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  1. Hi everyone! This year we're celebrating Easter with an egg-citing Facebook competition, offering you the chance to win a Cadac GrilloGas BBQ worth £103. 99! The competition closes at midnight on Easter Monday, so be quick to get your entries in! To enter, simply 'Like' our Facebook page and complete the form here: https://www. facebook. com/broadlaneleisure/app_811436565598173 We'll even give you a hint. .. the Easter Bunny is wishing you 'Happy Easter from Broad Lane' Good luck!
  2. So this winter weather is a little bit depressing and making us think of warmer climates are shores away. .. Caravanning abroad is a fun and exhilarating experience, seeing new places and touring in new areas. But where do you like to caravan abroad - a specific country or region? What attracts you there? And what great tips do you have for others that have not caravanned abroad before?
  3. What do you look for when picking your pitching spot on your campsite? Are there attractions or facilities that you want close to you? Things you want to keep away from? Let us know what makes the perfect pitch spot for you
  4. We would just like to clarify that Mr & Mrs Blick in fact do exist and that they have given us full permission to share their story with others, in the hope that they can help others to not get scammed by the same thieves. As the original posts states, they are not very computer literate and they do not use websites like this, hence the reason why we have shared their story on behalf of them. This is not an 'advert' to put people off using private listings and push people towards dealers - it is a friendly heads up that they are currently a huge amount of scams going on around th
  5. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you so so much! It is definitely the same people and I have just sent the customers all the details of the links, so that they can use them to back up their case and hopefully get their money back! Shocking that it has happened to so many people for different kind of products like boats! Thank you again though, give yourself a good pat on the back - you have certainly done your good deed for the day! The information will really really help, thanks!
  6. Not at all, our aim is to make people aware that there is currently a scam like this happening or to help educate people on the warnings signs should they choose to purchase a caravan online. Ultimately we would love to be able to help catch the scammer and bring them to justice or help find a way to allow Mr & Mrs Blick to get their money back. At the end of the day people make their own choices as to where they buy a product, all we can do is help and advise those that are unaware of things like this - we don't want to see people being scammed out of thousands of pounds and thi
  7. The caravan was initially advertised on Friday Ad and then once the customers made communication with the seller they then created a provate listing through their eBay account that had 73 positive feedbacks left and 100% rating. Sent them the link to confirm the buy it now. The transaction was not done online, apparently because it is a high value product you have to take the paypal account details to a bank for them to process the transaction, unfortunately the account details were the sellers own account.
  8. Yes sorry, that was what I was intending, otherwise you can email them to me at marketing@broadlane. co. uk.
  9. Hi!- Do you by any chance have anymore details on the woman in Scotland? A name, email address, telephone number? Many thanks, yes any information could really help!
  10. Completely agree with you! I think the thing that made them feel that is was genuine was that the money was supposed to be sitting in an 'In between' account - the paypal account and that their money was still safe as the funds would only be transfered once they had received the van and authorised it to go ahead. The van was apparentely being delivered from scotland - yes very fishy, but they were told they had 7 days to check it and they could send it back and the seller would arrange for it to be picked up. This is way they asked the bank to check everything through for the account and
  11. Yes please do share if you think it could be the same scammer. If you want to email me anything directly please do so at marketing@broadlane. co. uk - be great if we can catch them out or help get their money back! There was apparently a wealth of pictures and information on the caravan, and unfortunately to some this is enough for them to feel it is a genuine listing - as well as reassurance of positive feedback on eBay, terms and condition documents from the seller on the eBay/Paypal private listings and reassurance from the bank that it was legitimate - all contributing factor
  12. Hi TbirdX, the payment didn't actually go into a Paypal account - they were told it was and was shown the terms for it, but it ended up going straight into the scammers own account. Unfortunately not everyone is not savvy when it comes to buying items online and some scammers can make it seem incredibly genuine. The scammers eBay account had a 100% positive feedback rating with 73 feedbacks left. It is a huge shame and we really hope they manage to get their money back!
  13. We've just been sat talking to Mr & Mrs Blick from Redditch for the last few hours, who have recently had the misfortune of being victims of a scam online for buying a caravan. It started with an advertisement on Friday Ad online which was for a Swift Conqueror 630 SAL. Mrs Blick contacted the seller through the website who was registered under the name 'Alexandra Giles', apparently from Scotland. They only ever talked via email and text message but the communication seemed normal - they talked about that she had just come back off holiday and their son was going to school and
  14. Fancy winning a brand new Kampa Fiesta 270 awning worth £199!? Simply follow the link below to become a fan of our Facebook page and enter the competition! You can submit more entries by posting your caravanning pictures from this summer on our wall! Good luck
  15. Couldn't agree more - we believe caravanning is more of a lifestyle then just a hobby. At the end of the day it's what you make of it, and by the sounds of it you really love it from planning and organising to setting up and exploring the area!
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