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  1. A Marina for 18 years !!! surely it would have rusted completely away in 18 years LOL !!
  2. Interesting thanks,my snooper has also failed,reverts back to black scree any time it wants to, stops working totally when it feels like it,unable to change screen when it gets hot,the plastic screen on the front is peeling away,only been used when caravanning so not had much use, the worst and most expensive sat nav I have ever bought.I was considering the Tom Tom but after what you have said that is a no no then.So Garmin ?
  3. Yes have to agree with that,I tried one and it was the hard ride that put me off most,but of course I would expect that to soften with a caravan on the back and the vehicle filled up with kit etc. They do seem well made though and built like a tank and a good warranty is included.I would consider one just for towing but as a daily not so sure.
  4. Thanks Jaydug, Is there access to water ? although I expect not. Many thanks for your reply One other thing Jaydug do you register at the check in first then park up ? malc
  5. For the first time after many years caravanning abroad we are going to overnight at Portsmouth to catch the 8.00 am ferry to Caen,we chose this route after our original plan Portsmouth to Santander was scuppered when the Pont Aven went out of action. Could be time for ear plugs ?? although we have overnighted at Bilbao which was fine.If you have overnighted at Portsmouth how did you get on ? is there a restaurant nearby ? can we get water ? Cheers malc
  6. Portsmouth Santander booked via the BF website. Looks like we will now do Caen now unless BF can help,which I feel is doubtful considering the statistics involved. BF telephone still engaged been trying off and on for hours.
  7. Foreign number ? will that be on their web site ? been trying again all day but always engaged,what a shambles.I have checked and there is space out of Plymouth which we could do but but its an extra 170.00 why should I be forced to pay extra ? I believe if you can get to speak to them they are flexible with pricing and I feel we should be offered that journey at the same price. Although we would lose seven days holiday if we do go from Plymouth.
  8. Still unable to speak to BF always engaged. Just a thought on this,if you are abroad and you need to change your ferry arrangements you need to be able to speak to bookings as you are unable to change your booking on line.How are people going to do that if the telephone is constantly engaged I mean what if you had an emergency and need to get home quickly ?
  9. I am still trying to get through,just constantly engaged.Sat here all day with nothing to do, all rained off here.
  10. We have tried to contact BF for the last two days,telephoning every 10 mins ( when I am at home )always engaged.There is a dedicated telephone number I presume to deal with anybody booked to travel before the boat is fixed.Not able to access our booking details on line,just a message to say anybody booked to cancel and rebook another route and to apply for a refund.All boats fully booked for Spain around the time we want to travel.No e mail to say ferry cancelled,found out Pont Aven broke on here.So once again BF usual disregard for their customers.Looks like the long haul through expensive France than.
  11. aahh booked for 11 th June,what to do ???
  12. We are with A Plan insurance brokers.Been with them for five years and they have always got us a good deal.My insurance went up £4.00 for our LR D4 wifes astra came down a few pounds.Saga are a joke if you think they are good for us seniors citizens.
  13. I have the opposite problem.I do not want to come back. After a few days,my caravan is my home in the sun in France or Spain (usually ) we stay away as long as possible but need to return after 5 weeks to attend garden at home etc. If the weather was guaranteed to be sunny and warm the year round I would live the caravan life ..for ever..What do I miss when away ? not a lot.
  14. No way would I accept that,ask them remove pegs and see what response you get.If not to your liking move them yourself. Thing is its not like a neighbor dispute at home if upset them you or they cam move. Make sure of your rights first but from what I see here they may just simply not have understand camp site etiquette,maybe newbies.
  15. I have used a cover for the last six years no problem.Not seen any scratches or marks on the paint.No sign of condensation.Washed and polished once a year, put away in storage and when ready for the season to start take cover off and looks fine.
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