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  1. Hi there. We removed the external white vent covers, by sliding across the little catches on the top edge (2 on each). Be careful as they can be brittle. Then we measured the gap they had to fit into, butting up against the plastic edge of the hole. Once you’ve cut the rectangles you just need to cut out two slits in each one - the same as the Thetford ones - then place each one in the gap, slit at the top, and refit the white vent covers back on the van. You won’t see them through the vent unless you look very closely. Glen.
  2. That’s a good idea. I may do that myself. We were due to be away in the caravan, but having been in local lockdown for the past 6 weeks and national one from Friday we had to cancel. Thank you.
  3. We consider ourselves lucky to have managed 36 nights so far this year - Ironically, we are now “free to go”, as released from looking after the Grandchildren, but we now can’t go! (Local Welsh Lockdown). Forum total = 423.
  4. The little switch on the PCB just turns the internal battery power on or off. It’s fitted to ensure that the internal battery doesn’t run down during the period between manufacture & sale. It should be switched on during the van’s PDI and it remains on until the battery needs changing, which requires you to switch it off to do so. Not sure how old your van is, but in the Sargeant literature it states that the internal battery should be replaced at around 3 years. Our van is 4 years old in February and not changed it yet, but will do so if the system decides to malfunction in an
  5. Have you checked if there are any other GT65 models available? As long as they are around the same length as your Bologna their asking price will be around the same, subject to minor variations. Of course, it doesn’t help that most dealers sold a lot of their stock this year, so there may be nothing to compare with. You could always ask a dealer for a part-ex price and use that as a starting point. Edit - I found an advert for a 2013 Bologna offered at £13,995 by a dealer in West Wales. It’s now sold.
  6. These are our home-made winter covers, made from the same flexible chopping boards mentioned by Johnaldo above. Obviously if you want to make full covers just don’t cut out the vent section. They fit behind the outer vents.
  7. We haven’t been for a few years, but our O2 phones didn’t work well. We took a Vodafone PAYG which was temperamental - but our “3” MiFi actually worked and I was delighted, as it was the first time we’d been able to access the internet from there. No site WiFi available.
  8. I’m pleased to see that Coachman have now improved the back boards with the additional, shaped piece of wood. We modified ours in our 2017 Pastiche, firstly by doing the same as martinc3 above, but also by screwing a batten, which we got for a couple of pounds in the Ikea bargain bay, across the top of the vertical supports. This prevents the boards from bending, but also allows the Alde heating to still perform.
  9. We visited for the first time last month and we found the road noise a bit annoying - we were on the newer pitches closer to the road and more exposed. It was quite a walk to the facilities from the new pitches too. Ok for us, but thought I’d mention it in case anyone else has booked - you may want to ask for a pitch nearer the facilities if your mobility is not great. We enjoyed our stay there, but didn’t get to meet the owners due to contactless check-in. In fact we didn’t see them at all in our 9 day stay. The Country Harvest shop near the entrance does excellent food in the cafe and worth
  10. I just use all the timed settings on our system - perfect and already installed! 😂
  11. We mostly use ours for heating up, but I’ve discovered roasting bags. They keep the splashes in the bag. Have even cooked burgers & sausages in them when the weather has prevented outdoor cooking. Ok, they don’t brown as well, as they are contained in their juices, but they taste the same. My favourite is a couple of chicken portions, tossed in mixed herbs or other seasoning, and thrown in the bag for 45mins - and no mess. I do put a few slits in the top of the bag to allow steam to escape.
  12. I was excited to find one in our previous Ford Kuga, especially as we were going “off grid” for a week and I was wondering how I would recharge my ebike battery. Then I realised it was only suitable for up to 150w and no way would it be be powerful enough to recharge the 36v battery in a decent time. Consequently, we never used it and the battery got recharged in the local rugby club. 😂
  13. I should think they wouldn’t be too difficult to make, but how much you want to pay for made to measure curtains is another thing. You could try contacting some of the leisure furnishing companies who supply to the manufacturers, but they may not deal direct with the public. I know that Regal Furnishings will, but not sure if they make curtains. Personally, I would be happy to make my own - you may find a local person who will help you out.
  14. You have chosen well and won’t be disappointed. If you didn’t pay to book a particular pitch they will allocate you one and escort you to it when you arrive. Most are now fully serviced, some are Premium pitches, but wherever you are it will be fab.
  15. Welcome to the group. Your mention of the Leda brought back memories of our Leda Quantock - we bought it new, probably around 1984/5, but it wasn’t a good van for towing, with the end corner seating/bed arrangement. Then it had to have a brand new front after little splits in the GRP(?) started to appear around the front windows. I don’t think we had it very long before we moved over to the more superior Bailey models. Had a break from caravanning when the boys were in their teens, but came back to it in 2009 and now trying to enjoy retirement in our Coachman (in between looking after the Gran
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