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  1. Driving is Spain is very pleasurable, a lovely country to tour.
  2. Nice read Jaydug, will be doing a trip like this in 2022 if we are allowed ...
  3. Malc Edge

    The M6!

    I did realize they were glued to the road just how stupid can they get !!
  4. Malc Edge

    The M6!

    Amazing, why could the police have not said if you do not move we will manhandle you out of here. But amazing thing is what the idiots were protesting about, loft insulation, yes you think I am joking, check it out you could not make it up unless of course the press made it up, who knows what with these days of minority loonies.
  5. Wish this could happen abroad, happy to pay if we could get the ampiage, bit fed up with just 6 amps in many French and Spanish sites,well at least at the ones I have visited.
  6. Not much fun in a hotel in the winter, minimum disinterested staff, I have been the only person booked in, eaten in a large dinning room me being the only person there, no thanks. Slightly better in summer although can be full full of children and even a dog in the dinning room in one hotel !! Caravan every time and if my appointments were near a camp site I took the caravan.
  7. Think of it this way. Normally the ferry docks in Bilbao 17.30 so by the time you get on the road could be 18.30 so you drive to your first site maybe 50 to 60 miles away, the way I see it I will be on board to sleep and will save the extra camp site fee and I will be on the road first thing in the morning to get to a destination further away.Yes I understand being too long on the ferry is not desirable but you do get two meals free. Agree that's how I see it. Interesting, but as I have a caravan if it's an early get and not enough time for breaky we will stop when it suits us on the journey just another advantage of caravan life. BTW I did not see an option for Pont Aven on the BF web site.
  8. We have decided to rollover our ferry trip to Spain to 2022 in the hope that we can travel without going through the hoops and the extra costs of 2021. I see that you are obliged to a two night crossing to Santander on the ship Galicia. We are ok with that. Has anybody on CT been on the new ship, what is it like ? I see you do get an evening meal and breakfast in with the now extra cost. If it's as nice as BF say it is it will be something to look forward to.
  9. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-9842901/Snobby-journalist-calls-caravans-curfew.html Oh dear what's he going to be like following lorries, buses, slow drivers etc
  10. If I am unable to get to France or Spain I will still NOT be caravanning in the UK. I did that three years ago, lesson learnt.
  11. Thanks all for your comments. Our plan is Portsmouth to St Malo down through France into Spain then back up through to Bilbao. So we will need to test within 48 hours of departure from UK, (do we have to travel to a test centre ? ) and a French certificate which we can fill in ourselves to enter France downloaded for internet ?( two items ) We have the NHS app and proof of double vac on our phones. Will we need anything to enter Spain and will we need to do anything in Spain prior to our departure for the UK. Sorry but still a bit confused. Another alternative could be just to travel directly to Spain, what would I need for that ?
  12. Thanks,did you need to show proof to any body,people we know say nobody asked them for anything.
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