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  1. I know that many people like to take lots of supplies with them when they travel across the channel, I don't but that's a personal choice there seems to be plenty of shops over there! I wonder how they feel about the new regulations in the EU that mean you cannot take any meat or animal derived products with you from this country when you travel over there. There will be a few glum faces I think?
  2. enjoy your caravanning! Love the Kelpies!!
  3. On the government web site (gov.uk) it says, "You do not need an IDP to drive in any EU and EEA country, or Switzerland, for stays of up to 12 months." Of course that may change in the future, but at the moment you do not need an IDP
  4. I did take my DeWalt around Europe for a few years but the case is a little on the large side. I bought a Moss 18v off Ebay for about £20 , had to buy second battery separately, and it's been great. Small, plenty of power, small case that fits in the cupboard under the sink, charge lasts for a long time.
  5. Camping in the Forest site at Loch Lomond is stunning, right on the beach.
  6. Hi Ted, we've had our Pegasus Verona for 4 years now and have clocked up a fair few miles with her, Scotland, France ,Spain & Portugal as well as a few trips at home. We love the front window! When you stand up you don't lose the view. I know other makers have followed this idea but I know we wouldn't go back to the old style windows. The layout on ours really suits us with the fixed bed, and we like the large fridge, apart from the fact that some wine bottles don't fit in the door!! It's a great van just a shame that it hasn't had much use this year, fingers crossed for 2021
  7. ours is just a pig to feed into the rail, the last one was no problem, I'm not looking forward to trying to take it off!!
  8. Crawler! maybe not the best brand name for a caravan
  9. https://www.baileyofbristol.co.uk/news-events/covid-19-update-from-bailey-of-bristol/ Well for what its worth , this just states 6 months extension from the due date. Does that help?
  10. I have a 3.6 m Caravanstore and it is an absolute pig to feed into the awning rail, took 3 of us about half an hour last time and I'm not looking forward to taking it off!
  11. Seven various LR products over 40 odd years. Had a RR Classic for 14 years, (fuel pump relay changed) and then the tailgate rusted away!! . Now have a Freelander 2 , 4 years and no problems.
  12. There is also Isle of Avalon site just outside the town centre. We stated here in March a couple of years ago and it was OK, but tired looking but looking at their website it seems to have smartened up a bit . Easy walk into town, so no need to drive there.
  13. I have a Caravanstore Zip roll out awning (2nd hand) which I love but it is a real pig to thread into the rail. The previous one (now sold) slid in easily but this one it took 3 of us to get it onto the 'van! I haven't taken it off this year but I must because some of the stitching on the cover zip is perished. It just seems a fatter bead on this one(2011 model) I have tried silicone spray and an awning rail spreader(slides through no probs) Not looking forward to the removal process!
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