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  1. Spot on - the demo mode needs to be turned off first, then the SRC button works perfectly as an on/off switch. In the setting menu the Powersave mode needs to be activated and the Demo mode turned off.
  2. It happens at UK Pay at the Pump pumps too. Tesco will pre-authorise your card to £99 I believe.
  3. Make sure you’ve set the clock - easily overlooked.
  4. I hope so - I bought a new one just 2 weeks ago! I also have a 3G MIFI.
  5. That 7.5m is a body length, not shipping length. I’ve had many discussions with companies regarding this over the years.
  6. We were with CaravanGuard for many years until they insisted on a tracker being fitted to our new van. We then moved to CMHC. We did make a claim with CaravanGuard for body repairs (scratches) and they were excellent. I would go back to them if they were competitive. One thing though - they were a bit more restrictive than CMHC on where the van was kept.
  7. I don’t think you can pick up the Astra satellite with a 55cm dish in that area. I’ve read that you need a 90cms dish in the south of France. Are there any Brits on site who are connected to satellite TV? May be worth asking them.
  8. Glad you’ve managed to find the secret button. Just a heads up - if you turn the awning light on with the fob you must also use the fob to turn it off, as you’ve already discovered.
  9. Could you block the vents at the back of the bed with something like a towel?
  10. We have very much experienced the same on all sites this year - with the exception of a smaller adult-only site that we regularly visit. It’s not been a pleasurable experience arriving and having very limited choice of pitch - never seen the sites so busy, but we must have faith, because we’ve got a new van on order lol.
  11. Hi Dave & welcome. You will find most answers to any questions within this Group - and if you don’t, just ask away. There will be someone who can help or point you in the right direction. In my opinion there is no better holiday experience for little ones than one in the great outdoors. Our two boys, now 38 & 35, grew up caravanning and it’s a great way to make friends and enjoy that fresh air - in all weathers. Start building memories that you will talk about for ever - including the mishaps when they occur lol. Glen.
  12. We don’t have the same fridge, but I always thought that the freezers in caravan fridges weren’t designed to freeze food (other than ice cubes), but merely to keep previously frozen food frozen. I appreciate they’re not the best, but check the manual and see what it says.
  13. We hope you continue to enjoy your holidays, however you choose to take them. Very best wishes. Glen and Les.
  14. Friends of ours have used this person from Cwmbran. He covers a wide area - https://www.mobilecaravanengineers.co.uk/item/dae-caravan-servicesltd/
  15. That is a good deal. I recently purchased a 24GB Sim for £31 odd - valid for 2 years, but unlikely to last that long.
  16. Check that the Aux fuse on the main board has not blown.
  17. We have data on our phones and now only use the Mifi when the phone signals struggle. We find the MIFI can often get a signal when the phone can’t, so we always take it with us. The sim usually lasts the full 2 years too.
  18. Thank you - just ordered at £31.29, as mine expires in Sep. I’ve been checking prices over the past month or so and they’ve increased greatly. Much appreciated. 👍
  19. Newport Caravans have become Coachman dealers from this month and we have today placed an order with them for a new Acadia 565 Special Edition. Our previous Coachman vans have been serviced by them for years and we are delighted that we have been able to order our new van from them at last. Hopefully their dealership will prove convenient for many people living in the South Wales area, who previously had to head west or over the border to England.
  20. We ended up taking the chrome posts off ours - we noticed the newer models were being sold without the rods, so worked on the basis they don’t work and get stuck. We will put them back on when we sell the van lol.
  21. Put pressure on the door whilst trying the button again. We had one disintegrate on us, but it was the type with the long rods behind the door which hooked at the top & bottom. You can also try unscrewing the button knob and seeing if you can wiggle the mechanism behind. We bought a replacement on eBay.
  22. I can’t really comment on the softer ground issues as we’re usually on gravel or hardstanding, but they spread the load fairly well.
  23. If you are able & willing to drive out to start your rides I can highly recommend the Peak District trails - Monsal, Tissington & High Peak (we weren’t that impressed with the Manifold). We also love the Tarka Trail in Devon & the Camel Trail in Cornwall. The Wirral is also great for cycling. We also have the “Traffic Free Cycle Rides” book by Sustrans - and use it to plan new destinations. Highly recommend it.
  24. Sorry I don’t know about the larger ones, but we have the standard ones and also bought the Stacka Pads which slot underneath them if you’re on sloping ground. They are very good as, invariably, you only need them at either front or back, so you can use two under each steady if needed.
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