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  1. Bien Joue ? good game, perhaps that's why the waiter looks surprised!
  2. We went to Scotland this year instead of Europe and had a marvellous 6 weeks. However it was rather more challenging than going to europe in may & june, because of the bank holidays we had to book most of the sites in advance(in March some were already full!) something you don't need to do in France. Also the sites were more expensive, we use the ACSI card in Europe so have never paid more than 19 euros a night.
  3. Iansoady is right! "tradition" is by far the best baguette/bread. The best I ever had was from a boulangerie in Chambon sur Lac up in the Auvergne, just wonderful! We don't take much food with us just buy locally, Cote de Beouf from a local butcher is a favourite on the bbq! We do come back with a lot of wine tho!
  4. Maybe not as many as you think. Have you got an ACSI guide? That will give you the dates for all the sites in there. We were surprised how many sites closed by the middle of September, but we did always manage to find somewhere open and that was the same time frame you are looking at. Can recommend Sites & Paysages de L'Etang at Brissac Quince, not far from Angers. but it closes around 16th Sept.
  5. Stayed here in March this year. It's part of the Camping in the Forest group (administered by the C & cc) Hidden from the road alongside Longslade green , just outside Sway. All the pitches are amongst woodland with no real division between them, just some of the aforementioned woodland! It is a great site if you like that sort of thing. No facilities apart from Hookups, water and disposal for toilets and er ........that's it! No lights at night either which I know will put some off (bring a torch!) A wonderful site for walking, just step out of the door and off you go. Ponies and wild deer just roam through the site to add to the enjoyment!
  6. My Pegasus 2016 has a digital clock on the Truma controller screen.
  7. the showers are just round the side of the toilet block. The Rope & Anchor do allow dogs ! that's why we use it, doggy treats on the bar!
  8. We use this service every year. Ideal to stop overnight on the quay. We walk into Poole for a meal and a drink(The Rope & Anchor) I did notice that last year there was a notice saying that £10 is payable in the cafe (used to be £5) No one seems to collect it, you have to go into the cafe in the morning to pay. I don't always bother! There are showers and toilets as well as drinking water tap for you to use. No problem parking up on the ferry, room to get out both sides. It's a nice short crossing (except in October last year-force 8 gale!) the time soon passes.
  9. Sign in a field near here at the time of F&M disease, "Oh Feck it, now we've got Beckett!"
  10. Tyrepal sensors were fitted to my van when I bought it and there was a special offer on the in car unit so I got one of those. Never got it to pair with the sensors. Tyrepal said to tow it for a few miles, I'd just done about 120 miles and it still didn't pair up. Useless, sent it back for a refund!
  11. ianfish

    Tow Bar

    Witter detachable for me, about 2 seconds to fit and about 3 seconds to remove, Excellent!
  12. ianfish

    Cordless Drill

    I use a Moss 18v cordless off Ebay, lightweight about £30, just bought a spare battery, it does the job. Used to take my DeWalt but always worried about someone nicking it while travelling around Europe.
  13. I think the last time I enquired you had to buy the whole door handle assembly! I have a broken one sitting on a shelf in front of me now, my service engineer gave me a spare. I'm very careful with the catch now!
  14. ianfish

    Welcome pack

    We still use the Aquaroll that came with our first 'van, 10 years ago. I don't know how old it was then and don't care, it does its job! Give it the Milton treatment at the start of the year and that's it.
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