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  1. It's true that some onboard chargers don't charge above 13.8v but I don't think it's accurate to say "MOST". I think these days it's likely that it's the other way around and most do. Swift Group for example make a fair few Caravan's and chargers fitted to them charge batteries fully. It's not a particularly recent development either; my 2008 van charges at 14.3v before dropping to 13.8v and I believe the charger was fitted to Swift vans for many years before that
  2. Alansl

    8k tug

    As someone has already suggested; Mondeo would be a good choice for £8k Something like this https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201904187128400 It's a little over £8k but it's indicative to what's available.
  3. Not exactly like yours but we tow with a 65 plate KX4 2ltr Diesel AWD Manual which has the 181bhp engine. It tows our 1322kg Caravan easily and is very stable indeed.
  4. So is my dog; but the post and the question from the OP is well over four years old and his profile shows that he bought a Touareg anyway. Maybe nurse should fetch your horlicks a little earlier tonight
  5. Yep; whenever I have to change tyres it's because they are cracked but they have loads of tread on them. It doesn't help that as I work from home the car is sat on a totally exposed south facing drive most of the time and only does around 2000 miles a year. So I go for mid range tyres and have had good sucess with the Nexen brand. They appear to have good grip in the wet/dry and are not too noisy.
  6. I guess we have all have our views on this. IMO 10% is about right and what I was taught at college many years ago should be the minimum. As BG has stated caravan chargers are around 20amps and as regards starter/vehicle batteries, the average % ratio of these is surely higher given the very high current charge from a cars alternator and that car batteries are usually a lower Ah than leisure batteries. I know that car batteries are different but you mention them as being charged at 10%. With my last battery which was 100Ah cheap Numax, I charged it twice over the winter (5 months in my case) on my bench with a 10a charger - that battery gave me good service for 7 years. Many people don't have external chargers so their batteries are only ever charged by the van's 20A charger - I reckon in most cases their batteries last for years.
  7. At 0.75a it's only realistically suitable as a maintenance charger for a motorbike or small car battery.
  8. That takes me and almost brings a tear to my eye. My parents had a 1969 Damimler V8 250 in champagne beige when I was in shorts - what a fantastic car that was. Mother used to drive me to school in it every day on her way to work. It's the quietest car I have ever been in on tick over, no noise no vibration nothing. It had a problem for a few weeks one time in that it would stall at lights or junctions, you didn't know it had stalled until you put your foot down and nothing happend. Its plate VEH 810G still appears on the DVLA check although it's colour is now shown as black. Gutted that I have no photos of it and didn't find any when my parents passed away.
  9. If you do get bitten then I find Anthisan cream is pretty good at making it more bearable. Particularly good if you can get it on as early as you can after being bitten.
  10. I thought it was the 1850cc sloped-4 from the Dolomite 1850HL . Could be wrong - often am.
  11. Alansl

    First MOT

    I'm sorry but you're wrong. ** I have in front of me on my desk a V5/c for my late fathers cars which was first registered 03/04/2015. I also have an MOT Certificate issued on12 Sep 2017 which expires 11 Sep 2018. This is because as part of the sale the dealer offered "12 months MOT". This is not an uncommon practice for dealers selling cars with less than a year to go before the first MOT. ** actually your statment "It's not different for the first MOT" is true (i didn't realise this). You can have a car of any age MOT'd at any time. The one month before statemant only relates to preserving the original expiry date.
  12. Alansl

    First MOT

    It's different for the first MOT. It can be done when you want (you could take a new car for an MOT). The new certificate will only be valid for 12 months from the test date.
  13. Respectfully, if you're going to criticise people for talking about VIN plates then perhaps try and be a bit more accurate than " i think the superb can tow 1800kg ". As has already been pointed out the OP hasn't said which model he has and the towing limits vary between 1400kg and 2200kg for the 'estate' as far as I can see.
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