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  1. We have recently spent a few days staying just outside Caen not far from Ouistreham Port. A few kilometres from the port there is a small shopping complex which can includes a Carrefour, Lidl, McDonalds and a bakers opposite. Frequently there were a couple of gendarmerie sat the location and there were groups of what apppeared to be migrants hanging around the area. On one occasion we saw them hiding in ditches at the side of the road, another time behind the trees at the side of the road and also outside Carrefour. They appeared to be staying at the bottom of a field behind the bakery. I would add that we didn't see any issues, drivers heading towards the port need to be alert re road safety as some of the people we saw were standing very close to the road and looking/studying on coming traffic.
  2. I was wondering if someone could assist with some information on Paris. We will be staying near Saint German sir Morin to the east of Paris for a few days before travelling up towards Caen. The kids want to go to Euro Disney and then have a day in the middle of Paris. Can anyone suggest a hassle free way of getting in to Paris, convenient but safe railway stations, with parking or other means? We don't have a caravan with us on this occasion, its just the car so we are quite flexible as to where we go from. Thanks.
  3. We stayed at the Belchenblick site and had free access to the municipal sporting complex which was about 5 minutes walk away. It has a pretty big pool. If you go to the Black Forest, make sure you get a Konis card which gives you free travel on public transport.
  4. Have a look at the attached links, they are a little bit old, but they give you some ideas, I believe that Etap are now part of Ibis, Kyriad is another chain to look for. We had an overnight stop and stayed in a budget hotel nar Calais last year, it had a security guard, CCTV, and a secure car park (allegedly) and we still had 2 bikes stolen. Personally, I wouldn't stay in the Calais area again and would push further south. http://www. telegraph. co. uk/travel/730804/The-Sophie-Butler-report-Overnight-stops-in-France. html https://www. franceforfamilies. com/travel-options/overnight-stops/
  5. There are some other nice beaches in the area, Freshwater West is good for body boarding and surfing but there are rip currents near the entrance to Milford Haven. If you have children then Folly Farm is a great day out, it's got the usual farm stuff, a small theatre, plenty of climbing frames, a barn full of old fairground rides and it also has giraffes, rhincerous and a few other exotic breeds. There is a fairly steep hill leading out of the site, but a sensible unit will manage it with no problems.
  6. Hi all, After 11 years of caravanning in the UK and Europe we sold our van last year. The kids were so busy with different commitments on weekends and as I had to go back on shifts which meant working 2 weekends in 3 we never seemed to have time to go away. For the first time in 58 years Wales have qualified for the finals of a major tournament so my son, who is finishing his GCSE's in June has asked me to take him to France to see a game. I have managed to get some time off, but as we no longer have a caravan we are going to have to rough it in a tent! When I caravanned, I used this forum and was always impressed by the members knowledge, in particular with regards to France. Even though I no longer have a caravan, I was hoping that I could draw on members knowledge to find some sites that will be suitable for us. I am looking for a site in the Bordeaux area which is approximately 45 mins to an hour away from the city centre so we can watch a game in the fan zone, it has to have a swimming pool and links to public transport for access to the city. The second site is in the Toulouse area and will need to have a similar spec to the above. I have the Caravan Club guide book and the ACSI book, but there is no substitute for a recommendation based on personal knowledge. Thanks - hope you don't mind me "intruding" Paul
  7. Where do you currently reside, how far from LLanelli are you prepared to move? There is a small new site in Ferryside near Carmarthen, it appears to have seasonal pitches and it gets good reviews. Its called Ferryside Farm. Not stayed there personally, but have driven past. It looks as though its been developed fairly recently. You can check it out on Google earth as it adjoins the road, that said the road is an old b road and quiet. If they won't do storage, check out Star Forge as they have a field behind the old garage and they used to store vans there. Star Forge (Uplands Arms) is 10 mins to Ferryside. The owner is a guy called Alan and yes a tidy guy. The Caravan Club at Pembrey do seasonal storage, but not seasonal pitches. There are other sites West of Llanelli and it may be worth it taking a spin down there. M
  8. One of our friends is a regular visitor to the west coast of France and he stays at Sequoia Parc, its not cheap though. M
  9. There are a number of English language reviews of Tripadvisor and there is as second site called zoover which contains a large number of reviews, most of which are Dutch. If you use google chrome then it normally offers you a translate option which will display the review in English. We have stayed at Camping de paal and its a great site for kids; they have an indoor pool complex and a number of outside pools but from what I can recall there aren't many slides in the outside pools. I have previousdly reviewed the site on this forum. If you are going to de paal I would aim to get a pitch in the sun as opposed to the shady pitches. If you are looking for a site with water park and slides have a look at Duinrell. We also stayed at Droompark Moelengroet near Alkmaar, its not as commercial as the other sites listed above, but it had a kids club, pool and was near a country park. The city was about 25 mins easy cycling away and the beach was also close by. It was va good location to see a bit of Holland. Holland is a good place to visit, the people are friendly, they speaks English and it's easy to cycle everywhere. M
  10. Its not Brittany, but its a great site for kids - Camping De Paal near Eindhoven. If you are doing Dover Calais itsd closer than Brittany. Probably one of the best child friendly sites I have been on, the best pitches are in the fields and each area has its own mini playground. Have been to Brittany and enjoyed, but for kids this place is excellent. M
  11. Kieth, thanks for the update, will be sure not to stay there now. It really annoys me when site owners take our money and deliver a poor product, my take on things is that we should publicise the good and the bad sites, good ones will be rewarded with additional custom while bad ones will get the message that they need to do better. M
  12. St Davids is nice, but I think its a bit of as hike to Fishguard. What about Llwyngwair Manor which is just outside Newport Pembs? Its a nice site in the grounds of an old manor house. Its a mix of tourers, statics and there is accommodation in the old house. The statics are all new, the place is well laid out and not at all like your typical static sites! Really nice place and we enjoyed our stay there. Its a quieter area than South Pembs. There is a bar in the manor with a restaurant and its very good. The time distance from Carmarthen to Newport or Fishguard is similar but St Davids is an extra journey. M
  13. LHD - lol. The road through Laugharne is tight in parts, but the hill in Pendine is a beast, towing a van up that would require a hell of a unit. Unfortunately some of the roads in West Wales aren't the greatest, but its a nice part of the world. M
  14. I know the area and I have walked around the site but have never stayed there. Its a great location, the pitches were nicely laid out and you are opposite the beach and if you want it a pub. Most of the access route is fine, but I am not the most confident of towers and I personally wouldnt relish the final 1/4 mile of the journey as its a fairly narrow road and it is used by buses. If I were you I would check it out on google earth and go from there. M
  15. Are you staying at Pandy CC site? Last time we were there they had an event at Raglan Castle with swordsmen and archers, the kids really enjoyed. A defo place to visit if you haven't been there before is Big Pit, its would be a great day out any time, but the fact that its free is just unbelievable, its a great experience and it puts a lot of things in perspective. Enjoy, M
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