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  1. You may be able to find out what comes with the van from Adria’s website/brochure. Please note that your AlKo Locks will probably not fit the new van as they are van specific.
  2. Our Son has been told that his annual leave entitlement will not be affected by furlough - there are going to be a lot of people all wanting to take holidays during the latter part of the year.
  3. Just received confirmation that CMC will be refunding my deposit for our June trip, but it may take up to 14 days to hit my account - I can live with that. Thank you CMC.
  4. If you are looking to get a new battery, you want to consider getting the existing one recelled. This company has been helping out owners of FreeGo ebikes and they come highly recommended. https://ebikebatteries.co.uk/ It may, however, be worth speaking to a local bike shop, as there are fuses/controllers that can fail too - there’s a fuse in my battery, worth checking that first. Good Luck,
  5. Can I ask, please, did you then receive an automated email listing all the cancellation charges and showing your balance being used to pay them? I rang yesterday morning, spoke with a lady working from home. She struggled to get my details up and said she’d call me back. An hour later I received this email but no phone call to explain the process. I did ring back in the afternoon and spoke with a different person, also working from home, who told me just ignore it. Did you get a similar experience? Thanks, Glen.
  6. I think he’s had to close under the new rules Val, but I agree he’s been super helpful. Glen.
  7. Stay local. I know it’s hard and she probably wants to drive to a nice little beauty spot to share nice scenery with her Husband, but the authorities clearly don’t want people doing this. In our area the Brecon Beacons National Park has closed just about everything in their area, including canal tow paths, mountains, etc. https://www.breconbeacons.org/coronavirus-covid-19 In addition our local authority has closed all country parks - we had hoped we could’ve gone for a cycle ride, but now realise that’s not possible as our routes pass through two such parks. Instead, we just take a walk in the lanes behind our house. I hope you can persuade her not to undertake this journey. Police are stopping people and she would feel awful if she was stopped. Good Luck & stay safe.
  8. Coachman Caravans have this evening issued this statement - Notice to all our customers. Many of our customers who are due their Annual Service are contacting us concerned about meeting their deadline dates due to the Coronavirus restrictions placed upon Companies, Dealerships and Service Centres etc. Please, do not worry. We will not penalise any customers within this period providing their caravan is serviced within 90 days of the Government restrictions being lifted. Until this time, we hope you and your families remain safe and look forward to touring in the future. Coachman Caravan Company Limited.
  9. We are in a similar situation - travelling in June, balance due by 2nd April. I have no wish to pay the balance and checked their website today - they are asking people not to contact them unless you are travelling in the next 7 days, so I’ve held back. Maybe I should just pick the phone up and ask too, but I don’t wish to burden them at this obviously busy time. As part of our trip I have independently reserved a pitch on a French site for 6 nights and paid a small deposit of 33 Euros, which I’m not expecting to get back when I contact them to cancel. As for deposits paid on UK Commercial Sites, we’ve only paid one (£25) and the site is offering to hold this against any future booking in 2020 or 2021. We’re happy with that.
  10. You used to be able to “borrow” a tap from AlKo. Worth asking them.
  11. We’re all in that situation - but we should get something back if the Government forces closure. Time is another matter - we need to book our longer, main holiday trips when our Son & Daughter-in-Law take their annual hols, as we look after their children a few days a week. Our continental trip in June has taken a lot of planning and we wouldn’t be able to just move it to another date. In fact, the final balance is due to be paid to CMC by 2nd April and, at this point in time, I really don’t know what to do. I’m hoping they will be able to extend the payment date until nearer the trip departure date. Deep down I can’t see us going, but I live in hope. 🤞
  12. Coachman Owners’s Club have just just made the difficult, but necessary, decision to cancel all rallies until the end of June.
  13. We have just spent a lovely 6 nights at Old Oaks, Glastonbury and they are taking the virus seriously. Cloths have been removed from communal areas, additional cleaning taking place and I have just read their update on the situation, with strict guidelines for persons who are taken ill whilst on site - pack up and move off site. https://www.theoldoaks.co.uk/coronavirus-information-for-old-oaks-guests/ I think all businesses are right to be concerned, Caravan sites are not immune.
  14. Sorry to hear this, but at least we have good old Social Media and Caravantalk to stay in touch with the World. We have just returned, today, from a trouble-free 6 night stay at Old Oaks, Glastonbury. Hope we haven’t caught anything whilst we’ve been out and about - time will tell. Hoping you get well soon and that your isolation period passes quickly. Glen.
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