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  1. There are a lot of caravaners who prefer not to use motorway services, and at times the caravan parking areas are deplorable, but if you need a quick break or a toilet visit then they serve the purpose. Some are good, others are amongst the lorries (and parking will test your reversing skills). That said, if you are on the motorway and hoping to make progress to your destination, turning off to find a suitable parking areas can be a significant delay so I'd suggest swallowing any prejudices and visit the MSA. Finding somewhere to sleep for a couple of hours? Is that really necessary on a journey from Coventry to Scotland? Why not rest up before you go, complete the journey to your first nights stopping place and then rest with a glass of wine?
  2. News of the CMC sites reopening was circulated to members by email a couple of days ago and this from the website -
  3. Have a look at this site - they may be interested in taking it. I traded my awning in part exchange for an annex and was happy with the deal/service https://www.perfectawnings.co.uk
  4. I'd be more impressed with their claims of keeping staff safe if it wasn't for the fact that every other mail order business seems to be operating more or less as normal!
  5. My wife and I have generous data allowances with our phone contract via Three. Almost always we are able to access a decent internet signal on the phones and can use these as hotspots in the event that we want to use a laptop. The phone will also give us access to Netflix and similar. My question therefore (if I may piggy back onto this thread) is what benefit would we derive from a Maxview signal booster or a mifi set up, if any - I'm thinking of primarily UK use. Would the wifi be faster or stronger than. that available via the phone alone?
  6. Thanks, I'll give them a go before fixing anything more permanent
  7. How did you fix the plywood base to the wall? I would like to fit a hanging rail in the shower cubicle of our Bailey to give space for coats but I'm unsure as to how to do it without causing unnecessary damage to the walls. I'm thinking a plywood base, as you have used, with a rail mounted to it may be the best solution
  8. There are a number of freestanding electric towel rails available - not all of them expensive - which may suit your needs without them being fixed to the wall
  9. mw3230

    Decent shoes

    I've used Merrell MOAB shoes and boots for some time but when walking off road or on gravel paths I found the sole too flexible and bigger stones could protrude causing discomfort. I bought some Brasher with Vibram soles and I'm very pleased with them. They are comfortable, waterproof and give good grip with a stiffer sole. As the weather warms I'm beginning to wonder if they may be a touch too warm but time will tell. I can certainly recommend them and probably won't return to Merrell (which I think are a slightly narrower fit than the Brasher)
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/28/coronavirus-pulse-oximeter-healthcare Don't seem to be recommended by the professionals
  11. Our brand new, collected just before the lock down caravan is on hard standing at our home and we have joked about spending a night or two in it (using the house as the toilet block) but not tried it yet. Perhaps we should as there seems little prospect of towing for a while yet
  12. Your post reminds me of Trump's response when called to account for his 'inject bleach' comments.
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