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  1. bit late but venture caravans will have all the speck,
  2. with e&l caravan stolen from storage 9 years off paying sorry you cover is not worthit now a long court case ahead,
  3. if you cut back to fresh the new fresh will take not over old. warenty has no problem with this , un less you read from web sites /backs off tins and manuals of the webbs and qoute these then unless you have done these tasks dont post wrong information /bad information and helpful information . good by to ct .
  4. wrong imformation so its not non setting then (what is it then)
  5. funny breconlast week a post about the same thing where a number off people said the same thing you wernt to quick to say then (or was there more than one reply) look up the thred and SHOULD NEVER BE ATTEMPTED is a bit far fetched ive restored 3 vans and done a very good job and had 4 vans my self
  6. awninig rail strip wont stop the rain on the side or back or front
  7. i used a long pole painted red and white and put it in front off hitch when you tap it with tow ball you are there
  8. gump

    Caravan Age

    10th didget on CRiS no on windows
  9. done it and worked fine on wheel arches both sides and did stick ok and still on one year later
  10. you wont stop them i use cheap furniture spray like mr sheen cheapo brands will do but i allways carry a bottle of greasedlightning any way for when i get ants in my pants and carnt stop still and need to diver
  11. check that the site lets people sleep in awnings some dont like it
  12. it is nonsetting sealer you can trim back and redo it but must be nonsetting so the flexing in road travell dose not split the sealler
  13. take out any food thats not in tins so mice dont get drawn in clothes take on day we go every thing els stays until winter lay up.
  14. gump

    Cleaning Roof

    adria just get on the roof
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