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  1. So easy to do with a suction pump,we have three cars and I change the oil more regularly now, it is is so easy to do.In fact my Land Rover has a dedicated drain tube,forget all that crawling under the car etc.
  2. In Spain there will be rule and law for everything,be like the Spanish and ignore them all.
  3. Or like me forget to look at it !!
  4. My opinion of SAGA is that they give the impression that they are there to help those of a more senior age. My experience with SAGA is that they are managed more by accountants than people who have the interest of those over a certain age.Would never use them and I am well qualified age wise.
  5. Yes Exactly.I am 73 and still very fit. I know people 20 years younger than me who look and act twenty years older than me so you cannot generalize about "people over seventy"
  6. So why are B& Q open but Garden centers are not ? Most items in B& Q will keep but plants will not. Must be a good reason so what is it ?
  7. Our back garden has been out of bounds in the recent warm weather.Our neighbour is working from home,sat in his garden on the phone and as usual shouting at his phone for most of the day,we now know all his business,the other neighbours children are in the garden along with their two dogs romping around and barking,don't mind the kids but dog barking no no no .Another neighbour is having building work done ( so much for social distancing ) they have the radio on nice and loud. Its raining tomorrow thank goodness.
  8. Glos Jaydug Thanks for your offer
  9. Interesting Andy, I do know of a good mobile service man. It 's just that I think that as that is the only thing I have a concern about is the nut. I wonder if a mobile service man would do me just a chassis service only ?
  10. I want to do my own service on my Bailey Indiana. My only concern is the removal and replacement of the axle nut. I know they are a very high torque. Just how difficult is it to remove and replace the one shot nut ? I know I will need to get a replacement nut as I know you should not use the old nut. I am prepared to buy a suitably high enough torque wrench. thanks malc
  11. Thanks Jaydug, just one more reason to love this forum when somebody like yourself goes to these lengths to help.Many thanks. Malc
  12. I have just viewed google earth and can see M 45 but unable to see a M50 would that be the same M way ?. We Going this way in June.
  13. Thanks for that fireman Iain,I think I will give disco one more chance because as I said I love the vehicle its just the reliability issue. Thanks fellas, Going to try one next week,however judging for the comments here I may well give disco another try again this year.
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