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  1. Thanks again. More research methinks. I’ve spotted a pre owned Brompton eBay seller, interesting.
  2. Thanks JTQ buddy. I cycle 3 -4000 miles a year, so have a decent feel for a bike. However, our plans with the folding bikes are to do shortish (maybe 20/30 miles round trips) in a gentle fashion. I have no knowledge of the quality and durability of folding bikes, but I take it you get what you pay for? What were the issues with yours persuading you to get rid ?
  3. We are keen Road cyclists (both just the wrong side of 70) but have never taken our bikes away in the van, preferring to walk. However, we are now considering buying a couple of folding bikes (apparently cheap at £450 !) and have some questions. There is a localish Evans cycle shop where we will visit and inspect. 1) Once on site, what are the recommended methods of security ? We were thinking of a decent bike security cable/padlock, but unsure of the best place on the van to ‘tie up’ ? 2) As an alternative, is the folding process easy enough to keep/store the bikes in the back of the vehicle. ? We have a Hyundai i35 and, as there are only 2 of us, could keep them permanently in the back of the car with rear seats down. We certainly propose transporting them that way when towing. 3) Any other salient tips and recommendations? Thanks.
  4. I’m pleased you’re continuing to caravan BG buddy. As you know, I’m not far away from you and very happy to pop round and offer any pre-trip and, upon return, post trip assistance. Let us know.
  5. Good call Dave, thank you. I’m getting a quote from the local firm that fitted the towbar and electrics when I bought the car. Just to conclude. .. I was somewhat nervous to undertake the job myself and indeed not too sure that I had located the correct replacement. So, l took the car to the firm that fitted the towbar when we bought the car. They replaced the socket same day. Charged £18 for new socket and £20 labour. Not too bad I thought. Thanks again to all contributors’ comments.
  6. Good call Dave, thank you. I’m getting a quote from the local firm that fitted the towbar and electrics when I bought the car.
  7. Thanks WispMan, I have indeed located a replacement at a decent price, but wasn’t sure whether there would be multiple electrical wiring connections to deal with once it is unscrewed and taken off from my towing vehicle? (As opposed to a simple one off ‘plug in’ type conenection) I guess I should unscrew it and find out ! Thanks again for your interest. Paul
  8. Thanks lowed & John for your prompt responses and advice. I guess my first move is to source an identical replacement and see whether the hinge pin is removable and then reusable. Failing that, a full replacement looks likely. My van is actually due for an annual service within the next several weeks, so maybe opportune to get the dealer to replace. In the meantime, the gaffer tape and then rubber cover is providing a temporary resolution! Cheers, Paul
  9. The ‘spring loaded’ cap has snapped off, as per photos (The white stuff on the outside of the receiver is the residue of gaffer tape used to stick it back on when unconnected/not towing) Forgive the simple question, but is it a straightforward job to replace ? i. e. no electric connections to worry about. Thanks Paul
  10. Thanks for the very prompt response Rodders buddy. The cable descending from my twig is a single cable containing a red and a black cable. Interestingly, someone has ‘ripped’ the outer cable to display the two internal ones. This cable then splits into 2 cables, both having aerial type connectors, and then disappearing behind the internal cladding. I suspect therefore that it has already an amplifier. Thanks for your advice re directional Status, which I think is my preferred option. The 570 seems to get decent reviews ? The continuation of the Coachman 5 year warranty (still active) is reliant on me using an approved dealer to undertake such work. Thanks again. Paul
  11. Forgive me for again mentioning the infamous twig aerial. I have a 2014 Coachman Vision (purchased by us in 2016) which incorporates a twig aerial. We immediately experienced TV reception problems and thanks to good advice from Woodentop, resolved the issue by purchasing a tripod & satellite dish thereby bypassing the twig aerial. We caravan most months, always UK, and typically for 4/5 nights. We would set up on a CL alongside 4 other caravans of all types and ages. All would be receiving a satisfactorily signal via their ‘standard’ aerial. Sadly, we would not ! Occasionally a programme would be received by us, but then ‘freeze’. Thus the move to satellite. Notwithstanding, I have been reading comments from other twig sufferers and noted reference to some success if the aerial was fitted with an amplifier. I have 2 questions. .. 1) how would I establish whether my van came with a pre fitted amplifier. Would it be obvious to spot? 2) Annual service due within the next couple of months, is it worth the dealer fitting an amplifier (if not already fitted) If so, what make? I hope all that makes sense. Finally whilst the satellite works fine, it is a little finicky setting up, particularly in bad weather. Is it worth getting a status 570 (or similar) fitted at service time. Thanks as ever.
  12. Thanks all. There seems to be a variety of Milenco Grand Aeros. Presumably the difference relates to the newer models. I will do some more research. Particularly interested if anyone is an ix35i owner and can speak having 'hands on" so to speak. Albeit DavS Santa Fe must be similar. Thanks again
  13. An owner's able to recommend a brand ? The ix35 mirrors are quite an unusual shape and whilst my existing towing mirrors (transferred from previous vehicle) are ok ish, I'm somewhat unhappy with their stability. Recommendations requested. Thanks
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