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  1. Thanks LITW buddy. I have a 2014 Coachman Vision which does indeed have a solar panel. I’m not sure of the charger details, so I will check. Thanks for the comments Paul
  2. Hello Snowman buddy. I recently posted regarding issues with mine. You may wish to search to find the post. I struggled to find a supplier and ended up buying the attached from Bolt on Bits via their eBay site. They are based in East Bradford. I’m booked in to have it replaced...there is an issue with the sealant. Regards Paul
  3. I use a CTEK MXS 5 to boost the battery a couple of days before going away and immediately after returning. I keep the van at home and our drive is gravel and fairly deep, thus making demands on the mover. No issues. During the ‘extreme’ winter months, I have started hooking up directly to mains socket in the garage, in order to use an oil radiator inside, with times set late night to early hours and regulated thermostat settings. (My mobile service engineer recommended such action) Radiator now removed with better temperatures. We (under normal conditions) go away fo
  4. Thanks Brecon and Ian, both options seem plausible. At present I am awaiting my service engineer to advise me of the availability of his bodywork contact and will then decide !
  5. Thanks all...as ever. Somewhat of a dilemma despite the precise and informative legal response...I’ll await the outcome of the expected contact from the recommended bodywork repairer...and his quotation. Notwithstanding the worrying cost ! I am also concerned of the water ingress threat that the bodywork disturbance may invite, macafee2 makes an interesting observation about older caravans, pre high level lights.
  6. Thanks both. I had read the post you ‘linked’ macafee2 (thanks for the response though) I wasn’t too sure of the finality of the various comments, however I note Legal Eagle has clarified. Couldn’t it be classed as a reflector if disconnected? I’m clutching at straws and fearful of a serious cost and more so the threat of future water ingress as a result of the ensuing bodywork !
  7. At my annual service this year, the mobile service engineer reported that the high level brake light was not working. He did in fact report it the previous year, but I forgot to do anything about it. SWMBO honestly admits that when checking all our lights pre driving away, she could not recall noticing the high level brake light, focussing on normal brake lights etc. As ‘all season’ caravanners I’ve a feeling therefore that we have maybe made several trips without the high level light working. I have eventually tracked down a replacement light and arranged for the mobile service g
  8. Thanks Rodders buddy. I’m tempted to invite my local mobile service guy to do the job if there is likely to be any issues. Strange that it stopped working.
  9. High level brake light on my 2014 Coachman Vision 380/2 is no longer working. I’m not sure when it packed up as the issue was highlighted at my recent service. I have bought a replacement and would like some advice on fitting. I have enclosed photos of the new purchase and the existing one. The electric connection looks straight forward, but I am concerned about sealing having connected and screwed in the replacement. What sealant should I use and any other advice please. Thanks Paul
  10. Thanks for the very prompt responses. I have been concerned reading online comments suggesting that all towballs are not now the same diameter. Your reassurance Ern buddy is much appreciated.
  11. Before I start to remove the paint, I want to check that the tow ball. on our just changed car, is compatible with my AL-KO ATC hitch. Before endeavouring to contact the fitting company used by the dealer, is there any key in the reference numbers as per photo. (New one is a swans neck) Forgive the simplicity of my question, but I have been reading about issues over differing tow ball sizes !
  12. By way of update the Hyundai chat line (!) Kirstie advised that I tow in accordance with the handbook ! Conversation with the Service Dept at main Hyundai dealer was that he considered the comment was presumably to cover themselves. He had not spotted the ‘warning’ and believed it was advisory in a similar vein to the other mentioned items. He could not think of any technical reason.
  13. Thanks for all the comments and advice. I will speak to the dealer. The handbook contains a large section on cruise control as there are a number of ‘extra, if fitted’ linked features. Herewith the particular page PS It is an Automatic trans
  14. Just changed towcar from Hyundai ix35 to Hyundai Tucson. I have towed many miles over circa 15 years in the Hyundai ix35 (and 3 Series previously) and, when safe, always favoured cruise control. I notice the handbook (cruise control section) for the Tucson states “do not use cruise control when towing a trailer” Is this a general ‘health & safety’ clause? To be honest I did not read the ix35 handbook, so it may have said the same?
  15. Just noticed in Caravan Club Mag arrived this week, a purpose made wrench for ‘stabiliser legs’. Applies the right tension. 50% discount for December at £63..... Not wishing to extend the thread...but 😉
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