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  1. Hi everyone, I have recently bought a 2018 Skye static which has an Ariston Evo combi boiler. The central heating is switched on by moving a switch manually on the mechanical timer fitted to the boiler itself. I would like to fit a manual room thermostat so the I can select and set the temperature, has anyone done this or are aware of the wiring changes necessary?
  2. I will try and reset it, it won't scan, just goes to absolute radio briefly then waiting appears. It's in storage just now so unfortunately can't try just now.
  3. Has anyone experienced getting a "waiting" message when trying to play a dab channel?
  4. Update to thread, I found the connector hiding in the manual folder, it's now fitted and working fine.
  5. Had my Valencia for just over a year and no significant issues. As has been mentioned previously alde heating pump speed was set too high and mastic was stuck in t he awning rail. Apart from that it's all good, at least so far anyway.
  6. Thanks for all the replies, can't recollect seeing anything on the valve outlet. As I said caravan is in storage just now, might need to buy a male fitting, hopefully you can do that.
  7. Ok, I've found this, looks like its a Truma valve, cant seen to recollect seeing the male end anywhere when looking through the packs supplied though.
  8. Thanks ribs99, I think that both of these images are the same product and associated with Unicorn 2 caravans. Mine looks different to them (sorry I cant find a photograph and my caravans in storage just now). All I can see is an operating valve and a red coloured dust cap that can be detached.
  9. Just looked at the BBQ point and noted that I might need to change my Cadac BBQ hose to fit the connection. After much trying I could not figure out how the connection should be established and could not remove anything from the valve assembly on the van (the one with the red plastic cap). Had a quick look at the owners manual and could not find any useful reference there as well, just wondering if any of you can let me know what needs to be done. Help!!!
  10. Hi Petejev Yes I traded in my X3 which I liked as it served well as a good combination of general use and towcar (once the electrics were sorted out!!). I opted for the MB GLC as I liked what it had on offer when compared to replacing the X3 with a newer version. I have towed only a few miles with it so far and it performed really well making the towing experience fairly effortless. I am about to have a long weekend away and I will be able to for a more balanced view on it's performance then. I will feed back what I find on the original thread I created when I was first looking. It was indeed fully wired and has two switches to operate one from the drivers door and one from the boot, the towhitch even has a protective cover on it. Anyway I'm conscious of not hyjacking the thread so will update the GLC thread with a more detailed review when I get back (link below). http://www. caravantalk. co. uk/community/topic/110815-mercedes-glc-anyone-looking/?hl=%2Bmercedes+%2Bglc
  11. I sympathies with you, I had an F25 X3 M Sport with a factory fitted to bar and it cost me hundreds of pounds to convert it to full electrics. This involves removal of several panels to run a new wiring loom. I was not concerned about a supply to the fridge, it was the supply to the ATC that was also not available otherwise I would not have bothered.
  12. Well, went ahead and fully stripped the cover separating both parts. The retaining screws were easy to remove and refit so it's all nice and clean for the new season. I deliberately did not tighten the screws beyond nipping up to enable me to remove again at a later date.
  13. I was about to post a new thread on this subject for my U3 Valencia but looks like it's been covered. After only a year it has already become filthy and needs a clean. I will assess whether to do a full or partial strip down as I go along but would assume that the components will not have had a chance to become brittle.
  14. Methinks that the new season can't come quick enough, looks like there are people with too much time on their hands.
  15. Surely if the ATC needs power to reset itself it could use either the connected vehicles power or alternatively the caravans leisure battery supply? I am unaware that this needed to be done by any intervention by the owner so would assume that it is automated. Does anyone know what function the ATC memory performs and why it is so critical that it will render the system inoperable if it is "full". I would also assume that ths could be done as part of the annual service, maybe I should have looked at the Alko Manual before I commented, apologies if I've got the jist of the conversation completely wrong!!
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