shortage after the dealer contacted them after I raised the issue with them . The 2021 has the latest model fridge. Maybe different to the VIP.
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