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  1. David in Cheshire

    What sort of caravanner are you?

    On the Ile de Re all camping is supposed to be on official sites according to the road signs but it didnt stop the owners of a hugely expensive Niesmann+Bischoff motorhome spending their days on waste ground adjacent to the sewerage works.
  2. David in Cheshire

    Brittany Ferries

    As you booked through the CMC (like us) then you would have paid £75 and a 10% deposit on most sailings is going to be more than that certainly on the Spanish routes
  3. David in Cheshire

    International Driving Permits

    At the PO it is issued on the spot.
  4. David in Cheshire

    What sort of caravanner are you?

    We used to use a delightful French municipal site in Maillezais in the Vendee, €10 a night, large hedge pitches and good sanitary facilities, just a short walk out of the village. We were almost invariably on our own but the car park almost adjacent would have 20 or more motor homes crammed in , not surprisingly last time we tried to use it the gates were locked and I believe it now doesn't open until June , we have given up on France in April these days..
  5. David in Cheshire


    I dont see 10 amp as a problem, I caravan almost entirely on 6 amp sites in Spring and Autumn without difficulty and if you are really bothered that £30 would more than cover burning a bit of gas to top up the Alde.
  6. David in Cheshire

    Rosaleda at Conil de la Frontera

    If its winter time then as you say a double pitch wont be an option and the main run of pitches are quite small.
  7. David in Cheshire

    Rosaleda at Conil de la Frontera

    I have spent a lot of time there, probably 6 months over the years. We always went in May after the winter exodus and paid a little extra for a double pitch that included water and drain, there is no problem with space for parking there. Only downside was that it was in the section that allowed dogs and we had the Spanish weekenders letting theirs loose. On our last visit they had finally implemented electricity metering and we really dont like it
  8. David in Cheshire

    Saga Credit Card Axed

    I have used the Saga card for years to take advantage of the no overseas commission, one does not need to be a conspiracy theorist to suspect a service being withdrawn on the 28th March might just have something to do with Brexit.
  9. David in Cheshire

    Caravan showers, time to make them optional ?

    I owned a Fendt that although it had a shower arrangement and a curtain around the toilet compartment we never used it and could see that drying up afterwards would have been more trouble than it was worth. I currently have a Lunar with a perfectly functional shower (I know that because we tried it once) but we only use it as storage for light bulky items like the washing machine. As we always use site facilities its of no interest to us whether fitted or not but I could say the same about the gas oven. .
  10. David in Cheshire

    A security warning .

    I used to use them in the past for the convenience rather than a cost saving but have only used them in recent years when stuck for a site off the tourist track in central Spain. However for folk traveling in mid winter its often the only alternative short of a very long detour.
  11. David in Cheshire

    Going smaller

    We are fans of fixed beds, we gave up the best van we ever had (Hymer) in order to have them and however much we would like to downsize it comes back to do we want to make up beds again. Our van is pretty much a bedroom on wheels and we spend as little time as possible inside, however we dont caravan in the UK and long spells of bad weather are quite rare where we go.
  12. David in Cheshire

    first trip abroad

    We went down to the med on our first trip abroad, as it turned out it was not the best idea to go to the Cote D Azure in school holidays without a booking but dont let the distance put you off, you have plenty of time and dont have to waste it on a timid "toe in the water" trip to northern France as is so often recommended on forums.
  13. David in Cheshire

    Swift Caravan - Carrying Cycles

    I have towed many thousands of miles (probably 20+) with a rear mounted bike rack without any problems. My current van is unsuitable and for the last 7 years we have been carrying them on the roof. New van on order and cant wait to get back to a rear mounted rack.
  14. David in Cheshire

    Travelling to Morocco with caravan

    There is a facebook group Hobby Owners UK that seems to be ok as facebook groups go
  15. David in Cheshire

    last toll south in france on A71(A89)?

    We too come via St Pourcain (from Macon) but have found that peage that section north of Clermont Ferrand worth paying for after once trying the alternative