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  1. Indeed, if only the wording of such emails was all that we had to be concerned about
  2. I wish I'd seen this thread two weeks ago as I recently bought a Wraith
  3. Yes I've had a similar experience in the past with ferry bookings, and making the changes online usually doesn't attract a fee. On this particular occasion my booking was a for a group of friends so the option of changing didn't work for us as everyone wasn't free at the same time in the foreseeable future
  4. I wouldn't be too confident that things will ease in time for you to go. I would postpone!
  5. DFDS has now announced that it is cancelling the route from Newcastle to Holland. Not surprising really as none of the countries on the other side want any visitors. DFDS are trying to offer credit notes for travel at a later date but they will entertain email requests for refunds (which I believe they will be obliged to give - hope I'm correct as they owe me and my pals over £800 for a motorbike trip) Full details on the front page of their website - https://www.dfds.com/en-gb/passenger-ferries
  6. Perhaps the motivation is similar to those who make comments about the comments of others? Free speech isn't it?
  7. I have never used awning rail protector so I cannot speak from experience. Perhaps it works, perhaps it is yet another thing to faff about with. What I would say is that based on my observations as a long term caravanner, the majority of vans I see are not 'wearing' the protector. I'm sure that not all of their owners struggle to erect their awnings because they haven't deployed awning rail protector. I'm not saying don't use it - there is probably a case to be made, but I do think that it is one of those many products which may appeal to the more cautious person
  8. Thanks for the comments everyone. We've opted for the van without shock absorbers (Bailey) and in view of what a couple of posters have reported, I'm not expecting to notice much, if any, difference. I will bear in mind the possibility of having them fitted at a later date
  9. Currently we are looking to replace our 7 year old Coachman and one of the models under consideration is a Bailey which is not fitted with shock absorbers (the Coachman has). Do you think I should be bothered about this and would I notice any difference in the towing performance of the caravan
  10. On the other hand, I've always thought that those who purchase static caravans must be prepared to write off their multi thousands of pounds initial investment as the depreciation and site management/rent/removal fees are so high and the re-sale price is so low (It would be interesting to know what site paid for the van they are seeking to sell at £23000) If you can afford to write off the money, AND you will get sufficient enjoyment and pleasure from the ownership despite that, then go ahead. It's certainly not a wise economic decision but one which must be made with the heart Incidentally, I have recently spoken to someone who has a static van on a Haven Holiday Park and he is convinced that he has a pretty good financial deal - perhaps worth looking into?
  11. Thanks Steamdrivenandy for the tip - the annex we need is the size 250, preferably in grey colour but the 'north' and 'sand' colour would also be acceptable
  12. mw3230

    NEC Show

    Good point - no we didn't as I wasn't aware of that
  13. mw3230

    NEC Show

    Visited the show today and left somewhat disappointed. We particularly wanted to view caravans with fixed twin beds and thought the show was the ideal opportunity to view all the choices under one roof. Not so as some of the manufacturers didn't bother to bring their whole ranges. Consequently we will have to return to the brochures, websites and visiting the caravan dealers. I can't think we will bother with the 200 miles drive to the show in future On a more positive note, the NEC staff in the car parks and shuttle bus services did themselves proud with their cheerful and helpful attitude. Well done to them
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