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  1. Out of curiosity did you have the blind open or closed? Just thinking that if it was closed the build up of heat would have caused it. How old is the caravan?
  2. Buy the proper stuff - it’s not really that expensive, I think we paid £12/13 at a dealer’s last year. Depends how much you need, of course.
  3. The vans showing as Dealer Stock will probably be the demonstration vans delivered at the start of the season.
  4. Lol - I suppose it wouldn’t be the first time. 😂
  5. We always use Taunton Deane on our way south. We called in there on 13th May, heading to Cornwall, and there was quite a presence of police vehicles and HGV checks going on. We pulled up behind a police car and popped off inside for a coffee - safe in the knowledge that our van was unlikely to be stolen at that time. When we came out another police car was parked behind us, guarding us perfectly lol.
  6. But what is the purpose of the survey - how will the findings be used?
  7. Good point. I was always told to ask what benefit the survey would provide - otherwise it’s a pointless exercise.
  8. I was going to suggest something similar. Our Son rented a storage unit (they come in all different sizes) when they moved in with us after selling their house. He was paying around £20 a week, but it was one of the larger units. It was a local company, not a global one. Worth checking.
  9. If you are referring to the fixing screws on the “A” frame fairing, we also snapped one, but our servicing workshop replaced the screw (and cap) free of charge. We think we had contributed to the breakage by pulling the jockey wheel up too far - it was tight against the fairing and probably caused it to strain the screw fixing. Not had a problem since.
  10. Thanks for this. It makes sense not to change much this year and just get back to normal. Enjoy your 520 when you get it. We used to have this model before opting for the fixed singles 565 model. I’m hoping the show goes ahead this year, I’ve really missed it.
  11. We’ve had one such outfit next to us for the past 5 days - pulled off this morning. Ironically, it was like home from home, because we have a neighbour who does the same thing. Never known one person need to open/close so many car doors. Re the tent guy lines, we did an overnight on a busy site in Germany and when we returned to our caravan after going out for a meal, the caravan next door (Dutch) had erected a pup tent for the kids and the guy ropes were under our van. We could literally open the window and touch the tent! Maybe we should’ve complained, but we just went to bed. Th
  12. Sometimes people revisiting sites have “favourite” pitches, so if one of those was free we’d be next to you, despite there being other vacant pitches - not likely to be many this year, I suspect,
  13. Do you know what the 2022 spec will look like, or have you ordered based on 2021 models? If you’ve any info on changes for 2022 I’d be very interested to hear about them please. Many thanks, Glen.
  14. We have separate books with our 2017 Pastiche - handbook & service/warranty book.
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