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  1. Glen and Les

    Second service & Alde Fluid Change

    I’m sure we could’ve done it ourselves, but our van is in storage with no facilities, so makes everything a bit more complicated. Done now! 😀
  2. Glen and Les

    Second service & Alde Fluid Change

    Sadly no, there are only 2 fluids - one with a a 2 year life span and the other with a 5 year lifespan. Most manufacturers sell vans with the 2 year fluid, hence the reason we have just had it changed to the 5 year stuff. We attended the Alde Factory tour last August with the Coachman Owners Club and this was confirmed by them.
  3. Glen and Les

    Second service & Alde Fluid Change

    I asked if we would need to drill any holes to receive the screw and was told we wouldn’t. I get the impression that it pushes on as normal, but there’s this additional screw fitted as a “deterrent” to light fingers! Where it fits will be revealed once we receive them lol!
  4. Glen and Les

    Second service & Alde Fluid Change

    I ordered direct from Powrtouch - only sell new style in pairs and no discount, but price does include P&P. Was hoping to just get the one, but no luck.
  5. Our 2017 Pastiche 565 had its second service & Alde Fluid change yesterday. All good, particularly the damp report readings. We had asked for our “still squeaky” brakes to be investigated and it transpires that the offside drum is badly scored, so a warranty claim is being submitted. Very pleased that Newport Caravans currently have an offer on to change the Alde fluid for £179, instead of the £216 we were originally quoted, so final bill of £370 was well-received. One negative - they noticed that one of our Powrtouch Evolution side covers was missing, either it has fallen off or been “removed”. Phoned Powrtouch, who informed me this is not covered under warranty (I didn’t expect it to be) and that the covers were modified last year to include a screw fitting, as quite a few people were reporting them missing. Can only buy as a pair, so £40 out of pocket. Insurance due end of month too, so a heavy month of caravan bills! Roll on February for first outing of the year. Glen.
  6. Glen and Les

    Fishing site

    Old Oaks near Glastonbury has their own private fishing pond. I’m no fisherwoman, so can’t comment on the quality of the fishing. Site is well above par, adult only and your Wife will not be disappointed.
  7. That’s a brilliant job. We used to buy touch-up paint from Panel Works but they stopped selling it. I saw their premises at the rear of Bawtry Caravans last year when we were in the area - unfortunately it was a Sunday and they were closed, otherwise I would’ve popped in. All ready for this season now. Enjoy. Glen.
  8. Glen and Les

    Abbey vogue 1999 front n/s and o/s front windows

    Have you tried these in Blaenavon? https://www. caravanbreakers. net/
  9. Glen and Les

    Site recommendations, places to keep teens happy?

    Yes, it’s a nice site, although does get busy during school holidays. It’s right at the entrance to the country park and has easy access to cycle routes, including the Millennium Coastal Path which runs all the way to Llanelli. You can enter the country park on foot or cycle free - there is a charge for cars, but if you can walk down to the beach not a problem. Car charges usually cheaper late afternoon. Happy New Year to you too. Glen.
  10. Glen and Les

    Red Pennant Quote

    They are in the brochure details - at the end. Caravans are covered up to 8m shipping length (now no width specified) and there’s are different limits for Motorhomes. Interestingly, on the Club’s website it does say they can cover larger outfits under the “Plus” policy - obviously costs more.
  11. Glen and Les

    Site recommendations, places to keep teens happy?

    I’ve never stayed on the Park’s site so not able to comment, sorry. I guess you could check out reviews online, but we always stay at the CMC site.
  12. Glen and Les

    FreeGo Electric Bikes heading for liquidation.

    I saw a notice on AS Bikes website about the tax and impending increases in price. Surprisingly, FreeGo personnel never mentioned anything - and they’re quite active on the Owners’ FB Group. They had some good offers on a couple of months ago, but some bikes were out of stock back then - maybe they knew what was on the cards.
  13. It saddens me to say that the UK Importer & Supplier of these great ebikes has announced that they are going into liquidation due, in the main, to a new “anti-dumping” tax imposed by the EU on these Chinese imports. FreeGo bikes are excellent quality, but if you’ve got one and are worried about spares etc. speak with your local cycle dealer who may be able to help. You may also want to join the FreeGo Owners Club on Facebook - a great bunch of members supporting each other and sharing experiences. Glen.
  14. Glen and Les

    Site recommendations, places to keep teens happy?

    If your children love their bikes then Pembrey Country Park nr. Burry Port on the South Wales coast would keep them happy for hours - and a wonderful beach nearby too, along with trips to the Gower Peninsula and Swansea. The country park also has a dry ski/toboggan run (payable). Doggies love this area too.
  15. Glen and Les

    Red Pennant Quote

    We only ever take out the motoring side of the protection as we have comprehensive travel insurance to cover us - I know it’s not ideal, because it’s not all with RP, but that’s how we choose to do it. We haven’t been abroad with the van since 2017 so I can’t comment on present prices.