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  1. Millstone

    best mobile phone based sat nav?

    Try CoPilot, - www. copilot. com - downloads all the info onto the phone, just needs the GPS signal not the mobile signal. The app is free, you then buy the maps for which area you need, ( I have Western Europe, USA, and Australia. ) Prices vary, but updates are free, and you can download them onto different devices - I use a 7" tablet. Don't bother with the RV and Caravan version,the standard. Version is excellent.
  2. What would happen if the OP had not bothered to insure the caravan? - bearing in mind there is no legal obligation to do so. Would the Third Party's insurers refuse to pay anything on the basis it wasn't insured? I would be issuing a county court summons against the Third Party for ALL my losses.
  3. Still got a leaflet for The Sally Line service, the ship would lay up in Dunkirk for the night and you could sleep on until about 7:00am, or pull off into the sand dunes with the caravan and go to bed! - happy days! The DFDS crossing to Dunkirk has a restaurant of sorts, but it closes at 7:00pm, and the cafe is terrible, we try to eat on the way to Dover, and just have a brew and a bun on the ship.
  4. Millstone

    Alde heating

    If you want to just drain the hot water. Use the little yellow lever on the floor near the unit, just lift it up, open a hot tap and it will drain. If you want to drain the whole system, WHY? - it has an anti-freeze and corrosion inhibitor in it which is good for several years. Alde say there is no drain for the whole system, the fluid is usually changed by pumping new in to push out the old, (no air locks) and is done via the pipes in the wardrobe. BTW, don't forget to close the yellow lever and the hot tap!
  5. Millstone

    French speed limits

    Don't forget that on single carriageway roads the speed limit is now 80kph (50 mph) except of course on those roads having 3 lanes where the 2 lanes running in the same direction are at 90kph, proper dual carriageways are higher(110? ) and motorways are still at 120/130. Just driven solo about 1400 miles, about half off motorways, and boy is the traffic slower !!
  6. Millstone

    comprehensive foreign use extension.

    CAMC include 9 months comprehensive European cover on all their car policies, and 12 months on their Motor home policies, with no time restrictions. ( though only 6 months on caravans!)
  7. Millstone

    Connection to gas at RV site

    I think it may be low pressure (30 ?) and is connected via your BBQ point, I can't see any site running a high pressure pipe of any length. BTW I have heard of German sites providing gas, but usually they are in ski resorts.
  8. Millstone

    N154 France

    Went from Dreux to Orleon on 1st August, no problems, except my favourite 'short cut' right through the middle of Chartres was blocked by roadworks! Had to go all the way round. .
  9. Millstone

    Hanging clothes in wardrobe

    Decent wooden hangers with a rubber insert in the cross bar, oh and shock absorbers !
  10. All CLs and CSs operate on a licence issued by the appropriate club. Any found to be breaking the rules regarding membership will normally have their licence to operate revoked. I certainly would complain if I found my fellow caravanners were not members using a CL. I have paid for the privilege of using them!
  11. The CAMC charge £12 per night for non members on the sites they will allow non members on. 4 nights and you've paid for your membership, you also get access to their 2500 CL sites as well as the member only club sites.
  12. Millstone

    Bought a cheap van £1750 should I insure?

    If you start the journey with the caravan attached to the car and the caravan comes off during the journey the THIRD PARTY liability is covered by the car insurance, damage to the caravan is not.
  13. Millstone

    A30 comfort breaks

    Never ever leave a caravan unattended on a motorway service area, always leave somebody with it! The M5 had a notorious reputation for caravan theft !!
  14. Millstone

    continental break down insurance

    Red Pennant (CAMC) will cover you without the caravan, I am doing this in about 3 weeks.
  15. Millstone


    2 weeks ago we drove up the West Coast, starting on the Mull of Kintyre at Tarbert and going via Oban, Fort William, Mallaig, Inverness etc all in a 2 seater open top sports car ( MX-5) with the roof down all the way, we stopped at Bunree site just to take a photo ( to wind a friend up) but we never saw one midge the whole time! We now have an unused bottle of midge repellent bought at great expence in Tarbert, though it may come in handy when we visit Burgandy next month. ..