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  1. Richard Newton talks about waiting for the AA/RAC, I’m afraid you would be disappointed as neither of them will pull you out of the mud! However as A CMC member with MAYDAY you would covered if you were stuck in mud/snow, their policy makes a point of publicising this, as well as misfuelling etc
  2. Easy - we have an electric towel rail in the bathroom, rated at 60 watts it’s using less than half an amp. We keep it on all year round, even when the (Alda) heating is on. As we store at home it helps to keep the whole caravan dry and aired,, and warn socks and undies are a bonus !
  3. You can refer any CMC claim to the ombudsman, read their cover details. The same people (Devitt) are still doing the claims handling - as they have been for the last 40 odd years. The cover has not changed, nor most of the terms, it’s just the way it is organised. They use what is known as a ‘Discretionary Mutual’ scheme, as a lot of organisations do, the ‘Discretionary’ bit means you have to be a member of the organisation to participate. If you look up the scheme you will see for example the British Army uses a Military Mutual scheme to cover the personal possessions etc of soldier
  4. The Prime Minister also announced : This covers: • Stores selling clothing and electronics • Hair, beauty and nail salons • Libraries, community centres and youth centres • Playgrounds, outdoor gyms and sports courts • Places of worship • Outdoor and indoor markets, excluding food markets • Bowling alleys, arcades and soft play facilities • Hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, campsites, caravan parks, and boarding houses for commercial/leisure use. This excludes permanent residents and key workers Think t
  5. I think that your premium probably reduced because your claim in France was finally settled in your favour. There would have been an amount reserved against this claim in case it went against you, hence the higher premium - remove the reserve and the premium comes down - standard industry practice.
  6. I have a 2019 Mild Hybrid diesel Tucson fitted with the official Hyundai towing electrics, and my buzzer only works if the trailer indicator lights fail!
  7. Hi couple of points, 1. If your towing vehicle (car) has correctly wired towing electrics ( 13 pin or 2x7s) then the fridge is being run from the car electrics when the engine is running, and the caravan battery is also being charged. The fridge is never run from the caravan battery.. 2. When you hook up to site electrics the battery is then being charged and the fridge is running on 240v. 3. Your mover will run OK as long as the battery is charged, either on hook up or when towing. I move my caravan about 40 yards on mover to park at home with no problems with battery.
  8. Don’t book, just turn up. Alternatively drive further down the motorway towards Abberville and stop at Bay de Somme services for free.
  9. Usually a switch marked ‘exterior light’ but... it’s also controlled by the small button on your alarm remote, though normally that’s used when you approach at night. if all else fails try the owners manual!
  10. Contact A & E leisure at Northwich Cheshire, they are an independent AWS workshop who are authorised to do warranty work for Lunar ( amongst others) Talk to Nichola Woodcock on 01606 973005 - but be aware they are a very busy repair business and you may have to wait some weeks to get work done - and probably even longer for Lunar to supply any parts required! They are near to The Anderton Lift on the North side of the town, so up the M6 to junction 19, then A556 west, then use you sat nav!
  11. PR1. You are lucky, your daughter is making her way under her own steam! our youngest for many years ‘followed us’ by plane, we would collect her from the nearest airport, feed and water her for a few days and then return her to the airport- but the flights were usually at our expense- she even did it to Australia once, though we did fool her by going on a cruise to Norway, but she did try to con us into a flight to Bergen. Fortunately she is now a mother herself, but I suspect it won’t be lng before we are paying for 2 ( or more) airfares!
  12. Hi Richard I have the Hyundai equivalent, The Tucson MHEV 2 Ltd 4x4 185 hp Premium SE only towed about 80 miles with it, and only on non motorway, but it handled my 1498 kg Lunar very well, had a Santa Fe before hardly any noticeable difference, but I took it very steady as the car only had 300 miles on the clock. Have now done about 1500 and plan a trip to Sussex in a couple of weeks. only problem I had was the car seemed reluctant to go beyond 4th gear of an 8 speed auto, have agreed with the garage to try a couple of experiments- I.e. try sport mode, and also to unplug the el
  13. Well I note that they will not cover miss-fuelling, nor will they tow you out of the mud/snow, and no more than 4 breakdowns a year (Mayday covers all of these) they also say only one recovery per breakdown, ( double journey) but they later contradict this! But ... they also say on both the UK and European cover they will recover your caravan if “ it can be recovered by towing” that means no flat bed recovery!
  14. Don’t pay your GP a fortune - just google “ HGV Medical in xxx area” the average charge is about £50, usually carried out at a time to suit you - and sometimes a place too.
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