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  1. We went out late August to Bilbao, no checks , turned left and crossed into France didn't even have to stop.Same back into Spain. returned last weekend, only checks were at Portsmouth presumably looking for illegals. Could have taken what wanted but didnt
  2. Update Arrived at the check in at 15:45 7th October but was not allowed to check in until 7:30 following morning. A person who challenged it was tolds variously it was due to Covid or Brexit, he rang BF about the misinformation on their website but got no sensible answer. However were about 20 others and we had a quiet night in the queue
  3. This has been covered before but can a regular traveller remind me of the best time to arrive for a morning grossing the following day. Thanks
  4. I think the number of newcomers to the pastime may be a contributing factor. Many have been sold on the idea by advertising and even promotions by the clubs with words like "Freedom and Roam" liberally used and they have made the mistake of believing it , where nothing could be further from the truth in this country.
  5. I took an overnight to Caen once and we hated it. Not because its overnight we are regular North Sea Ferries users but it departs too late for dinner arrives early as you described for the Spanish crossing and I ended up parked up in a laybye mid morning for a sleep, quite horrible.St Malo is civilized as is the Bilbao arriving midday.
  6. Its an inconvenience for us but no more we normally take a couple of ready meals to tide us over until we shop and milk and butter frozen which helps keep the fridge cold on a 24 hour crossing. However we traveled in the Foot and Mouth year with nothing but tea bags and survived . Plan is to take some sort of pasta sauce and if we cant get a restaurant meal on our first night just use that.
  7. Thanks very much for that. I am working on the assumption we will still need a pre departure test and am thinking about spending a couple of nights in Burgos and get it done there. Burgos to Bilbao should be fine for an early afternoon arrival at the docks. Thanks again
  8. That is very good price especially as its daytime out. Its 5 years since I did that crossing but it was more than that even with an afternoon "caravans go free" outbound. The site vouchers are looking like the sort of deal we used to get with camping cheques ie cheaper to take them than not.
  9. Apologies if asked before but is it ok to park at the docks for a morning departure.
  10. Hi there I have done this route several times but have not gon via Madrid for it. Unless Madrid is somewhere you actually want to visit I would go west of there. My preferred option being: Bilbao - Burgos Burgos Monfrague (or Caceres) Monfrague to Malaga either via Cordoba or Seville. If you do still favour Madrid and want to avoid the worst of the city traffic use the M50 that swings out to the airport as a by-pass, it adds about 10 miles but IMO worth it. No problem with inclines either way as the motorway up from Bilbao to the central plateau in the direction of Burgos is well graded and no problem
  11. I dont use the tunnel or Calais but from South West France I would agree with others here. Urrugnee Camping Larrouleta Monfrague or Caceres Conil de la Frontera, Camping Rosaleda or others there. I have described routes to that area here https://sites.google.com/site/caravaneurope/home/routes
  12. There are going to thousands taking holidays in Spain and how many can you see searching out €100 tests when they can get a lateral flow?
  13. OK Got it. BTW I asked at our planned site whether they were happy with the NHS app and the answer came straight back "of course David" Now trying to work out what "advised" means when they said last night "We are advising PCR tests" for return from Spain. If its an instruction its one thing but if its advice you know what they can do. However have some weeks to find out David
  14. Val the Green "Valide" is that the green tick on the home page under "Activated"?
  15. I haven't used Calais for years, its not convenient for us and even before migrant issues became so obvious its a truly horrible way to start and finish a holiday in somewhere like an armed camp. These days we are using Caen , Bilbao and Rotterdam (Zeebrugge no longer sailing) but have in the past used St Malo, Cherbourg and Le Havre . Its a great way to start a holiday and if heading for the West Coast or Brittany saves hundreds of miles, 2 days and a load of tolls compared with Calais
  16. I discovered when I had a dispute with them over quite a trivial sum that its an organisation untouched by modern day customer service ethos. I was fought to the "wire" over £45 and it ended up on the CEO's desk for a decision. I have used them since but am very very careful, keeping notes and treble checking everything because you can be sure if there is a chance of a "small print" wriggle it will be taken.
  17. I just a few minutes ago inquired of a French site whether the NHS pass will be acceptable and the almost instant reply was "Yes of course" I think there is a lot of scaremongering going on all over the internet and especially forums.
  18. I have a Thule Omistore fitted on my Hobby, it was previously fitted to my last van a Lunar and we have had it about 6 years. We invested in the "Panorama Room" that turns it into a robust awning if required or just any combination of sides and front. It was expensive (the room) and heavy particularly the side bars that attach to the roof. We have come to the point where we are loathe to put up for shorter stays and are looking for a lightweight structure/tent to fit under or to the roof for longer stays. We are going to give it one more outing until we can get to a caravan show and properly explore the options but whatever we get it will be in conjunction with the wind out roof not instead. This was it on the Lunar without the front panels
  19. We are going and will decide which way to turn in Bilbao, unless things change again its going to be about 3 weeks in France then back into Spain and should then avoid quarantine
  20. If 10 days is going to cost him in loss of earnings it could be worth thinking about a ferry back direct from Spain and not ( unless things change) have to quarantine or do a day 8 test.
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