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  1. If something goes wrong the car tends to go into limp mode for just about anything. Whilst in the South of France, fault ABS sensor not available ,( I have a code reader ) vehicle goes to safe mode, reduced performance, air suspension reduces to lowest level very unpleasant ride. Now I can live without ABS, we never had it years ago just drive with more care but no, not allowed, journey ruined and where can you find a decent LR repairer in the South of France who will not see you without seeing your euros in his pockets.
  2. JLR have had this reputation for expensive poor quality vehicles for years. Just about everyone knows this but TATA JLR have ignored this fact, btw I own a 2015 Discovery D4 which has broken down twice now on 18,300 miles both times in Europe. JLR are now suffering the ramifications of this. The vehicles are too full of electronics that are not really needed, ie electronic parking brake etc. However I will add that even so called prestige vehicles from Germany BMW, Audi and Mercedes are also getting a reputation for poor reliability but nothing like as bad as JLR. This reliability issue should
  3. We always stay on the port, ok no EHU but water and toilets available even a little café. No worries about missing the ferry and it's free, what's not to like..
  4. Yes can confirm that and I think there maybe a rising scale depending on your age.
  5. The only thing I have found is the rate over the counter is not as good as when you preorder on line to collect at the PO or home delivery. We had a post office credit card but they went to JAJA German for yes yes ? awful trouble on the change over from PO unable to access the account on line for about four weeks.
  6. We go for 8 weeks so we take about £1,000 it's just what we decide to do. Many Spanish sites do not take credit cards.
  7. Yes thanks, went last year, expect the same this year especially as I have had the vaccine. As soon as the Spanish say they want my money we will be off. Yes good idea think I may do that. Euros Steve, it's the currency they use on the continent LOL !!
  8. I see the value of sterling is at it's best for some time against the Euro, any body think it might be a good time to buy ?
  9. Do the bands need to be removed to fit new tyres ? I have the bands but also have TPM's so thinking I could do without the bands. Are they difficult to remove as I have heard some tyre fitters will not touch them ? malc
  10. I have the Garmin dedicated caravan sat nav, brilliant piece of kit, I plan my route to where I want to go by using long and latitude and using the pre programmed route. When using abroad most sat navs will not take you around small towns as that in it's thinking is not the quickest route but what you really want is the easiest route. Also it has in the sat nav pre programmed sites, this proved invaluable in 2019 after we had a breakdown, Where to go ? we checked the nearest site, it was a farm site and it saved us from staying on the motorway parking area. I use it in conjunction with google
  11. Totally agree on that Andy, in fact I would go so far as to say I don't think I will ever caravan in the UK again, however I have found you do need to be south of Bordeaux to get the better temperatures. Last time we caravanned in Cornwall three years ago with the grandchildren we came home after four days and I remember thinking well that was expensive and wet. Unless the Spanish or French say no we will travel to the continent this year. We did it last year and had a fantastic stay and and less people around it made it probably one of the best holidays we ever had. Having our injecti
  12. Back in time there was a saving to be had on booze, but now you can get brilliant value wines and beer at the German stores......Aldi and Lidel we never bring back booze anymore although we do like Spanish gin" Larios " which we do bring back as it's hard to find here.
  13. I have Tyron bands but as we travel mostly abroad I believe tyre replacement garages over there are unable or reluctant to work with them,so as my tyres are now 6 years old I thought I would take the wheels off and remove the bands myself,I have the long allen Key,are they difficult to remove I am usually handy with the spanners.(although I was unable to replace a bulb on my Astra car recently, I needed a garage to do it ) Forgot to say I do have TPM's
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