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  1. After 38 years of caravanning we have sadly called it a day due to a heart attack. Along the way we have met some very nice and interesting people some are still very good friends today. In those years we have mostly caravanned In France and Spain (Costa Brava) and covered some 100,000 miles, and had 10 caravans in that time. Caravan is sold, just a couple of odd things now left to sell off . Keep enjoying caravanning while fit and able. I will still keep my eye on the forum. Cheers Bmw Brooks
  2. Our son was 6 weeks old went to Spain for 1 month no problems.
  3. It's not cold not even a normal winter. 14 Jan 1982 temp in Brize Norton dropped to minus 20. 5 now that is what I call cool.
  4. I put porch awning right at rear of van with all other heavy items under fixed bed, refit gas bottle and two empty plastic containers in front locker I end up with Nw of 105 / 110 Kgs. only thing not standard in van is a front chest of draws
  5. My nose weight with the van empty is 135 Kgs
  6. Here in Witney Oxon diesel is £115. 9 cheapest, we do not have any supermarkets selling fuel.
  7. bmwbrooks

    Gas Price

    With the oil price now around 51 dollars a barrel will we see a reduction in price of Calor gas, or can we just live in hope?
  8. Mrs T did put her own manager in a certain Michael Edwards. The problem was the government did not want 168,000 BL employees plus all associated industries employees ending up on the dole all at once .
  9. Mrs T & the Torys invested 1bn in BL and every pound had to be matched by the company, so the government did their bit and that was a lot of money back in the 70's, and it still is today. The company was let down by poor management and ultra left wing unions. I know I worked at Cowley for 22 years and with a few other people literary took on the unions without success. One thing I would praise the management for was for not sacking me when the union convener asked them to get rid of me after we had a very big altercation.
  10. https://www. gov. uk/government/news/hgv-changes-to-give-fairer-deal-for-hauliers
  11. Speed limit for lorries to increase from 6 April 2015 to 60 mph on dual carriage and motorways
  12. A good site to go on A&N caravanservices. co. uk and click on battery technology. Motor mover motors are effectively starter motors so take a lot of amperage out of the battery.
  13. A good web site to look at is A&N caravanservices. co. uk and click on battery technology very interesting especially for those caravanners who have motor movers.
  14. My Bailey N/W totally empty is 135kg only extra's fitted are front chest and motor mover.
  15. The basic (pay) should have been basic pension, the increase only applies to that amount, It might be 30 years now to get a full pension, but I do believe I had to contribute over 40 years.
  16. A lot of people do not get a full pension, plus it is only paid on the basic pay so it is not a Kings ransom.
  17. Honda only build cars for the European market, as we know Europe is a basket case. BMW mini build for the world and they cannot build enough.
  18. I find Millenco Grand aero are the best.
  19. I have just bought a 2008 Bailey Bordeaux,I checked the nose weight and to my horror the nose weight was 135Kg empty . The only extras that are fitted are a motor mover & a front chest of draws,Every thing is loaded under the rear double bed awning & poles etc only 1 gas bottle and a plastic bucket in the locker dept, nothing under the front seats. I did get the weight down to 115 Kg Battery is over the axle and water heater and spare wheel is to the rear of axle, I wonder why the don't increase the lenth of the A frame as on continental caravans.
  20. On your tow bar there is a sticker which tells you the max weight to be put on the hitch, load to near the max weight.
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