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  1. https://www. caravantalk. co. uk/caravan-specifications/abbey/freestyle-550-2005_10633
  2. I have an 80 watt panel fixed to the roof of my Delta RS and i can manage much more than an overnight with no battery issues at all, I was fine off grid for 11 nights in July and had no issues. My van also is in storage and only has the solar panel to keep the battery supplying the tracker and alarm system and still have no battery issues over winter months. I feel if you struggle with an overnight stay off grid then you should be getting a new battery sourced ASAP as there seems to be a problem with the one you have just now.
  3. Watch the nose weight as Lunars are renowned for being heavy on the tow ball.
  4. Take the lid off the alarm box and there is a switch inside to turn it off, If you still have the tracker in use i would give Phantom a call first as it will flag up an alert on their system.
  5. I switched to Elsan from Thetford and no more black bits.
  6. I have used my Limpets for a total of around 30 nights so far and no marks left on my Lunar sides.
  7. I have just had 11 nights @ Scoughall farm THS on the coast at North berwick run by Perth and Angus DA, Very well organised with a massive marquee for informal get togethers of an evening, Greta site with the only downside being the access road being a bit narrow if you meet another unit coming the other way. Stewards did a great job launching boats on the beach which was literally only a stones throw from the site, I will certainly be back next year.
  8. I had a chat today with my local Autogas retailer regarding the new info on Safefill and the new red book recommendations, Where this retailer was previously refusing point blank to allow me to refill a Safefill bottle, Now after reading the sheet i printed off from this thread, They have contacted their insurance provider who also was supplied with an email copy of the same sheet and now we are waiting for the insurance underwriters to make a decision as to allow the filling of loose Safefills or continue to prohibit the filling of anything that is not fixed and filled via a remote fill point. I am a personal friend of this retailer so i am confident that within a few days i will be able to purchase the Safefill system for my van and fill them locally. All in all a productive day.
  9. I have just done 11 nights off grid and had to use my heating on gas a couple of times as well as my fridge and hot water, Heating on for 4 hours in one night. ...........Result 6kg lite empty. Replaced 6kg lite next day @ £24 Two full 6kg lites in the locker, All well with fridge and hot water along with cooking for a few days and no excessive gas usage, Heating on again for a few hours during the evening and the result was . ..............1 empty 6kg lite. I would get Safefill in a heartbeat but until the changes filter down to our nearest retailer of Autogas then i am forced to be held ransom by Calor.
  10. Kampa Gale 12v pump will only go to 12. 5 psi, The bladders on Kampa awnings are tested to 22psi.
  11. My awning is 8m long and i use all 3 of my Sabre lights and just dim them to suit.
  12. I am on a C+CC THS right now at Scoughall Farm North Berwick, Great atmosphere and loads of space, Only fresh water and Elsan dump so have to use the van for everything else but at £7. 00 per night per unit I wont grumble.
  13. No but if Calor introduce a refillable bottle then you can be rest assured that you will be able to fill it on a forecourt.
  14. I went to my local dealer today to get a Calor Lite refill and the lady in the shop was telling me that according to her Calor sales rep that Calor will be introducing a refillable bottle to replace the Lite bottles sometime in 2018.
  15. I am on my third BMW, First was a 530d, No problems at all up to 108,000m, I had an E53 X5 at the same time and had no problems with that car either and that was sold on at 120,000m and is still running around my area, My third and current one is an E70 X5 and since i have owned the vehicle it has had a new turbo fitted ( known problem that BMW deny all knowledge of ) and it suffered a High Pressure fuel pump failure at 75,000m ( Also a well known problem ) Owners across the pond are being refunded the repair costs of these early life failures but not here in the UK. As said previously i will be looking to the land of the rising sun for my next towcar.
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