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  1. I got stopped at bamber bridge no issues but they have a job to do
  2. My safefill is four years old ( blue 10kg) and has saved me loads over the years
  3. I have arrived onsite to find my onboard water pump has failed and is blowing 10amp fuse I have looked and the one I have is a reich 19 litre pump without none return valve the only ones I can find locally is the one with a return valve it looks the same apart from the top valve can I just take it off or should I shop around
  4. I fill up at my local morrissons at night using pay at pump :-)
  5. It's a fiamma towed the caravan 9500 miles and hasn't marked the van in anyway
  6. Didn't use that much but only the top half of the window had split
  7. http://www. bondrite. co. uk/caravan-repair-products/s1220-clear-acrylic-adhesive-25ml/p297293. html This is what I used
  8. I have filled up at my local shell and Morisons without any problems
  9. I asked to join the Facebook page to be told you are unable to join until you own one
  10. A have the older kampa rally air had a few issues but alway sorted by kampa
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