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  1. Welcome to the group. Your mention of the Leda brought back memories of our Leda Quantock - we bought it new, probably around 1984/5, but it wasn’t a good van for towing, with the end corner seating/bed arrangement. Then it had to have a brand new front after little splits in the GRP(?) started to appear around the front windows. I don’t think we had it very long before we moved over to the more superior Bailey models. Had a break from caravanning when the boys were in their teens, but came back to it in 2009 and now trying to enjoy retirement in our Coachman (in between looking after the Grandchildren). Glen
  2. We’ve had three. Currently have the 2.0L 150BHP 4x4 diesel variant, towing 1550kgs MTPLM. The higher powered 180BHP model has more “oomph”, but we sacrificed this for our current model, which does the job absolutely fine.
  3. As Graham said above. We usually leave the little yellow in-line taps open whilst travelling home, along with the waste outlet flaps, to allow any water trapped in the pipework to drain out - the shaking of f the van usually displaced it. We also drain our toilet flush water - there is a little tube tucked up inside the toilet locker for this purpose. Don’t forget to turn all your services off - gas, electric and turn the fridge off at the switch on the fridge. Also turn off the Master Switch on your control panel. After travelling leave your fridge/freezer door open to prevent mould forming. Lots to think of, but it will soon become second nature.
  4. We have a Nextbase, mid range, cost about £99 with the hard-wiring kit, which means it switches on and off automatically when the car is started/stopped. Excellent quality and was easy to fit ourselves. Apart from running the cable it was just a change of fuse at the fuseboard.
  5. I am surprised that you found the Truma guys unhelpful - we’ve had nothing but good experiences when chatting to them. Back to the boiler - as far as I recall, it needs an adequate 12v supply to run it, whether using gas or 240v. Ours used to flash up an error code if it lost the 12v supply. I’m surprised you have no error codes if it’s not functioning properly.
  6. Friends of ours bought the old caravan used in the filming of Gavin & Stacey. They did a fantastic job renovating it. Laminate flooring, new corner suite, painted the kitchen cupboards, new wallpaper & curtains, amongst other things.
  7. We had a nice stay there 3 years ago. If I remember correctly, just before the access road to the Touring Park there was another road to some holiday retreat lodges. Maybe they are merging? I doubt my loyalty card with 2 free coffees on it will still be valid. 😂
  8. 11th July, but I guess we all know that. Reason for doing so is to allow people to book Saturday to Saturday dates to maximise their holiday time.
  9. The owner of a Tranquil Park Touring Site in Wales has posted a video today stating he can open from 13th July, subject to virus continuing to be under control, but without any facilities open. Hoping that he’s right and the industry can get moving again.
  10. If your service was due during lockdown you have a 90 day extension from release of lockdown to get it done. There was a post on this earlier in lockdown, but this is the post that Coachman put on their Facebook page on 25th March - Notice to all our customers. Many of our customers who are due their Annual Service are contacting us concerned about meeting their deadline dates due to the Coronavirus restrictions placed upon Companies, Dealerships and Service Centres etc. Please, do not worry. We will not penalise any customers within this period providing their caravan is serviced within 90 days of the Government restrictions being lifted. Until this time, we hope you and your families remain safe and look forward to touring in the future. Coachman Caravan Company Limited.
  11. We also have a 2017 Pastiche and we noticed that the upholstery was failing before the 1st service. A warranty claim was submitted and we subsequently dealt direct with the company, Leisure Furnishings. We had two refills but still weren’t happy, so insisted on a complete new set, which were duly provided. They are better, but not perfect and we may well decide to have the seat bases refilled with proper foam in due course. We offered to pay for an upgrade during the refill process, but were told they had to refill to the original spec. Good luck with your claim - I wouldn’t hold out much hope though 3 years down the line, as I understand others have been refused after shorter periods. If you scroll through the Coachman topics you’ll probably find a lot over the past couple of years.
  12. We managed with a coolbox for a while then gave in to the fridge, which I remember was very expensive, as they still are today. Our relatives in Swansea introduced us to caravanning and when they changed their van, we bought their’s - An Eccles Amethyst - a bit of a beast, so the car got changed for a Datsun 180B. Only kept the Amethyst for a couple of years and then bought our first brand new van - an Eccles Topaz! (snap 2). 😂 Happy memories.
  13. Yes, they both work well for us. We previously had the 520/4 layout in the VIP range, but decided we wanted permanent beds and opted for the 565 layout in the Pastiche range. At the same time our Freelander2 got changed for a Kuga, which does the towing job remarkably well, but is obviously not quite as solid as the FL2. We went to the factory last September and they were building the 565 range at the time. (See pic). It’s a bit worrying to see how everything is built on to the side walls then lifted into place, all held together by the front, back & roof! Hope you get a date for your van soon. Glen.
  14. Snap! Bought ours second hand from Barry Caravans in 1976/7. Exactly as you describe, but Les did fit an Electrolux fridge - and I made new curtains, these ghastly orange ones lol. 😂 Towed by a Datsun Cherry 100A!
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