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  1. I've towed with an ML and an E Class Estate. The ML tows fantastically well, stable, solid and as quick as you want to be. The Estate, whilst having loads of power, never felt as stable. It was twitchy in side winds and when being overtaken by HGVs. Not dangerous, but I never felt as comfortable as with the ML. Neither are particularly economical giving low 20s with enthusiastic acceleration and 60ish on motorways I now have the later version of the ML - the GLE - it being my third in a row. The reversing camera on later models is very useful when hitching up. All
  2. The positioning of the isolator adjacent to the electrical hook up seems to have much merit in that both can't be connected/in place at the same time. This advantage is lost when the isolator is positioned under a bed. The possibility of damaging the mover control unit by leaving it switched on whilst hooked up to the mains is a strong argument for always isolating - I think I have my answer
  3. This is the case with mine and hence my query as to the function of the isolator Good info everyone, thanks for the replies ps - I did ask the service chap at my dealer and his answer was not particularly informative pps - I've emailed Powertouch asking the questions, perhaps that should have been my first port of call!
  4. I have a Powertouch mover on my van, recently dealer fitted. Despite me suggesting that the isolator be fitted in an easily accessible place it was fitted near to the battery inside an under bed locker necessitating climbing into the caravan to switch on/off. When I switch on at the isolator with he key, the remote then allows the mover to be turned on (as normal I guess) and its remains on for a lengthy period before switching itself off. I can switch it on again at the remote if need be. When I've finished using the mover I switch off at the remote but if I don't bother to tur
  5. The jobsworths of this world serve a useful purpose in that they give the rest of us something to feel superior about ... and as we all know 'rules is rules'
  6. This is not a criticism but perhaps you should have asked the question before you bought the van? There are numerous websites which match car and van such as this - https://towcar.info
  7. Not many people post about the trouble free and very enjoyable trips they experience in their caravans. However, the problems and faults which are reported here provoke much discussion and seem to be more prevalent than they actually are so don't worry. Look, learn form the good tips and suggestions other vanners share and above all ... Enjoy!
  8. I'll be trying it - taking sensible precautions, washing hands, sanitising - but also enjoying. There is such a thing as being too cautious ... those who want to stay indoors are most welcome to do so. Best of luck to them
  9. Quite right, I agree - we had a similar experience at Abbey wood recently. Rarely was there more than a couple of people in the toilet block at any one time. I feel that some people are being ultra (or excessively?) cautious but no matter, it's up to them
  10. I don't bother emptying the water system of the toilet flush water and have not experienced any problems. It's a job that doesn't need doing
  11. There are a lot of caravaners who prefer not to use motorway services, and at times the caravan parking areas are deplorable, but if you need a quick break or a toilet visit then they serve the purpose. Some are good, others are amongst the lorries (and parking will test your reversing skills). That said, if you are on the motorway and hoping to make progress to your destination, turning off to find a suitable parking areas can be a significant delay so I'd suggest swallowing any prejudices and visit the MSA. Finding somewhere to sleep for a couple of hours? Is that
  12. News of the CMC sites reopening was circulated to members by email a couple of days ago and this from the website -
  13. Have a look at this site - they may be interested in taking it. I traded my awning in part exchange for an annex and was happy with the deal/service https://www.perfectawnings.co.uk
  14. I'd be more impressed with their claims of keeping staff safe if it wasn't for the fact that every other mail order business seems to be operating more or less as normal!
  15. My wife and I have generous data allowances with our phone contract via Three. Almost always we are able to access a decent internet signal on the phones and can use these as hotspots in the event that we want to use a laptop. The phone will also give us access to Netflix and similar. My question therefore (if I may piggy back onto this thread) is what benefit would we derive from a Maxview signal booster or a mifi set up, if any - I'm thinking of primarily UK use. Would the wifi be faster or stronger than. that available via the phone alone?
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