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  1. If they do I suspect it will no longer be a Touring Park.
  2. They are bonded, in the main, but they do clip on in places and these clips could be a source of water ingress if the bonding/sealing hasn’t been done comprehensively. I took this photo on the Factory Tour last Sept.
  3. There are definitely weather-related Freeview problems in our area of SE Wales. Friends have no TV at all - and no SKY available due to close proximity of mountain.
  4. Merry Christmas all - and Happy Caravanning in 2020. Long may this Happy forum continue - I would be lost without it!
  5. As said above, but you may not need to change the fluid. Vans were sold with the 2 year anti-freeze, but newer vans now have the 5 year antifreeze. We changed ours last year for the 5 year type. You can check which fluid you have by the colour - blue = 2 years, pink = 5 years (I hope I’ve got this right!).
  6. Not really - Alde themselves charge around the £200 mark if you have it done at their premises. Not everyone wants to/ or can DIY though.
  7. Newport Caravans (S. Wales) currently have an offer on for 20% off an Alde fluid change - normal price £216. Also 20% off all accessories until 31st Dec. Just sharing for info. Glen.
  8. If it’s a Thetford fridge you can make your own to fit underneath the white grille. We made ours out of some flexible plastic (multi pack of chopping board sheets from supermarket).
  9. Some insurance companies insist that you have a EHIC card - and use it as first port of call. My Husband, Les, was admitted to hospital in Austria 2 years ago with pneumonia and we used the card there. We just had to pay a nightly fee to the hospital (billed to us when we got home) and the final pharmacy bill - all came to approx. £50 - less than the excess on the insurance. We did use the insurance when we got home though - to cancel a package holiday planned for the following month, as Les was unfit to travel.
  10. Sorry to hear that your trip was delayed, but so pleased you could still go. Love reading about your adventures. Safe travels. Glen.
  11. I put a small extending rail in the shower cubicle, over which I can throw one bath towel, unfolded - the other I throw over the shower cubicle door, which I usually leave open for any heat to circulate.
  12. You can get both. Our previous Kuga was a Titanium 2.0 TDCi 180bhp AWD, but our current one is the lower-spec Zetec Model and it’s only 150bhp, but still AWD.
  13. Congratulations on your choice of van. Just have to wait now, but time will fly with Christmas in between. Happy Days. Hope you got ATC with the Dealer Special.
  14. They try to assess customer demand and build in batches, as stated above. They can be a little flexible if one particular layout is proving more popular though. When we ordered our current van at the NEC show in Oct 2016, our dealer produced a schedule of delivery dates. Their first date for our model was Jan/Feb 2017 and it was spot on. If we hadn’t taken this slot we would’ve waited until May/June.
  15. £6m is the Gross Profit, before overheads & tax, the net profit is £1.5m.
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