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  1. unicorn 4 pampalona has arrived

    Hi Doug ! Your new Pamplona must be different to the S4 Cadiz as that still has the hook up point just behind the nearside wheel arch and appears to be the same type as fitted to the S3 so far as I could see on the display models. Enjoy your new Pamplona and I hope you enjoy it as much as we have our three Unicorns so far with our S4 Cadiz due in January. Bob
  2. unicorn 4 pampalona has arrived

    I`ve seen this stated in Practical Caravan reviews of Bailey caravans. They always put it as a negative as a trip hazard. Personally I have never accepted that it is. The cable goes straight behind the awning skirt and under the caravan so there is no hazard. It is not actually 90 degrees, much shallower than that. I think I would be more likely to trip on it on the offside when I am refilling the aquaroll or getting in or out of the car. Just my personal opinion. Bob
  3. unicorn 4 pampalona has arrived

    Just wondered why you are having the mains hook up moved to the offside. What advantage does this have ? Bob
  4. 2012 hobby stolen

    My brother and his wife were deliberately rammed off the road last year by a truck driven by "travellers", apparently just for the fun of it. It happened to others on the same day in the area. My brother and his wife, both in their seventies, were only slightly injured although their car was written off. They could have been killed. After a few days the police contacted them to say they had located the truck but as it was on a travellers` site they could take no further action as it was a no go area for them. So yes, they are above the law. You also probably read about the horror unleashed on the people of Cromer earlier this year when travellers looted shops and restaurants with, as reported, police standing aside and not assisting the proprieters to protect their property. It really is about time Government/police took the necessary action to ensure that these shocking events are stopped and that justice is done. Speech over. Bob
  5. Dometic 9330 door

    Yes, the original problem was with the latch but the complete door was changed as it was bowed. The first replacement door that was sent to the Dometic engineer was also bowed so he had to re order! All done under warranty. The control unit was also replaced as the fridge just got colder and colder until everything froze ! We also had to have the door shelves replaced as they broke very easily. Very shoddy, I believe German, design and manufacture. It has been fine ever since though. Hope we don`t have the same problems with the one in our forthcoming S4 Cadiz. Bob
  6. Unicorn 4 bits

    I have now checked the brochures for the S3 and the S4 and the wording is different. In the S3 brochure it said "TPMS ready ", which means tyre sensors fitted but monitor not included, but the S4 brochure says "TPMS monitoring system". So I am expecting my S4 Cadiz to come with a monitor. Bob
  7. Unicorn 4 bits

    When we got our U3 in March 2015 the monitor unit was an extra cost item, from memory about £80. I didn`t buy one. Bob
  8. Unicorn 4 bits

    So far as I can remember you have covered it very well. Not sure about waste water pipes though. Bob
  9. 2012 hobby stolen

    Good to hear that it is insured. To be honest, even though they may have lost some personal things, it may be better if the caravan is not recovered as it will never be the same again for them. Probably nicer for them to have the money and enjoy buying a new caravan. Wish you and your Parents well, Bob
  10. 2012 hobby stolen

    Very sorry to hear that your Mum and Dad`s Hobby has been stolen and do hope it is quickly found. Unfortunately any Hobby caravan will be targeted by our Traveller friends as it is their favourite make (there are currently around 30 of them in our local area at the moment being moved on from one open area to another) and as the Police openly say that the Traveller sites are a "no go" area for them (I know this from personal experience) it may be very difficult to recover the caravan. Hopefully the caravan was insured. Bob
  11. Unicorn Valencia Review

    Me too ! Bob
  12. Bit Disappointed With 2018 Vans.

    This post is titled "Bit Disappointed In 2018 Vans". I think that they are pretty good, especially the ones with fitted Singer sewing machines. Bob
  13. Bought a Cadiz

    Congratulations Arnie ! Our Cadiz S4 is due in January. Bob
  14. 9mm Ply Board

    Have you tried Bailey Parts website ? Bob
  15. AL-CO ATC led fault

    Wow ! Very impressed, but I think beyond my own capabilities. The bulb on the ATC on our Cadiz is "fixed" at each service but then has stopped functioning by the time we get back from the Dealer to the storage yard. The ATC works fine though. Bob