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  1. Hoburne Bashley is another site on the edge of the New Forest which has converted its touring pitches to statics/lodges. We used to attend an early season rally here with the CSMA (Boundless).
  2. I agree that Club site prices are increasing at an alarming rate. I see that their “Easter” prices start on 5th April, to ensure they capture all variations of school holiday dates. Just when you think you’ll grab a quiet week away before the rush starts you get clobbered by the higher prices. 😡
  3. We bought the proper one designed for the sink. More expensive, but it’s the one you used to receive with a new van. If you search for Spinflo washing up bowl you will find loads available online, or at your caravan accessory shop. We got the grey one, but they also do a black version now.
  4. We were quoted £216 for the fluid change by our service workshop when we booked our van in for 2nd service, but on the day it cost us £179, as they had an offer on. Alde Factory price was £200 last August.
  5. Thanks for this, I will bookmark it for future reference. In the meantime I have found info on the web (from Ford) that confirms Joanie’s initial post, which is 2 years or 18,000 miles for the 2.0L Diesel.
  6. I am confused - as we have just collected a new (19 plate) Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCI and in the service book it just has a reference to note no. 1 against all the Diesel engines. Fast forward to Note 1 and it says “Refer to Dealer for Info”. That’s fine, but our dealer has hand-written “10,000 miles or 12 months”, which is what our previous Kuga was. All other engines seem to be 12,500 miles. Guess we’ll need to enquire closer to the due time.
  7. We have only ever used the Fern Pass when crossing from Germany to Austria and we didn’t truly enjoy that, but I have just put the route from Mittenwald to Innsbruck into the ViaMichelin route planner and apparently it is ok for Caravans - no alternative route was suggested. It does however warn of some steep descents and sharp turns around Zirl and I would be concerned about the constant braking and certainly make sure you keep away from the kerbside, because there are usually deep gullies and we have witnessed, on the Fern Pass, a caravan with it’s wheel down in the gully where the car driver obviously did not take a wide enough turn.
  8. The Old Oaks, Glastonbury already has one of the cassette toilet cleaning machines - we’ve not used it, but I understand that it recharges the cassette with the correct dose of chemical ready for the next use, so not all the cost is in the cleaning. We also saw a similar machine in Germany 2 years ago, so they must be getting more popular.
  9. Our previous van had a clear window, but then Coachman decided opaque was the way to go - for some, maybe, but not all. I really miss my clear window. At least I could pull down flyscreens and blinds to give privacy if I wanted it, but I can’t do anything, other than open the window wide, if I want to look out of the new opaque one! 😢
  10. Brake drums etc changed this week so all now quiet on the Pastiche front! For the time being we have a fault-free caravan! 🤞
  11. Our previous VIP had the drain pipe and so does our current Pastiche - it flicks up out of the way. Would be very surprised if your model doesn’t have one. Hope they can get it sorted at the service. Glen.
  12. Similar to the above post. I have stored a “day” setting to come on at 07.00am (we get up between 7.30-8.00 so warms up nicely by then) and go off at 17.00. Once it goes off it defaults to the temperature on the panel, which I can increase/decrease during the evening if I need to. Our “night” setting kicks in at 22.00 (to cool down the van by bed time) and it’s actually set quite low, 13 degs, as I don’t like heating overnight, water is off during the night too. Day then kicks in again at 7.00am. These settings are remembered by the control panel - you just need to make sure you set the clock when you arrive on site, or fit the battery back-up unit, which we haven’t. If we are out for much of the day I may tweak the day setting not to waste electricity whilst we are out. You will get used to it and find out what works best for you.
  13. Went today. Bought a new bag to put my folding ebike in, some Autoglym Fast Glass Cleaner and two coffees/cakes. Had a nice day out though and met up with some fellow members on the Coachman Owners Club stand.
  14. Thanks Tigger for your work on getting the line at Broadway up and running. We visit the site twice a year (in fact we are here now) and have been following progress over the past 5/6 years. We saw our first steam train trundle along the line past the site last October and it was lovely to hear the whistle blowing as it approached. Well done to you and your fellow volunteers.
  15. Coachman prices go up next week too - after the show.
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