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  1. So first weekend away this year and find the kitchen worktop showing tram lines - appear to be from the supporting wall below. The worktop must be paper thin. Anybody else had this problem? Photo sent to dealer for another warranty claim. Not a happy bunny that's for sure. Alan Worktop.pdf
  2. I’m pretty certain the fitting of this strip has been asked of Elddis previously and there is no infill strip fitted at build.
  3. Thought i would comment on my experience today with renewing my caravan insurance today. So we have a 2017 Buccaneer Cruiser which we insured with Towergate last February - cost last year was £327. Renewal received a couple of weeks ago - cost to renew for the same caravan, but a year older - £385, a £55 point increase for no improvement in cover. Decided to shop around (which i normally do in any case for any insurance). Lifesure came back with a quote of £277 for pretty much the same level of cover. Towergate ring me today to see if i am happy with my quote and if so, would i like to renew. I say no because i have found it cheaper elsewhere. Ensuing conversation goes along the lines of TG: Is it for the same level of cover Me: Yes TG: What are the excess levels Me: i tell him what is included in my Life sure quote TG: Is it still New for old Me: Yes TG: Ok, that is pretty much the same, let me see what we can do 30 seconds later TG: The closest we can get to it for the same level of cover that you currently have is £281, is that ok. Me: Yes, that's acceptable Reduced the premium by over £100 in 30 seconds, if they can do that without any perceived problems, why can't they offer the better price in the first instance. (I know why - it's a rhetorical question - profit driven). Alan
  4. So i have a question for all of you who are savvy with the CRA and would appreciate your thoughts / advice. We collected our new 2017 Cruiser in February. Shortly after i noticed a number of small defects including damage to the inside of the off-side upright locker door. These were all reported to the dealer when noticed about 2 weeks after collection. It took over 3 months to get warranty claim approved. The repair to the door was to remove the damaged part and replaced. This proved to be not possible - something admitted by the Dealer later (so why they tried this repair was beyond me). This was early June. They then decided that the only course of action was to replace the door. New door ordered and was eventually available for collection in September (Dealer service desk is poor). Upon collection it appeared to be the wrong colour, we commented on this but was assured that it was the right colour so we took them at their word. As soon as we offered it against our caravan it was obvious that it was the wrong one, took photos and took the wrong door back to the Dealer. Explains to the Dealer that the door was the wrong colour, dealer comments that it's probably a batch issue so shows him the photo, 'oh, ok but lets try it up against one of other Buccaneers', it's obviously the wrong and so he concedes it's the wrong one. Service Desk agrees to re-order it (end of September). Have in the last week now been told that the door that was re-ordered was the wrong one. I asked if i could swap my defective door with the same door on one of the display models (not a forecourt sales model), answer was no, i have to wait for another door. So by my reckoning that's 10 months and 3 attempts they have had to correct this defect and so i am within my rights to reject the caravan? I should add that we have other issues such as the front seat inserts going soft (changed once, 2nd set already showing signs of going soft after just 8 nights use) and now a couple of the the 'wallpaper jointing strips' are peeling off and the A Frame cover is coming away - and our van is a seasonal and so we've only towed it once. Any advice / comments welcome and appreciated. Third brand new caravan and we've had problems with all of them, i am beginning to think that buying a new caravan is not the way to go! Alan
  5. Ours uses a single 9v battery, based on your description - does yours use a different arrangement? Alan
  6. Our caravan is on a seasonal pitch so generally speaking, the levelling system is deployed all the time although every couple of weeks i do stow the system and then re-deploy it and always with the remote so i can see what is happening. My only complaint is that it does go through the batteries, on the 3rd battery in 10 months. Alan
  7. smino0_1, Don't particularly want to go down that route, we like the van and the problem with the door doesn't affect the van in any way but it was a new caravan and it was broken, all i want is for it to be corrected. This is our 3rd new caravan from this dealer, based on the service these last 8 months, probably our last. Alan
  8. AWL, Yes, our caravan is grey sided. When we were down the dealers, we tired the replacement door up against a Avante and it was a much better colour match though still not perfect. Alan
  9. AWL, No, it's the correct door, it's probably looks bigger because the replacement door come complete with the frame that fits into the caravan. The door itself is exactly the right size etc, just the wrong colour, i did fit it just to make sure. The photo attached shows it fitted. Alan
  10. A week or so. No, it's all bonded / gripped so not possible without breaking it. Alan
  11. Shipbroker, Last chance for the dealer, if it doesn't get resolved then it will be in writing. This isn't a subtle difference in shade, when placed up against the Cruiser it looks almost white. I returned the replacement door to the dealer today and happened to find the owner / MD who suggested it might be a batch issue until i showed him the replacement door up against a Cruiser they have in their showroom - 'Oh, that's not the right door!'. We'll see what happens now. TBH, if it had been just the wrong door, i wouldn't have minded, its the fact that it's taken 8 months so far and i am tired of all the excuses. The foam in the front seats was failing as has been experienced by others and commented on on this forum. We reported this in June. We eventually got approval to get them repaired in September so i took them down to the dealer end of September. Three weeks later we had to go into the dealer to collect the replacement door and guess what, our cushions were still there in exactly the same place i had put them in 3 weeks earlier! And then we had plastic bags sent to our home address from Leisure Furnishings but the dealer was adamant that they were going to collected from them. Then i had a text to say that DPD were going to collect our cushions on a certain date - checked with the dealer, yes they are being collected from the dealer, then on the day of collection i had a text to say that DPD would collect our cushions between 12:30 and 13:30, rang the dealer, yes - ignore that text, they are being collected from us (the dealer), 12:30 DPD turns up at our house to collect the cushions. Driver knew nothing about collecting from the dealer. I collected the cushions from the dealer and contacted Leisure Furnishings directly, collect the same day and now just waiting to be informed that they are ready for returning. Not been a happy time buying the Cruiser, next van will be from a different dealer. Alan
  12. WispMan, I am tired of trying to get this sorted through my dealer, its been 8 months since i first reported this and i posted here as i wanted to include the photograph. Alan
  13. Hi, I am posting here as i know that Elddis monitor this forum and i am hoping that they can offer some advice / help. We bought and collected a new 2017 Cruiser in February and shortly after noticed that the inner face of the outside off-side vertical storage door was damaged. This was reported to the dealer shortly after. Following failed attempts to repair the door by replacing the damaged past on the inside of the door, it was agreed that the only way ahead was to replace the complete door. A couple of weeks ago, my dealer contacted me to tell me that, finally, the replacement door had turned up. On collection, we commented that it looked a bit lighter in colour but was assured that it was correct - we should have checked it against another Buccaneer, not sure why we didn't. So this weekend, we were at our caravan (seasonal pitch) and went to fit the replacement door and guess what, it's a different colour (see photo). This issue has taken 8 months and so I am starting to get a bit frustated with our dealer, partly because of this and other issues as well. So i am hoping that Elddis can help with some information please? Maybe a part number? It's for a 2017 Cruiser, i can provide the CRiS Number on request via PM if needed. To be fair to the dealer, the label on the replacement unit is exactly the same as that on the original unit with the exception of the last number which I think maybe a serial number? Appreciate any help / advice. Regards Alan
  14. Another vote for Meguiars, really good on the cars, only used it once on the Cruiser thus far and cleaned it up well. Alan
  15. We have a 2017 Cruiser - new in February. The front seats are about to be returned as the foam appears to have collapsed were we generally sit the most i. e. down by the centre chest. I am also keeping an eye on the mattress as although we find it comfortable, i think 2 grooves / ruts are forming where we lay when sleeping. Only been used about 50 nights - not impressed! Alan
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