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  1. Thanks Andy, that's the stuff I need,yes I will have a close look at the sealant and replace it as well. Thanks John65 that's the stuff I need.
  2. Firstly my caravan roof does not leak ( as far as I now ) but I thought it would not be bad idea to put some new sealant on the roof joints on my Bailey Senator Indiana 2005 model.I thought then I would put some tape over the joints to make sure it will be water tight but what would be the best type of tape to buy ? we spend a lot of time in Spain so needs to be tough and able to take the heat etc. I saw on CT someone recommended a certain type of really tough tape but I cannot find the post.Not so sure about Gorilla Tape. Thanks malc
  3. We had our five weeks in France this year and felt as safe as we would have here in the UK. I have already booked Portsmouth to Santander and unless I am specifically informed that I cannot travel we will have six weeks in Spain and France in 2021. Caravanning in the UK is a no no for us. We did a week in Cornwall in 2017 for the grandchildren,not for us thank you. Expensive,overcrowded,and of course WET !!
  4. Thanks Andy received, malc
  5. Andy I tried to send you a PM re BF code but it said you were not receiving PM's Regards Malc
  6. Believe me a camera is much much better,I see all I need to see with it.I have a discovery so seeing the kerb is no problem. Yes I thought it obvious camera fitted to the caravan,tow with a disco.
  7. Now here's conundrum,I have fitted a permanent rear view camera on my van,do I really need extended mirrors which to be honest I never liked as they used to shake too much.Drove to France / Spain this year, the rear view camera was such a success.We could overtake without worrying that we would pull out in front of a speeding overtaker. I recommend the camera along with fitting tyre pressure monitors for peace of mind.
  8. What no fluffy carpet !! I love it,just see that behind my discovery
  9. I have the garmin 660 ( I think it's called ).We travel a lot in europe using it...BUT it does not always pick the best route,in fact it sent us through towns even though there was a ring road available. Coming back to the port of Bilbao the roads are fairly complicated and the sat nav can be too slow to give you a warning of which lane and route to take,in fact we were sent yet again through the city of Bilbao, admittedly our mistake. So I thought this cannot go on, SO on the garmin 660 you can "plan a route". Using your PC,go on to google earth where you can choose your start point and then
  10. Thing is would you like to tour the Uk and not use the motorways,fine if time is no problem,personally I think the cost the motorways in France is very expensive,yes you do not have to use them but it puts hours on your journey. Booking Spain next year to avoid the expense of the motorways.
  11. So easy to do with a suction pump,we have three cars and I change the oil more regularly now, it is is so easy to do.In fact my Land Rover has a dedicated drain tube,forget all that crawling under the car etc.
  12. In Spain there will be rule and law for everything,be like the Spanish and ignore them all.
  13. Or like me forget to look at it !!
  14. My opinion of SAGA is that they give the impression that they are there to help those of a more senior age. My experience with SAGA is that they are managed more by accountants than people who have the interest of those over a certain age.Would never use them and I am well qualified age wise.
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