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  1. Paul_B - I have a VW dealer fitted Westalia Detachable towbar and I have only noticed the noise since it was serviced last May.
  2. The microwave in my 2013 Swift Challenger Sport 636 will work for a short period of time before stopping altogether. I have removed the microwave from the compartment and can see clearly that the cooling fan in the back has stopped working which is resulting in it overheating and stopping. Does anyone know the make and model of the microwave so I can get a replacement as the fitment seems to be geared to that make/model or anyone/anywhere that will repair them? Thanks Andy
  3. I have an odd clanking noise coming from the hitch area on my 2013 Swift Challenger Sport 636, when the vehicle is stationary if it shake the hitch side to side the noise is there and it seems to be happening when there are dips in the road or a corner is turned and the hitch is moved in a side motion. When the van was last serviced the pads were replaced in the AKS stabiliser. Thanks Andy
  4. I am hoping someone can give me an idea how I can add an additional external satellite connection to my 2013 Swift Challenger Sport 636? It came from the manufacturer with a single external satellite F connector lead in the battery box which is in turn connected via a gland in the battery box wall to one of these C-Line sockets - http://tinyurl. com/nz59st6 This is fine if you use a regular Satellite Digibox that only needs one LNB feed to it but if you use a Freesat HD+ Recorder (like planned) then you need two LNB feeds to watch a channel and record another if they are a different polarisation. Any ideas on how to install a 2nd feed in the battery box to a connector in the van would be appreciated Thanks
  5. It is the 2. 5TDI (straight 5) engine - basically half of the V10 block I did not see Top Gear - when was it on? Andy
  6. Andy Wilde

    Touareg Altitude

    VW Build quality, Torque, comfort, quietness and weight for towing The car is a good all rounder and when towing it is superb and very stable
  7. VW Build quality, Torque, comfort, quietness and weight for towing The car is a good all rounder and when towing it is superb and very stable Click here to view the towcar review
  8. Andy Wilde

    caravan 006

    Were you inspired by the Swift Concept Caravan at the NEC?? First class job!!
  9. Yeah thought about that but luckily it was covered when the van was handed over to us, there is a manual disengage nut on each unit and you are even given the handle to turn them!!!
  10. Which mover did you go for in the end? I was looking at both the PorTouch Evolution and the Reich Ecoline and ended up going for the Reich mover and have been very pleased with it so far, the power the turning circle is awesome and the added bonus of auto-engagement is a plus point.
  11. I have the Reich Ecoline AWD mover fitted to my Challenger Sport 636 (weight upgraded to 1800kgs) and use the movers to manoeuvre mine in store and it will turn the van tighter than I thought it would and takes me just 2 backwards/forwards moves to get it to turn through 90 degrees. As IanV8 says you can see the tyres flexing (tyre pressures are low enough for not much damage to occur) as the movers do their job but from other movers I have seen in operation I would highly recommend the Reich one - although it is not cheap but it does comes with the added bonus of auto-engagement of the rollers.
  12. We have the Challenger Sport 636 which is the same layout/van just the swift brand and not sterling, we have two daughters 7 and 2 and it is a superb layout for us. The girls love their fixed bunks (soon to have the addition of twin screen DVD players) and when they wake in the morning they can sit and play/draw at the side dinette. The side dinette is big enough for the 4 of us to sit at together but usually they eat there and we use the front. The kitchen is a superb size of the family and the bathroom a nice size - the shower could do with being a little larger but you don't spend all day in the bathroom!! The small wardrobe above the fridge is ideal for the small ladies clothes and it tows like a dream being a twin axle and having Al-Ko ATC as standard. The sunroof is superb and the heating brilliant (although the rear pipes under the van need additional insulation.) We have an AWD mover fitted to ours to assist in storage and getting onto tight pitches and also have the plate upgrade to 1800kgs!!
  13. Did you have the additional sockets under the bottom bunk installed by your dealer as I have been advised if not then it will invalidate the warranty !!!!
  14. Yes it seems daft that Swift do not do that as a matter of course now the controls for the heating are gone and combined into the Combi Digital touch panel over the door - a little thought springs to mind!!!!
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