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  1. We’ve had many Caravans over the years and never had (or wanted) a front towing cover. I would much rather just give the front of the van a rinse down on site than have to wipe off, dry & store a cover. Then you have to clean the front of the van again before you leave to ensure there’s no dust etc. left behind to damage the van, as mentioned above by Mr Plodd. Just my opinion of course. Glen.
  2. At our first service on our 2013 VIP the readings all said “0”. When I queried it I was told there is no need to report under 15%. Every other service we’ve had since, at the same workshop, now shows the readings, however small.
  3. Drums/shoes replaced on our 2017 Coachman in February and been fine since. It’s a problem across all manufacturers who use AlKo chassis.
  4. Contact Isabella direct or ask a dealer to order them for you. Isabella made ours a few years ago and posted them to us. They weren’t cheap. As regards the centre pole you can get one, but would need to insert another hole in the canvas. We chose the 360 model because it had 3 poles.
  5. After getting very negative replies about CalorLite availability from a major Calor agent not far from home, pleased to say we have been able to exchange like for like at Lydford Caravan Site, where we are currently staying. Price higher than we would normally pay, but not overly concerned. Hopefully Calor will have resolved the “lite” bottle issue by the time we next need one.
  6. We have towed down the A592 from Penrith along the shores of Ullswater and it’s ok, but watch out for cyclists and the dry stone walls - a few bends where you need to be careful. We usually stay at Troutbeck Head site at the head of the A5091, the other route you mentioned, and we’ve driven this road to Ullswater numerous times in the car - I probably wouldn’t recommend towing the caravan down there as there are a few pinch points. Stick to the lakeside route.
  7. It’s was a while back now (2013), but we had a new socket fitted for around £25 at the place that fitted our Towbar. We left the car with them for a few hours.
  8. A MiFi unit works from a normal mobile phone signal, but does appear to pull in a weak signal where your smartphone won’t. The MiFi unit itself is just a phone without the screen/apps, which you can then use as a base to connect your devices to. They work with “Data” sims, not the usually mobile phone sims. We tend to use the “3” network for our MiFi and have been able to pick up a signal where we can’t with our phones (O2). We don’t have a contract, preferring to buy just the data sim, preloaded with various amounts of data allowance, which last either 3, 12 or 24 months (sooner if you use the data). Sims have got more expensive over the past year or so though. If you look through the topics in the “mobile internet (WiFi and more)” section of the forum (where you posted this question) there are lots of topics which should help you. Glen.
  9. We bought the Nextbase 312GW plus the hardwire kit and installed it ourselves - easy job. Just transferred it to the new car and when Les phoned our insurance company to change vehicle details he was asked if there was a dashcam fitted. No idea if it gives us a discount - will find out when due for renewal in July.
  10. Ours went down this year - amazed! That was CMC also. Very pleased and couldn’t get another quote anywhere near it.
  11. Very sad indeed - and a sober reminder that the 6m distance between outfits on site is there for very good reason. Caravans in storage are so close together it’s inevitable that a fire in one is going to cause great devastation. Feel so sorry for all the owners.
  12. That’s what concerns us - the used car market. If we buy used again we’ll be getting underneath the car to check.
  13. Thank you all for your comments - they are very reassuring. In all our years of caravanning we have never had this piece of metal handed back to us previously. Years ago Les used to fit our own tow bars and nothing was ever removed from the car. Just confirms that cars are better made, safety-wise, today.
  14. Thank you. Surprisingly the Ford Dealer we bought the new car from asked us to leave the tow bar on - we were going to get it transferred to the new vehicle, but so glad we didn’t now. Les says if he ever buys a second-hand car again he’ll be checking it hasn’t had a bar removed and nothing put back in its place! I think they call it the “crumple zone”- the bar takes the impact and absorbs the shock by crumpling. Insurance company advised of Towbar fitting. 👍
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