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  1. New Cadiz S4 On, Off And Then On Again

    Not possible at our storage site, no electric or water supply. Dealer assured us that he carried out a full handover procedure, but obviously without us present, the day before he delivered the caravan. Not ideal but he is 100 miles away. Bob
  2. New Cadiz S4 On, Off And Then On Again

    Alan, I have sent you a PM. Bob
  3. New Cadiz S4 On, Off And Then On Again

    Thank you all. Bob
  4. New Cadiz S4 On, Off And Then On Again

    Can anyone tell me what the red plastic cap is for that is included in the Unicorn accessory pack please and also why two AA batteries are also included ? Thanks, Bob
  5. New Cadiz S4 On, Off And Then On Again

    The front panel joints are not too bad but could be better. I am going to give it a while to see if I can live with them as they are or put some mastic in them. Our aquarolls and wastemaster go in bags and are then just stored on the floor alongside our chairs which are also too big for the lockers. If you are careful they can be arranged so that they don`t move around. Not sure what you mean by "Alko pad covers". What are these ? Yes there is plenty of storage and coming from a Cadiz S3 we were familiar with the "no front lockers" scenario. However there are quite a few changes to the lockers and we have had to put things in different places. This will cause some confusion initially and may need some re arrangement once we start using the van and finding out what is best. One thing for anyone changing from a S3 Cadiz to a S4 Cadiz and intending to use the S3 bedding set. We bought a new fitted sheet for the offside bed as we knew that it had increased in length. But you also need a longer fitted sheet for the nearside as although the bed length is quoted as the same, 6` 3", the mattress is several inches longer. The head end of the S3 has a wood filler piece which is included in the bed length. Bob
  6. New Cadiz S4 On, Off And Then On Again

    Yes, we might be "of advanced years" but that sinking feeling still takes some getting over. Thank you for your good wishes. Bob
  7. New Cadiz S4 On, Off And Then On Again

    Well we set off early morning for the 100 miles drive to the supplying Dealer towing our Cadiz S3 which we were part exchanging for a new Cadiz S4. We had ordered four extras, a Powertouch Evolution Mover, a carabiner type breakaway cable, two tea cup shelves by the beds and a TV bracket fixed to the bedroom side of the tall fridge. I had emphasised at every contact with the Dealer that it was to be fitted to the bedroom side. Arrived nicely on time for our handover appointment, so very good so far. Showed to our new caravan which was parked on muddy gravel (to be fair the Dealer is having a huge new workshop built at the moment) which did not present a very good image. Looked around the outside, noted a carabiner clip had not been fitted but the mover was there. General external appearance was good. Went inside and could not believe it, the TV bracket had been fitted to the lounge side of the tall fridge ! I know this has happened before to another forum member so I had gone to town to make sure the salesman knew which side it was required. I rejected the caravan as if they now moved the bracket to the bedroom side three screw holes would be left and however they were plugged or covered it would not be acceptable to us. The Dealer reacted in an extremely good manner. Apologies were profusive and immediately told us what they intended to do. They would prepare a second brand new Cadiz for us which they would deliver to us in one week`s time, buy us lunch in their cafe and give us a voucher to spend in their accessoey shop. We were still disappointed and the experience of collecting a new van tarnished but very impressed with the Dealer`s very positive reaction to their mistake. The caravan was delivered this Thursday just gone, all extras fitted (although the TV bracket was fitted so high it was impossible to use ! No problem as I have refitted it myself in the correct position with one screw hole exposed which will be covered with a "veneer disc" and is also hidden behind the TV. Couldn`t test the electrics and heating as the van is in storage but we are away at Sandringham for a week from Thursday so that will be a good "shake down ". Hope we can now enjoy the caravan. Bob
  8. Valencia S4 - Collected, almost rejected.

    Unfortunately it didn`t go very well at all. It`s an on going situation and so I don`t want to comment further at the moment except to say that the Dealer is reacting well and providing he does what he says he will do (I have no reason to think that he won`t) all will come good this coming Thursday. So, I will give a full account with, hopefully, a happy ending late this coming week. Bob
  9. Cadac bbq

    I have a Cadac Grillogas (I think that`s right) it is the middle size. I hardly ever BBQ on it, I mainly use it for cooking breakfast or occasionally an evening meal. The paella pan makes a great frying pan. I wouldn`t be without it, breakfast tastes great when you have cooked it outdoors, Bob
  10. Bailey Unicorn

    Very good caravans, a few have had leaks from the roof strap. Check for any signs of water marks on the walls or top lockers and ask if the roof strap has been resealed or changed. Make sure it has a full service history and details of any warranty work carried out or the remainder of the warranty may be voided. The Alde fluid will require changing as Bailey use two year fluid. Check everything works, including all appliances, have everything demonstrated to you so you can see for yourself, and there are no dents to the exterior or damage to the fitted furniture. If not 100% happy walk away, they are very popular caravans and there are a lot about. Bob
  11. Unicorn S4 - Tracker Registration

    We won`t be renewing the Tracker as we certainly wouldn`t want the van back after it had been stolen, would much prefer a new van which our policy includes. In fact the Caravan Club insurance discount is (for us) 10% for having Tracker which relates to £35 pa so there really is no point in having it. Bob
  12. Valencia S4 - Collected, almost rejected.

    Yes, it probably does look better with mastic in the join initially but mastic tends to get dirty and/ or mouldy after a while and then it may not look as neat as a plain gap. So I`m not sure. Bob
  13. Valencia S4 - Collected, almost rejected.

    I also hope that everything continues to go well with your new Valencia We are collecting our Cadiz this coming Thursday and have also ordered a TV bracket to be fitted facing the bedroom and not the lounge. I have stressed this in every conversation so I do hope that they don`t make the same mistake. With regard to panel gaps on the front the panels are purely cosmetic and don`t need to be watertight. Not sure whether to ask for them to be filled, will have a look when collecting and decide what will look best. Are there any particular items on your checklist that I might have overlooked ? Bob
  14. Unicorn 4 Valencia

    If you are referring to the wide cassette locker fitted on the Cadiz, I think it is unique to the Cadiz because of the wardrobe being in the washroom and the cistern now positioned under the wardrobe. Bob
  15. BBC talking about caravanning , wow.

    The BBC never fail to disappointment my expectations. The caption under the photo of the interior of an Airstream is "Caravans have become lighter, making them easier to tow ". Not the most appropriate choice ! Bob