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  1. Thank you, yes I would be ok going on my own with the dog. You never know, this independence might spur him on to take some time off It seems such a waste that the caravan is lying in storage when we could be using it
  2. Long story short, I have recently been made redundant and have decided to take early retirement. My OH took early retirement 6 years ago but has a part time job. He loves this part time job and wont take time out to caravan except 10 days in the summer. I am seriously considering taking a towing course so that I can go away on my own with Penny (dog) I am 59 and not so confident as 5 or 10 years ago. Is the course a good idea and are there any pitfalls that you forsee?
  3. Welcome and hope you all enjoy your caravan holidays for many years
  4. Witches Craig would be ideal to visit the attractions of Stirling and Falkirk. There is a lively little farm shop/restaurant close by. Its a lovely site and beautiful views. Closest attraction is Wallace monument and I would recommend a visit to this. The Kelpies at Falkirk are only 25 mins away. Lots to see and do based there.
  5. Who pays? The person who caused the problem, in this case, the cyclist. This subject evokes the same strong opinions as dogs on CC sites and never the twain shall meet. I must admit, that with the volume of cyclists on the roads now, I would like some form of insurance introduced. Just like car drivers, cyclists can sometimes make mistakes too!
  6. It looks pretty new and doesn't look as though it has been swapped over from another car, but we don't know. It does have both Kia and Alko logos I got the original garage information from the service book and have sent a mail to them to try and find out more. With the information from BG, maybe the garage fitted the wrong tow bar originally? Thanks for the responses, very much appreciated
  7. I perhaps did not explain this correctly, not perhaps, probably. ... When the caravan Alko hitch is matched to the car tow ball, it is almost if not touching the rear bumper of the car. Do we have the wrong tow ball, is there an alternative tow ball with an extended neck? All assistance would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hoping you can help me with my Sorrento tow bar problem. We have just purchased a 13 plate KX2 model with a detachable tow bar already fitted. We took the car to the caravan storage today to hitch up and tow home,but. .....when hitching up, the caravan is too close to the car, so close it almost touches. It looks as though the swan neck is ever so slightly leaning towards the car rather than upright. Any suggestions or help with this would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  9. "The Housewifes of Glesga, I'm going to see this tomorrow Might just go along to the caravan show on Sunday and see if I can pick up a few things
  10. I have found in the last few years that the Wardens (I have met), have been much more Customer friendly than in previous years, where it tended to be a bit of a hit or miss. Has the CC recruitment or training been revised?
  11. If you like it, have the finances to fund it, what does it matter, go for it
  12. Kingdom Caravan Park in Glenrothes is open all year. Its a privately owned site and prices are reasonable. Shower and toilet facilities are spotless.
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    I hope someone can help Neil. Goodluck
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