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  1. Had the annoying dripping noise on our S3 Cadiz. It was rain running down the roof curve at the rear and dripping onto the ledge as suggested by Fredsautos. Bob
  2. Did you specify which series Valencia your van is ? They change shape from series to series. If you did then it should fit very well, we have one for our Series 4 Cadiz and it is excellent, Bob
  3. Thanks for your replies everyone. I`m still confused so I think I will wait until I`m about to make a decision and then try and get quotes for the particular vehicle before making a purchase. I don`t want to have to pay over £2000 for a towbar. Bob
  4. Thank you very much everybody for your suggestions, I will be taking a trip to Ikea on Friday. Bob
  5. Our Unicorn Cadiz 4 also has squealing brakes but I don`t believe it affects their efficiency. I haven`t bothered about getting it fixed, at least others can hear you coming !! Bob
  6. Our Unicorn Cadiz 4 is excellent but the one thing we miss from our previous Cadiz 3 is the lack of a shelf in the shower. OK, they supply a wire basket caddy that hangs on the shower upright but I hate it with a passion. I have tried fitting a small shelf, fixed with double sided sticky tape which worked OK for a while but as the tape got wetter it fell off ! It didn`t look very good either. I am considering buying a shower shelf as fitted in the Cadiz 3 but cannot remember how it is fixed. Can anyone with a Series 3 please let me know please. Is it screwed ? If it is I wonder whether it would be OK to fix it with screws in a Series 4 ? Very reluctant to use screws on any part of a caravan without being certain it would be alright. Has the lack of a shelf bothered any other Series 4 owners and if so have you successfully fitted a shelf ? Bob
  7. Will be changing my excellent CX5 for a 2 year old replacement (budget considerations) in about 6 months time. I have a short list of 4x4 vehicles in mind but I am also considering an E220 Estate or a Jaguar Sportbrake as I like the thought of a quieter, more comfortable car. I have previously read about problems with having tow bars retro fitted to these cars and would appreciate hearing your experiences. I have heard that it can be very expensive as oil coolers are necessary ? Is this true and have you had any other problems, I have a Witter detachable at the moment and would probably have the same again. Bob
  8. Have had four Unicorns and the S4 is a clear winner in all departments. Just had it`s first service and I did not have any issues that required attention. Bob
  9. I read this item with great interest as the owner of a January 2018 Cadiz. I had noticed the small clearance from top of tyre to bottom edge of wheel spat from very early in my ownership but was not too concerned as I thought the problem of faulty axles applied solely to a batch used on Series 3 vans. When I tried the test as described I had difficulty getting my hand in as far as the first knuckle so was concerned. I then read through the original post on this subject entitled "Alko Axle/Bailey Caravan Problem " and found, on page 14, a post made by "Oldboy" dated 30/03/2018. He posted a copy of an official Bailey Visual Aid created on 20/11/17 showing Dealers how to measure the clearance from tyre to wheelbox. This shows that the important dimension is the clearance from the top of the tyre to the underside of the black wheelbox liner. It advises that if this is less than 25mm Bob or Daryl should be contacted. (Presumably Bailey employees ). I have measured the clearance on my Cadiz and it is 30mm on the offside wheel and 35mm on the nearside wheel. The wheelbox liner is 23mm higher than the bottom of the spat on the offside and 27mm higher on the nearside. From this I conclude that there is not a problem with my axle although it was a tight fit to push my hand in as described in this post. The caravan is due for it`s first service in January so I will ask for the axle to be checked but my initial alarm has changed to monitoring the gaps. I drew up a list of what goes in the van whilst being towed to make sure I am not overloading. I`m not but it is surprising how quickly the payload allowance is taken up once the mover and battery is deducted. We carry the awning, awning carpet, pegs, hammer, chairs, sundry tools, all of our food, wine and beer and all of our clothes in the car and we have about 20 kgs left. I thought it would be more like 40 kgs ! Bob
  10. On our Powrtouch mover you have to hold down two buttons simultaneously and watch the green lights come on before the directional buttons will work. Bob
  11. Yes, Autoglym Caravan And Motorhome Cleaner works for me. I also use Autoglym Super Resin Polish on all of the exterior and once applied any black streaks are few and far between and can be very easily wiped off. Bob
  12. Check that the drain down valve from the boiler is closed. Should have been left open during Winter storage. Bob
  13. I am afraid I cannot help you but there may well be someone on here who can. They will need to know which Series Valencia as the wheel size and possibly other dimensions have changed since the Series 1 vans. It might also help if you could say why you need this information as there may be an alternative solution to the problem that you have. Bob
  14. Not sure what the screws that are covered by those two covers are for, my Cadiz S4 does not have them. The TV fixing battens are much higher, about where the big sticker is. See earlier posts in this thread for the accurate positioning. Bob
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