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  1. just got back from weekend away going to arrange service for van and get fridge serviced typical van is one year old on 16th august and can be serviced 90 days either way to keep manufacters warranty up does this apply to the fridge also as sods law its started playing up this weekend when you light the hob fridge starts flashing saying no gas as soon as hob is finished with fridge resets it self its fine with water heater on or gas barbecue just the hob and oven bet i cant get it booked in before the year is up any one with experience of the warranty with thetford thanks
  2. van is now due first service what is the minimum i can have done to keep the warranty intact i know what works in the van so do you need a habitation check
  3. i may have to work in hinckley for 2 or 3 months is there a site within 20 mins of there anyone one can recommend cheap as poss only prob require electric maybe not even that but would need to leave van on site at the weekend thanks in advance
  4. we swapped from an elddis to a coachman because of the amount of faults on it . the elddis was swapped at 6 months old so far the coachman has been fine and we had it for nearly a year now the elddis had about 30 odd faults and was returned to the factory after 4 weeks for repair and came back still not right
  5. i will have to buy another awning as a result of hasty measurement when i sell my outdoor revolution one see classifieds i will be purchasing either one of these awnings your thoughts or experiences please tha nks keith
  6. thanks for the sensible replies i only want to run the tv thro an inverter we are only there fri and sat night and generators are used all the time for the other people with the silly comments thanks for nothing
  7. we are going to a site for a weekend shortly with no hook up i have a generator 700watt what should i fit between the generator and van to stop any large voltage spikes breaking anything on the van will the genny just charge the battery thanks keith
  8. should have said front to rear slopes
  9. silly question if your caravan isnt level will you always have trouble getting the awning to fit properley we put our awning up and had trouble levelling it as the van was on a slope any tips
  10. our fridge has digital display
  11. our thetford fridge constantly overcools even on the lowest setting it freezes everything near the back of the fridge if we need to fit the winter covers do you fit them to both vents at the weekend it wasnt lower than 8degrees frozen salad is no fun thanks
  12. its wandahome at ferrybridge theres about 50 quid off them but you get them on the net for the same price but im going to get them to supply the skirt and wheel cover. they just dont know that yet the 3. 5 metre one is 635 i think
  13. has anyone any experience of these i have looked at them and seem very well made they look as waterproof as any other awning i have looked at and seem easy to use . the different ways to use it appeal also they are on special offer in a few weeks at our local dealer it will be used on our coachman
  14. where did you get that from please and does it incude the sides
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