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  1. This is exactly my opinion and practice.
  2. A little more sophisticated than my tupperware box by the sound of it 👌
  3. Yes it's to waterproof the phone and whilst I agree with you in theory, in practice I have found it makes a big difference. I have found 4G antenna to be fairly useless given their size defined by wavelength.
  4. If you're on a site and you see a bloke plonking a tupperware box on his caravan roof every night come and say hello, I do get some strange looks 👍
  5. You said yourself it was a long time ago and being polite as possible your advice is well out of date. Anyway, 'committing to buy a data sim' usually cost me a tenner 😏. I won't bother to use bold text.
  6. I don't believe that's the case with any sim on sale now. It's possible that some phones bought on contract from 'network shops' could be locked to those networks but less and less these days. I've always made sure any phone or device I've ever bought isn't locked to one network. If you do experience this nearly all small independent mobile repair shops or market stalls can unlock almost anything for peanuts. Forgot to say, you can often find how to unlock a phone yourself for free using Mr Google
  7. If you have an old mobile phone which is 4G (it would have to be really old now not to have 4G) then you don't need to buy a MIFI unit. I use an old mobile phone (4G) as a hot-spot. If the signal is better outside then I put in a tupperware box along with something to weigh it down a little, pop it on the caravan roof under a non slip mat - works a treat. Prior to the trip I research which network is best for the area we're going to and get the best deal I can on a pay as you go data sim. If you are like us and many others who like to binge on Neflix or Amazon series, adjust the setting in the relevant app to SD 'standard definition' instead of HD as it saves a huge amount of data and doesn't require as fast a service. You'll hardly be able to tell the difference on a typical caravan TV.
  8. We tow a Charisma 535 (which is an Alpine 4 in a different dress) with a Kia sportage 2ltr Diesel AWD and it tows it really well.
  9. Most of the toilet/shower blocks at the two main clubs sites have narrow corridors leading to dead ends - social distancing will be very difficult to say the least. We'll be giving them a miss and using the facilities in the van for the time being. I certainly won't be moaning that they are not open or expecting a price reduction in the current circumstances but we're not all the same and that's that
  10. Do you plan to commit suicide at an age you deem to be appropriate ?
  11. Think yourself lucky you had the Cooper S. My standard 1275GT only had 57bhp !
  12. Worst for me was a Volvo 360 GLT. Awful interior, dangerous handling, terrible MPG, constant mechanical problems and the internal boot lip rotted away and had to be reconstructed with some intricate welding. I'd inherited some money as a a fairly young lad so I used it to buy this pile of junk thinking that as a Volvo it would last and I'd used the money respectfully .... what a mistake.
  13. It's true that some onboard chargers don't charge above 13.8v but I don't think it's accurate to say "MOST". I think these days it's likely that it's the other way around and most do. Swift Group for example make a fair few Caravan's and chargers fitted to them charge batteries fully. It's not a particularly recent development either; my 2008 van charges at 14.3v before dropping to 13.8v and I believe the charger was fitted to Swift vans for many years before that
  14. Alansl

    8k tug

    As someone has already suggested; Mondeo would be a good choice for £8k Something like this https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201904187128400 It's a little over £8k but it's indicative to what's available.
  15. Not exactly like yours but we tow with a 65 plate KX4 2ltr Diesel AWD Manual which has the 181bhp engine. It tows our 1322kg Caravan easily and is very stable indeed.
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