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  1. Anyone who wishes to be my 'friend ' to obtain a 10% discount on your trip to France on Brittany Ferries please PM me.
  2. Hi there old boy! I've just booked my winter break, like you, catching the same ferry but early November until late February 2018. My wife and I did this journey every year but due to my wifes health, we have not been to Garrucha and Mojacar for these past 3 years. Sadly my wife passed away 6 months ago but we promised one another before she died, that I would continue my winter break to Almeria in her memory. Save some sun for me when I get there!!
  3. The plot thickens. BF emailed me saying that its the carriage charge for the bike. ..so there's nothing I can do about it. I certainly dont want to put the bike inside my motorhome as its rather cramped for space.
  4. In answer to my original post. Having contacting BF, they inform me that the extra charge for having a bike rack with a bike attached, is the carriage charge for the bike. Whatever next!!
  5. Does anyone know why BF charge extra if you have a rear bike rack fitted to the motorhome, when you incorperate this in the vehicle length. I was charged an extra £9 on my booking from Plymouth to Santander 5th November and an extra £13. 50 on my return journey from Bilbao to Portsmouth in Feb next year.
  6. Many thanks for all your replies to my enquiries regarding this years ACSI booklets and discount card. One kind gentleman has offered me the full price of the above. Thanks again for your interests.
  7. Further to my posts, I am quite amazed that no one out there requires this years ACSI membership card and booklets, as no one to date has contacted me.
  8. Many thanks Mr Plodd. I don't really know how to contact a moderater to help me. Hopefully someone who requires this years ASCI books and membership card will contact me. As I have stated in my original post, it just seems a shame that its sitting in my office drawer, not able to use it this year and someone out there could use it. I am only asking the cost of the postal charge from whoever wants the package.
  9. Hi. I have just recieved my new ASCI membership card and booklets. Unfortunately my wife is seriously ill, therefore we will not be able to use it this year. The package is unopened, thus the membership card is un-signed. it seems such a waste sitting in my drawer, therefore if any member would like me to send it to them, PM me for further instructions. First come first served, Many thanks.
  10. It also states on the container: Danger Suspected of causing cancer. May cause damage to organs through repeated exposure. Harmful if inhaled. Avoid contact with skin May be fatal if swallowed or enters airways. Causes skin irritation. Wear protective gloves and mask/safety glasses. Keep away from children and pets. I use creocote for my fences but always ensure I use a brush to apply this product. Using a spray can create problems of contamination, especially if it is slightly windy when spraying. I buy my creocote from B & Q. their supplier is Bartline Ltd. Tel: 01482 678710. If you give them a call they may help you. But I must say your neighbour is a very naughty boy, using a spray without warning you first.
  11. Many thanks for the info. Much appreciated. I googled with google map along the A31 and found a petrol station with a rest area nearby at Jtn 69. It seemed quite easy to get to from this junction, is this the road which is being resurfaced etc?? bear in mind that I'll be traveling mid November to Palomares. Thanks again for your help, Sorry to be such a pain!
  12. We sail with BF from Portsmouth to Bilbao every November returning March these past 5 years and have never had any problems with smelly toilets or with noisy dogs but our journeys are in the winter period.
  13. There are inside cabins available which are not opposite the dog friendly cabins. I suggest you download the ships decking plan which will show where they are before you book online, then if you are allocated a cabin which is not suitable, phone BF and ask them to change it. I'm sure they will help you. When we use this service every November, I tend to book as soon as the winter sailing schedules are released early August and usually get allocated an inside cabin on the top deck opposite the dog friendly cabins but have never been disturbed during the voyage.
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