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  1. My route to Millau has been Day 1 Chalons en Champage Camping Aquis Loisirs (was the municipal) Day 2 Municipal Macon (often for a few days) Across country towards Moulins and take the N7 South towards Clermont Ferand and then the A75 Day 3 Millau
  2. Mercedes E Class Estate towing an Hobby Excellent 540fu. Its the second E Class estate I have owned , previous was a 3l V6 that did around 23mpg towing 1500kg. This 2.2l 4 cylinder is slightly less powerful at 190BHP but does over 30mpg towing. Great beauty of these cars is the vast capacity for all our kit once the seats are flat
  3. Its affected mine. As of today I cant travel a route to southern Spain as its in an are the British Government wars against "all but essential travel" so thats our caravanning on hold until this epidemic leaves the system.
  4. I am a member of both and aught to get round to ditching one of them as I dont use either of there sites more than once a year but find the ferry booking easy and reasonable and the insurance products tailored to long stays abroad are not all that easy to find elsewhere. I no longer insure the van with the CMC since they changed it to "cover" rather than a proper insurance policy and paid more to replace it.
  5. Many of the tolls have been removed in Spain and quite soon the rest will follow. Its not worth bothering with a tag.
  6. David in Cheshire


    I keep spreadsheet records of fuel consumption (and many other aspects) our tours , not because we cant afford but out of interest and as an indication of the vehicles "health" all figures are calculated using "brim to brim" and only reflect the journeys where the entire fill was towing. Mercedes E220 CDI Estate towing a a 1500kg Hobby and with the car heavily loaded and a roof box. Early Spring Trip towing 2475 miles 29.93 MPG Autumn Trip 2185 34.14 MPG
  7. We have used this site several time Camping Las Palmeras and I think it would pass for quieter (than the huge sites along the bay) .We went there initially when we turned up at Aquarius nearby and found it bursting at the seems in September, principally due to the C&CC holding a rally there . Turned around and moved a mile to Palmeras and at €2 a day more much nicer
  8. I agree with the previous posts that there is no need to book at that time of year but what I would advise is not getting to hung up on ACSI. Its only a proportion of whats available and you might find the sites busier than those nearby outside the scheme . At the other end of Spain one September we turned round and left an ACSI site that was "bursting at the seams" and went just 1 mile to a nicer quiet site that cost €2 a day more. Get a more comprehensive guide such as the one published by the Caravan and Motor home Club (not thier advance booking brochure) to compliment the ACSI Guide.
  9. We used this site some years ago http://www.campingchianti.it/?lang=en Its been developed since then with pool etc but the location was perfect situated as it is midway between Florence and Sienna with views from the site of the famous hill towns of Voltera, San Gimignanao Cetrtaldo etc.
  10. We head for Spain or Portugal in the Spring and even then we have not always enjoyed the driver through France and having to go off our desired route top find sites open. Last 3 years we have use Portsmouth Bilbao out and Caen Portsmouth back which lessens the costs a little and gives us time in France. I did some calculations comparing a single to Bilbao with a two day drive through France from Ouistreham and I think it costs around £140 to avoid those 2 days on the road when fuel, sites and tolls are taken into consideration and so far with smooth crossings we have felt it worthwhile.
  11. We had this monster next to us this year! Nice enough people but glad when they left
  12. Unless you are staying a while I wouldnt inflict the additional stress of awning erection on myself on a first outing.
  13. Wont bother me as whenever I drive in Holland I have the van in tow.
  14. This matter has been explored in depth on the Caravan Club forum and after about 400 postings it seem to me that it boils down to trust. The entire document has had a "search and replace" run over it and all occurrences of "We will pay" have been changed to "We may pay" As someone with previous experience of a dispute (not insurance) with the CMC I have gone elsewhere and paid more rather than rely on trust and I am not alone.
  15. You may have good reasons of your own for going to that area or have been before but my personal view of the Cote D' Azure is that after 3 visits (2 too many) its the only place in France I have no desire to see again. Expensive crowded and overrated but that only a personal view and if you go I hope it works out well.
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