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  1. Malc Edge

    Don't Disrespect The Green Oval

    This arrogance seems to be a thing with some main dealers,my friend went to buy a Merc but the attitude of the sales man was so poor he walked away,and he had enough money to buy the car he wanted,he then went to Audi and bought an X5.
  2. Malc Edge

    Don't Disrespect The Green Oval

    Absolutely correct,I have a late 2015 D4 with 12,500 on the clock,this is my third land rover and the newest one I have ever had. First service (it has the land rover five year free service ) the door tred plate was badly scratched,I complained and the service manager put his hands up and said yes bring it back and we will replace the scratched one. On my return I was told no we cannot replace the plate as they are after market and we cannot replace those with genuine LR ones, so there goes the good will and for a measly cost of the plate they have lost a repeat prospective customer, not that I would buy a D5 anyway,but what they did say was if I bought anothers set of after market plates they would fit them free of charge,company policy they said . Whilst in deapest Spain last summer engine management light came on and we were advised to drive to Segovia the LR agent a round trip over 120 miles,luckily the Spanish agent were brilliant,we had an appointment and went straight into the workshop whilst we had real coffe brought to us in the waiting room ( sadly not very posh )The fault was cleared and we were on our way. Also the start stop has never worked not that I miss that anyway,anyway after all said and done I still think its a marvelous vehicle and tows our caravan with ease,it's just is it going to be reliable?....and please God my crankshaft does not break . However you could have bought Disco sport and then you would have the problem of diesel dilluting your engine oil,another problem LR say its your style of driving style that creates the problem . Pull your socks up LR, design it right and build it right,its not rocket science . After thought. ...the loan car I was given was absolutly filthy,and not enough fuel to get me home I had to buy fuel,and as I had collected the evocue just as the dealership was closing nobody there to authorise payent,you could not make it up !!
  3. Malc Edge

    Off to Spain / a small dinghy ?

    ancell could you recommend some a sites where I could hire a topper ? many thanks malc Ah yes the fireball I crewed in one then bought the boat from the owner,fantastic to be crew, on the wire and controlling the Spinnarker. My last boat was a flying fifteen.
  4. Malc Edge

    Off to Spain / a small dinghy ?

    Les we go late May come back 17th July. I suppose now I need to ask which sites on the Med have direct access to the beach ? malc
  5. Malc Edge

    Off to Spain / a small dinghy ?

    Thing is it has to be an inflatable as it will need to go in the back of the Land Rover,if I was going to buy a hard hull it would be a Topper.
  6. Malc Edge

    Off to Spain / a small dinghy ?

    Its one of these https://www. dinghygo. com/product/ the reports seem to be quite good,this is only for pottering around the bay or the coast not for any distances out to sea. Also I can use this on the local sailing pond to take the grandchildren out for a sail. malc
  7. Malc Edge

    Off to Spain / a small dinghy ?

    Would a mobile phone be ok ? i believe you can get a watertight bag for them,anyway would not go very far off shore. Dave, was thinking of just sailing,although the dingygo https://www. dinghygo. com/product/ does have oars. Malc
  8. Malc Edge

    Off to Spain / a small dinghy ?

    Thanks Steve but it would be the Med for sailing,Just need to see the model I want to buy, the Dingygo as these are the lightest so suitable to put in the Discovery along with everything else we take,going for 57 days this year so need something to occupy me whilst wife sits in the sun on the beach.
  9. We are off to Spain in May to July this year and I have considered buying a small inflatable sailing Dingy (Dingygo) just to potter about. Has anyone had any experiance of launching into the sea or lakes in Spain? are there any rules or can you just launch into the sea just about anywhere ? Any body know of any sites with easy access to the sea or a lake in Spain ? I am an experianced sailor so I know not to take any chances and will only sail with any wind blowing onto the shore. thanks malc
  10. Malc Edge

    Brittany Ferries are having a laugh!

    ooohhhps ahaha how did I say that ?? I do have just about the worst cold I can remember so brain may not be in the right gear . .monopoly obviously
  11. Malc Edge

    Brittany Ferries are having a laugh!

    The thing is BF have the monotony on many routes so without competition it's only natural they will exploit that position,hence a 25% non returnable deposit and top prices.
  12. Malc Edge

    Bliss !!

    Here at my sons house. ...one of the christmas "presents " is a puppy dog,already pooped / peed in the computer room and then the noise of the barking no idea why you would want such a thing in your house Back home on Saturday and counting. .
  13. Labour would prefer the government to fall regardless of what was best for the country,Corbyn wants his time as pm more than anything else and will do anything to get it.
  14. Agree on that,left our favourite camp site this year due to dog barking,owners could not care less !!site owners also could not care less as well.
  15. Malc Edge

    Came home without the van

    Indeed if you cannot see what repair has taken place you are not able to do anything but he can see a dent. As for cars I bought in1975 a brand new Hillman Avenger within two years the body panels rusted on the outside ! so the paint was put onto rust spots already there,hence just another reason UK car manufactures went to the wall.