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  1. I don’t find it difficult. I have the day setting to come on at 7am (we get up around 7.30-8.00) and that gets van up to 17 degs and water heated. Daytime goes off at 5.30pm and the system then defaults to manual, so I can play with the temperature during the evening if it needs to go up a notch. Night setting then kicks in at 10pm, when I have the temperature set to 14 degs (in case of a chilly night) and water is off. All works well and I never have to change the timed settings. On the subject of a quick start guide, you may some useful info in your caravan manual, but there are also some very useful YouTube videos showing you how to alter the settings.
  2. First visited in February 2011 with our then new Bailey - learned the hard way that you shouldn’t use butane (Blue) gas in the winter. 😂 Paying a return visit in November - looking forward to it.
  3. There’s wasn’t a tour last year due to factory expansion, so had to wait for bookings to open early in January - my form was in the post on the day they could be submitted! They have a limit of about 80 vans, I think, so we got lucky. 😀
  4. I believe it does, but only from what I’ve read elsewhere.
  5. I think there’s only one body shape now, apart from the 8ft wide Laser of course. We are doing the factory tour at the end of September, so looking forward, hopefully, to getting a peek before showtime - not that we are looking to change, but nice to look.
  6. Just saw these posts on Facebook - new Acadia range replaces Vision & Pastiche & 8ft Models launched. Alde Heating in all models. Coachman say new models will start arriving at dealers end of August/beginning September.
  7. Could be something as simple as low voltage from your leisure battery, although that usually does give an error code. Worth checking your battery is fully charged, as it needs the 12v, even when running on EHU.
  8. Speaking yesterday to someone whose 2017 Clubman was due to go back to the factory for remedial work following an internal flood (floor and coverings). She told me the job is now being done at the Dealer’s, by Lunar factory staff. She’s happy that the work will be done, but worried about the future water ingress warranty, as obviously there won’t be one. She also mentioned that the dealer had a few days notice of the impending Administration and they managed to go to the factory and retrieve a few vans that had already been delivered there ready for warranty repairs. Sad situation all round, but well done all the dealers who are taking the hit and helping their customers.
  9. Thank you for responding to customer needs - a listening company, much appreciated.
  10. I was going to suggest this route, but am very wary of the weekend road closures on the A465 around Brynmawr. Fine if travelling mid week, but need to check for closure if on a weekend. https://traffic.wales/news/a465-brynmawr-gilwern-road-widening-scheme-planned-road-closures
  11. Travelling over the Brecon Beacons via the A470 from Merthyr Tydfil to Brecon is absolutely fine, but don’t take the earlier turn off from Hirwaun.
  12. A lot of sellers put a “Retention of Title” clause in the contract which means the goods remain under their ownership until fully paid for. The difficulty arises if they’ve already been used - bricks, timber etc already erected.
  13. I hope you left a suitable review on the CMC website or reported your findings to the Club. We understand your issues with the weekenders arriving and taking over. We love the site, but only Mon-Fri. As we can’t do that at the moment, because we look after our Grandchildren on Mondays and Tuesdays, we are currently not going there - but I do miss it for the cycling and beach walks.
  14. Our Magnum used to cross the front window on our Bailey Pegasus and it was generally fine, but after leaving it up in gusty winds we did discover that it had slightly scuffed the window. Just be aware of this in windy weather.
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