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  1. Sometimes the location of the club sites could be an attraction. I will probably remain a member as we like to use Abbey Wood CMC site when visiting family in London. As far as I've been able to find out there isn't another site in the same area which we like the look of. The site fees may be steep but certainly much less than hotel accommodation
  2. Good to read your comments - too many of our caravanning compatriots seem to need to spend ££££s on fancy bbq equipment when, for the infrequent user, a disposable is great
  3. I don't keep a strict check but would reckon on a long journey over 40 mpg is easily achievable and for the more normal urban driving I'd be happy with 30 . The computer show 30.4 mpg average over the last 3040 miles which includes perhaps 800 miles of towing and the rest urban. As I've said earlier I don't dawdle and enjoy the fairly brisk (for a big 4 x 4) acceleration so I'm sure the mpg could be improved on
  4. I currently tow with a 2015 GLE250 and have no complaints. Yes, it is a little uneconomical when towing but I don't dawdle (20-25 mpg depending on conditions and speed etc) but it is more than powerful enough to tow a Coachman Pastiche 525 without any difficulty at all. I'd recommend it. Apart from towing, the car is spacious, comfortable , quiet and an excellent vehicle to drive. The caravan sits behind and very well behaved. This is the second GLE, the previous being an ML of course. I had an aftermarket Witter removable tow bar fitted Prior to the 4 x 4 I also towed with an E220 Estate. an equally good and comfortable car, but I found that as a towing vehicle the caravan was never as stable and I felt less confident at motorway speeds. I tried various loadings and carefully checked the nose weight (the only time I've ever really paid much attention to nose weight). We never had an accident or any real drama but there were a few occasions when I was a little uncomfortable. That said, we did many many miles. Someone suggested to me that the cause may have been the longer rear overhang of the estate - sounds plausible but I had towed with various mother estates and not had a similar experience. On balance I prefer the GLE, I particularly like the higher seating position, but on recently looking around at the Mercedes website, the lower price of the E Class Estate may well tempt me if I was changing - it would probably mean a new E Class as opposed to a nearly new GLE
  5. I bought two Lafuma Recliners several years ago thinking that they were the best. Since then I've had an ongoing issue with the elastic cords supporting the fabric fraying and eventually snapping. The Lafuma replacement is expensive and I now use bungee cord from a DIY outlet. I've had to renew the cords several times and the chairs are not used all that often. All in all I don't think the Lafuma chairs are worth the premium price and would not recommend them.
  6. Some on this forum quibble about the club sites (and wardens) being sticklers for their rules but it is to avoid this sort of overcrowding - and improve safety - that the rules exist. Private sites can do what they want it appears and I'd guess that they are more expensive?
  7. It's worth noting that the diesel that Costco sells is premium diesel - normally much more expensive at other petrol stations. This makes it an even better bargain
  8. I had a similar issue with my GLE 250 and Coachman - the battery was insufficiently charged to operate the mover, this after a 350 mile tow. The explanation I was given (I think on this forum) is that the problem stems from the regenerative charging system on the car. It seem that the car battery/alternator is set up so that the car battery will not charge beyond 80% capacity. This is to allow for a sudden boost of charge due to heavy braking. Consequently, unless set up to avoid this, the system for charging the caravan battery whilst driving is always subordinate to the needs of the car and therefore it won't keep the van battery topped up. The solution is to fit a device which changed the priorities to the caravan battery, or perhaps a solar panel
  9. If you are in the market for a new awning, and you don't mind waiting for a while, it's a good idea to go to one of the larger caravan shows. There you'll be able to compare all of the different brands and models and perhaps secure a show discount - we did, they even threw in a couple of folding chairs!
  10. Slightly off the point, but we have a Mercedes GLE 250 fitted with a Witter demountable and the rear parking sensors work equally as well with the tow bar in situ or without. The towbar was fitted by an independent specialist contractor and to my knowledge no updating of the car electronics has been done (unless done by the fitter as part of his normal service)
  11. What an ill considered generalisation. Many of us, including me, are more than happy with our British caravans. Of course we don't tend to make much noise and it's those with complaints who shout the loudest.
  12. Interesting - I've always wondered how resistant such awnings are to anything more than light breeze - do users feel the need to roll them up all the time or can they be left extended?
  13. Has anyone ever had a fault in their Aquaroll which led to a warranty claim? -There isn't much to go wrong with them so the question of the 10 year validity is somewhat academic, surely
  14. Thanks for your replies everyone. To clarify, when the damage occurred, the insulation was worn from many of the core wires so I've already got them twisted together where it was needed and wrapped with tape. A more permanent repair is definitely called for
  15. Some time ago I drove for quite a distance without adequately securing the electrical cable between the caravan and car. As you may guess the sagging cable dragged on the road and was damaged - a section of the outer sheath has worn away exposing some of the individual wires. Although I've made a temporary repair with black tape I think the cable should be replaced (and I forgot to have this done when the recent service was carried out) Is this a DIY job? If so, has anyone any tips
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