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  1. With miss heard words the option shown on the screen will show three options, if it could show somewhere in China America or any place in the world.You will have a rough idea where someone is that you are looking to find. If the three words have been misunderstood it will be obvious from the choices shown on the screen that they are wrong.You will then need to clarify the words again.
  2. How can we get co-ordinates on a mobile phone ? This seems a much more simple system,yet as effective as co ordinates.I have already used it to locate wife so she understands how to use it, the very mention of co-ordinates and she glazzes over. Its the simplicity of it we like. Teaching grand children how to use it now.
  3. And of course let us not forget barking dog !! I am leaving now !!
  4. Thanks malc Yes we will use it at home,saves filling those silly little ice bags when away in the caravan and struggling to get them out of the bag to use them and also saves lugging a bag of ice from the supermarket which can melt before we get home.Anyway it's bought now so we will have to wait and see if its as good as some say
  5. Yes we have a small freezer in the top of our Bailey Senator fridge but it does not make ice quickly ie at least six hours and other half has ice with all her drinks,vodka,gin, so this seems a good idea.Anyway i have gone and bought one, that,s the problem on wet days like this perusing the internet I get tempted and I have will have it delivered to her as a surprise. I had it confirmed it will work on 6 amps.This will now also free up more space in the freezer compartment of the fridge. In the heat of France this summer it took days for the fridge freezer to make ice.Cheers mines a G&T with lots of ice malc
  6. Considering purchasing a portable ice making machine for when in hot Europe. Any body got and used one ? Will they operate on 6amps as many French sites are on this low amps ? thanks
  7. When we viewed the caravan he had a damp meter and discovered the damp as we as were in the caravan,he did not know before hand as the caravan had only just been brought in as a PX it had not even been prepared for sale.It was not even on the forecourt but in a compound away from the sales area.We were interested in this model but the one on the forecourt had a few scuffs etc so were introduced to this one.I knew right away I wanted it easiest sale he had had in months
  8. When I bought my caravan a couple of years ago from Golden Castle Gloucester the salesman said ,after we agreed a price and said yes we wanted the caravan he said ah slight problem, some damp underneath one of the windows we will need to fix that before you can take it away.I mean he did not have to say that we would have bought it and found out later it had slight damp.So thankyou Golden Castle, we will be back when we are looking to replace ( hopefully the same salesman )
  9. I keep the caravan on my drive and for months the alarm has been left on and its been fine. Recently it has started to go off about five mins after I reset it. I have googled etc but can find no answer. Any body any idea what might set it off,there are no flies etc. It was fine in the recent high winds. If the battery is weak would that do it,its a rechargeable battery that operates it
  10. Climate change must have been going on for some time then,remember the summers of 75 and 76 hot for months,not a mention of climate change back then.I for one am not convinced on climate change.You certainly cannot trust experts or the government.Fifteen years ago we were told diesel better for the climate,oh wait, no we were wrong petrol is better.
  11. Plastic bits on the manifold mmmmmm gets hot there,you would have thought Volvo would know better,but I guess that,s progress for you
  12. Yes idiot weather my neighbour is sat on the step outside his house with his music so loud we all have to hear it....he is also a policeman ...what can you say ??
  13. We stopped there about four weeks ago,not a bad site at all.Felt the on pitch shower and toilet were ok and we did use it.
  14. A Marina for 18 years !!! surely it would have rusted completely away in 18 years LOL !!
  15. Interesting thanks,my snooper has also failed,reverts back to black scree any time it wants to, stops working totally when it feels like it,unable to change screen when it gets hot,the plastic screen on the front is peeling away,only been used when caravanning so not had much use, the worst and most expensive sat nav I have ever bought.I was considering the Tom Tom but after what you have said that is a no no then.So Garmin ?
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