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  1. Sadly yes. We’ve had 2 Coachmans and in each one the microwave is just wedged in with wooden struts - one above to stop it rising and one in front/behind. There must be some on the side too, but we find it slides to the left and then the door catches on the trim. Wedging the rubber in stops it moving. The microwave in a previous Bailey Pegasus was screwed in.
  2. In between other plates - stored flat, wrapped in a J-cloth. I also secure the microwave by wedging a rubber mat in the gap, because it does have a tendency to slide within its housing. The kitchen roll top and bottom stops the door rubbing the metal during transit. All learned from past experiences!
  3. Very best wishes. I truly hope it all goes well. We have seen a few sole caravanners, including ladies, on our travels, so you are not alone. Good Luck and don’t be afraid to ask a fellow caravanner for help and guidance if you feel you need it. Most are ready and willing to give help, but don’t like to step forward for fear of offending. Glen.
  4. Many, many years ago when rear springs were rather soft (Datsun 180B). Not felt the need since. Glen & Les.
  5. That’s a separate breakdown policy Joanie, not something you can add to your standard caravan insurance policy. We are thinking of taking it out though, purely for peace of mind. Thanks.
  6. It is my understanding that the light unit is separate to the rear wall - there is sealant all around ours - and on a recent factory visit I took a photo of a rear light unit being held in place, presumably waiting for sealant/bonding to dry. I would think the whole unit would need to be “freed” again to access the wiring behind.
  7. Is it possible that the van’s 13 pin plug needs realigning with the little green plug tool? It’s worth trying. Also, is there a fuse for the ATC - I don’t know the answer, sorry.
  8. We have our caravan insured for the above through the CMC - there is no option for breakdown cover on that policy.
  9. I remember seeing the linen bag in the base of the wardrobe when we looked inside the redesigned 520 bathroom when we were changing our van. At the time I thought it was a waste, because I store quite a bit in the bottom of the wardrobe, which would make the bag inaccessible. The drawers in our 565 are, I think, just as shallow, because the wheel arch is behind them, but we manage. Stay positive and enjoy! Glen.
  10. Enjoy your new van kiaboy. Look forward to hearing the running report after your first outing - hope it’s all positive. We did the Factory Tour last Saturday - very interesting and very much all “hands on deck”. Not a single Dometic toilet in sight - lots of Thetford ones on the shelves, ready for installation. Enjoyed it. Glen.
  11. We encountered this problem when we had the Freelander2 and a problem developed with the van - they wouldn’t come out, but I thought they would for a tyre problem. We now have Ford Assist and I’m still not comfortable that the van is covered, so thinking of taking out Mayday through the CMC. It’s for peace of mind really, even though the car will be covered twice!
  12. I only ever had 500mb of data on my phone, so a MiFi with a pre-loaded card was my choice and it’s worked really well for me. The MiFi unit often picks up a signal in areas where a standard phone won’t because it’s not trying to run apps etc as well. However, I now have a 4Gb monthly data allowance on my phone, so I tend to use both. One is on Tesco Mobile (O2) and the other on “3”.
  13. I was really worried about the heat coming up the side of the bed from the Alde radiator, but it’s been fine. We do reduce the night time temperature to around 14 degs, so it only comes on if it’s a really cold night. Daytime setting goes off about an hour before we usually go to bed and then comes back on about an hour before we get up. We don’t like the van to be too hot, so ours usually runs between 17/19 degs during the evening. Although the Alde Heating is great, I had absolutely no problem with the blown air system (Truma Combi 4E) in our previous van.
  14. Excellent caravan breakers here - give them a ring. https://www.caravanbreakers.net/
  15. Definitely - these are not budget vans.
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