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  1. How to set up

    Check that the drain down valve from the boiler is closed. Should have been left open during Winter storage. Bob
  2. Valencia road wheel specs.

    I am afraid I cannot help you but there may well be someone on here who can. They will need to know which Series Valencia as the wheel size and possibly other dimensions have changed since the Series 1 vans. It might also help if you could say why you need this information as there may be an alternative solution to the problem that you have. Bob
  3. Thinking of cancelling our Unicorn 4 order.

    Not sure what the screws that are covered by those two covers are for, my Cadiz S4 does not have them. The TV fixing battens are much higher, about where the big sticker is. See earlier posts in this thread for the accurate positioning. Bob
  4. Bailey Weight Upgrade Sticker

    I put it above the original one. A future buyer then has the choice. Bob

    The external aerial point is a standard fitting on S4 Unicorns. A head torch is much cheaper option than a maintenance light and, obviously, goes wherever you go. Bob
  6. It’s been a while but we have our new van

    We collected our Cadiz S4 last month. We removed the laundry bag as it is too small for us and use the cupboard as storage. After a day or so we noticed a small puddle on the floor of the unit. There was a leak from the waste pipe/basin connection. I tightened it up and the leak stopped. As noted in a previous post I am the second owner to have this leak and stopped it by tightening the joint. Bob
  7. Unicorn S3 Cabrera Alde Bleed points

    Unicorn S1 and S2 models (Valencias as I had them ) did not have panel radiators in the washroom and they were much colder than the rest of the van. I, and others, had them fitted by Alde and that solved the problem. From S3 they were standard. Bailey made much the same comments then. Bob
  8. Unicorn S3 Cabrera Alde Bleed points

    You have probably tried this already but if not it worked for me. Turn the Alde pump up to 5 and run for ten minutes. Then turn it back to 2. As I say it evened out the heat from the radiators (more or less). You could hear it bubbling and gurgling so air was being shifted. Bob
  9. New Cadiz S4 On, Off And Then On Again

    The Cadiz has a shelf above each bedhead which is ideal for book, glasses etc but too high to safely reach up to handle a full cup of tea. The Valencia has a small shelf each side of the bedhead at a lower level which is much safer for a cup of tea. We asked the Dealer to fit a "Valencia" teacup shelf to each of the Cadiz`s bedheads. You require two nearside "Valencia" shelves (one fitted upside down) as the offside Valencia one is a curved shape that will not fit. I don`t know how much they cost, our Dealer included it in the overall deal. Bob
  10. New Cadiz S4 On, Off And Then On Again

    Not possible at our storage site, no electric or water supply. Dealer assured us that he carried out a full handover procedure, but obviously without us present, the day before he delivered the caravan. Not ideal but he is 100 miles away. Bob
  11. New Cadiz S4 On, Off And Then On Again

    Alan, I have sent you a PM. Bob
  12. New Cadiz S4 On, Off And Then On Again

    Thank you all. Bob
  13. New Cadiz S4 On, Off And Then On Again

    Can anyone tell me what the red plastic cap is for that is included in the Unicorn accessory pack please and also why two AA batteries are also included ? Thanks, Bob
  14. New Cadiz S4 On, Off And Then On Again

    The front panel joints are not too bad but could be better. I am going to give it a while to see if I can live with them as they are or put some mastic in them. Our aquarolls and wastemaster go in bags and are then just stored on the floor alongside our chairs which are also too big for the lockers. If you are careful they can be arranged so that they don`t move around. Not sure what you mean by "Alko pad covers". What are these ? Yes there is plenty of storage and coming from a Cadiz S3 we were familiar with the "no front lockers" scenario. However there are quite a few changes to the lockers and we have had to put things in different places. This will cause some confusion initially and may need some re arrangement once we start using the van and finding out what is best. One thing for anyone changing from a S3 Cadiz to a S4 Cadiz and intending to use the S3 bedding set. We bought a new fitted sheet for the offside bed as we knew that it had increased in length. But you also need a longer fitted sheet for the nearside as although the bed length is quoted as the same, 6` 3", the mattress is several inches longer. The head end of the S3 has a wood filler piece which is included in the bed length. Bob
  15. New Cadiz S4 On, Off And Then On Again

    Yes, we might be "of advanced years" but that sinking feeling still takes some getting over. Thank you for your good wishes. Bob