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  1. Our last 2 towing vehicles have been automatic diesels and no issues. (BMW 3 series and currently, Hyundai 35i) We have a very small 2 berth (Coachman Vision, MTPLM 1275) Time is sadly looming for a vehicle change (more repeated costly odd repairs) for our Hyundai which has 75000 miles on the clock. I will delay as long as possible ! We are very pleased with Hyundai and indeed, we also have a petrol i30 estate, which has also been fine, but not used for towing. Hyundai wise, the recommended replacement, given the towing requirement, would be a diesel Santa Fe or Tucson. Both very suitable for towing, but I am concerned to buy another diesel given the eco drive and advised added running costs. There seems to be some doubt as to the towing efficiency of the petrol Tucson ? (anyone had specific experience ?) I am seeking some recommendations, particularly regarding the diesel vs petrol advantage when towing. I’m so very badly educated regarding ‘torque’ and ancillary technical comments. i.e. I really don’t understand the quoted numbers regarding same and ‘bhp’ ? Is there a simple explanation? “SWMBO” is small in stature and she prefers the ‘higher’ driving position afforded by the i35. Maybe I am being unduly and unnecessarily concerned over buying another diesel ? My budget is £30,000 tops, but I would prefer to get well below that. We are both the wrong side of 70, so I guess (trust) this will be our last car purchase.
  2. Belated, but sincere best wishes for your planned touring escapades! Undoubtedly your daughters will have great memories of these special holidays. I look forward to reading about your adventures...fun and disasters. Take care Stephen buddy.
  3. Thanks for the alternative lime. I’ve bought and used the tape so fingers crossed.
  4. Thanks for the very prompt response Shawn. I have just Googled and note Halfords are a local supplier.
  5. As per photo, the side indicator light is loose. Just noticed whilst cleaning. It fits in back flush, but is not secure. The ‘press in’ stud is not holding and the other end (wire) is also unsafe. I don’t think anything has fallen off. Is there a recommended adhesive or any preferred method of securing ? Thank you.
  6. I’m afraid that would be a penance for her 🥴
  7. With compliment to ‘she who must be obeyed’ who managed to carefully remove the frame, cut and glued the new mesh !
  8. OK, misunderstood. Just been out to check and I see what you mean. There is a ‘lip’ behind. I think we will do it as you suggest, probably leaving the frame attached as we do it. Whilst it would be much easier to remove the frame, as mentioned I am nervous to take it off as it seems so fragile. Thanks Mick. Good shout and a decent option if the gluing fails.
  9. Went to Argos this morning (click and collect)They were well set up / socially distanced etc and small queue. in anticipation, once inside I wore a mask. Several people around, just one other wearing a mask.
  10. It reminds me that on my ‘CC towing course’ the instructor recommended spraying Wynns brake and clutch cleaner onto the towball pre connecting up.
  11. Thanks Hort buddy. Good suggestion...I take it you’re suggesting leaving a margin of the existing mesh to glue the new edges to ? My mesh made the similar noise but indeed as Dandandy suggests, I applied silicone spray around the hinges. It has significantly improved. Thanks Lost/Wilderness, I did in fact do some online research to identify a replacement. Not obvious to locate, and so many differing hinge attachments, thus my thought re new mesh. Also, as Hort infers, I was reluctant to ‘force’ the flyscreen completely off. It does seem fragile at the hinges and I feared breaking it and not finding the correct replacement. Thanks for you suggestion though.
  12. The flyscreen/mesh on our toilet skylight is brittle and has a rip as per photo. I have bought some new mesh to replace. The existing mesh is very securely glued around the edges and those edges are extremely fine. There is very little ‘sticking area’ along the edge plastic frame. Accordingly, I may attach the new mesh over the existing, particularly as there is then a greater area to apply the adhesive. I was planning to use some form of superglue, but thought I would ask the question whether anyone has a preferred recommended adhesive? Thanks.
  13. By way of conclusion, I have invested in a new Whale EP 1642 (£49.99) and set up (on drive) yesterday to test. So much easier to insert. Old Truma pump retained as spare. Thanks to all for advice regarding lubrication and recommendation.
  14. Likewise with Mayday, 2 cars and top cover (Premium UK ?) Renewal due Sept. I paid £127 last year. More importantly is how they perform when called upon. My experience is excellent having broken down (several years ago) well over 100 miles from home and en route to CL. They towed caravan to CL, with tow vehicle on ramp. The vehicle was taken to garage for investigation and repair estimate. I agreed for repair work to be undertaken whilst away in caravan. Excellent service, reassurance and attention from Green Flag. PS Expensive repair...turbo on BMW 3 series...car changed the following year !
  15. Job completed with new cartridge fitted. Tested and no leaks. Thanks all.
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