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  1. Thanks Mike,I wanted a camera to go on the back of my caravan so an out door type is what I was looking for. thanks Malc
  2. I would like to fit a rear view camera the same as my car dash camera on the rear on my caravan.I would like to be able to see what was behind me and also record what happens just in case I get a rear end shunt. Looked on e bay etc but only seem to find reversing type cameras.Does what I am looking for exist ? thanks malc
  3. Following this,let us know how you get on ? my pet hate being ripped by people who Talk BS and try to con me especially garages.Personally I do my own servicing on my Caravan but she is a 2006 model.
  4. I had a radio with USB player / CD player / plus bluetooth fitted for around £30.00 with Halfords, yes I had to arrange for the caravan to be brought to their delivery yard in Stroud. Well worth the money and the lady took half an hour to fit it ,its a quality Sony radio,I was well pleased.
  5. Virgin del Mar about 9 miles on the outskirts of Santander, we have used it 3 times, it's fine for a one night stop over before we head to Riaza.
  6. So another broken crank shaft,well known problem with Discovery. Of course LR deny BUT when I mentioned this problem at the main dealers when I spoke to the service manager who said as long as I continue getting my vehicle serviced by them they would look kindly on help towards the cost if i was one of the unlucky ones to have this happen to my engine.Well hopefully it will not happen but it's a lottery on the D4. Are you aware that this is a known problem with the 3 litre engine. ?
  7. Probably means higher costs if BF have the monopoly,just the same as the have the monopoly on Spanish routes.
  8. If you can service your car servicing a caravan is a doddle.I do not trust a garage to do a proper job especially a main dealer,their eye is always on the profit margin.If I need anything done to my caravan,I had a motor mover fitted,I had it done on my drive with me keeping an eye.I know many are unwilling or are unable to service their caravan so use a mobile service and keep an eye on what is being or not being done and if a warranty work service is needed to be done at the dealership then you are sadly in danger of being shortchanged.
  9. That used to be a concern of mine ..until Aldi opened up near here,brilliant wine and some for £4.00 to £6.00 a bottle so yes a little more but to be honest better than a lot of cheaper French wines.They also do Lager as cheap as France in fact one of my favourites Desperados is cheaper in UK . Spirits not that cheap in France although Gin ( Larios ) very good price in Spain.
  10. I have a MY 15 LR D4 with now 15,250 miles on the clock.Bought the vehicle new to tow our caravan in Europe we do not caravan in Uk due to usual bad weather, no wet field s for us.First year 2,500 mile trip no problem, second year engine management light came on fixed by LR Saragosa still under warranty, this year ABS sensor fault causing us a lot of problems as it came off and on and we cut our journey short.Vehicle kept going into safe mode (should be re labelled unsafe mode) Brilliant vehicle it's just the reliability that causes concern.Will try again in 2020,hopefully third time lucky,if it does not perform as it should it will be going,no idea what to change it for though.
  11. Trust me SAGA will go up at next renewal big time !!
  12. No way would I ask the local authority,they will soon find a reason to say NO !! Put it there and see if anybody says anything and if they do just say Oh! I did not realize I was doing anything wrong.People are not supposed to put caravans on their drives around here but many do.
  13. I solved this problem.Always felt movement especially if one of us used the loo in the night. I got two small bottle jacks and created a u section to the same shape as the axle shaft and put them on top of the jacks then I put them on a 12"x12" piece of wood and located them under each axle end as near to the wheel as possible. Ok bit of a faff if you are only staying one night but if you stay longer, well it works for us.Might be a bit of a scramble to get down and get under but if you can do it is worth it, does feel to make the caravan more stable.
  14. When I used to tow trailers for a living,these were always giving up.We just popped into the trailer people,I cannot remember who they were,they changed them in about 20 mins never ever any mention of brakes being affected and I never noticed any difference in the trailer stopping.The trailers were heavier than a caravan so that's maybe why they needed changing so often.
  15. As an owner of a Discovery 4 bought new I have to sadly agree with Andy on this,also the customer relationship after purchase is just a joke,I reckon they just laugh at you behind your back as you leave the showroom.Staff are trained to shrug their shoulders,out of warranty sir nothing to do with us,but it's only done 15,000 miles I say.
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