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  1. All over in less than 5 mins if its a so called" good one", take no notice of me and go and enjoy, you may like it so much you will want to return and see it again and there again you may not.I mean some people find Stonehenge exciting.Please let us know what you think after the experiance. I am a nice guy really its that it does not seem like it sometimes.
  2. Living in Gloucester seen the "bore" quite a few times as a lad. Dont' get too excited it's appropriatly named
  3. Sorry Sam I should have read your comment more closely I realiase you were reffering to a secondary alarm battery.
  4. Thanks Sam,is there a draw on the battery even if the alarm is only in survelance mode? I would have thought a large caravan battery would have lasted for over a month.I can take another battery to the compound to change the battery over when and if needed. I asume if the battery goes flat the alarm will just not operate ? malc
  5. Thinking I would like to put the caravan alarm on on my Bailey Senator when parked in the compound. Would a fully charged battery be ok ? how long could I expect to run before a charge was needed ? It has a cover on the caravan so a solar charger would not be suitable. Thanks malc
  6. How many of you people do their own caravan servicing ? I have been a caravanner for many years and we only use our caravan once a year to travel to Spain for about 3 months at atime.I have never had a professional service and I have never had any problems I could not fix myself. Being handy with the spanners, I can pull cars to bits etc. I have just used my common sense in maintaning my caravan and have done jobs as and when they are needed.The only time I needed to pay was when my motor mover failed just out of warranty and an independant man fixed that for me £90.00 plus parts.I was ok with that as he had to come back with the parts .To be honest it does not seem rocket science IMO to service the van.What do you guys think ?
  7. Look at Google earthon you PC. Obtain Longtitude and Latitude,put those into your sat nav and arrive exactly where you want to go. We use this to get to anywhere we want to in France or Spain. Once you have mastered how to use Long and Lat you will realise just how accurate it is.
  8. !! almost the same as mine bought November 2015
  9. Why did the engine sieze on your disco ? I have a D4 and I am aware of the broken crankshaft problem,was your crankshaft the problem ?
  10. I do not know if it's still allowed or still there but in high summer there was a beach on the Costa Blanca near La Marina township where the Spanards would drive from Madrid and elswhere and set up camps in the trees behind the beach.This camp settlement was massive and people slept anywhere,some outside, some in tents ,some in vans,some in cars,complete with children and dogs running wild, BBqs anywhere they fancied.We used to pass this on our our way to the beach there.We had a house in Torrevieja but sold it and upgraded to a caravan.I can also remember when La Marina camp site on the main road to Torriveija looked like a Prisioner of war camp, look at it now too posh and expensive for us.
  11. As I have recently retired and seem to have more money than sense I think I will get some dampers fitted. I was going to change the caravan but as there is nothing wrong with the van I am going to keep and just look after her as best I can. Thanks for all your recomendations everybody.
  12. Thinking I may get some shock absorbers fitted to my Bailey Senator,not to improve stabilty but to take the shock out of the impact on the caravan body. Some potholes are now dangerous and cannot be good for the caravan structure. Any body fitted them ? they are not expensive and it seems a DIY fit. Thanks malc
  13. Could be the 25% non returnable deposit not helping. OOhhps I just said that LO L
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