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  1. I dont know that I like your tone but just like to point out that as caravanner with over 40 years experience UK 12 countries on the continent I think I am entitled to a view without a lecture.
  2. I am only commenting on the almost daily complaints on that forum, personally as I said I spend little time on the sites and generally find the staff ok, I did have dealings one very unreasonable person but wouldn't judge the entire workforce by her. You seem very defensive are you a warden by any chance?
  3. I dont use CMC sites very much at all (twice this year) and generally have found them ok indeed sometimes the best thing about a site has been the welcome. However if one reads the CMC forum reviews there are almost daily complaints and whilst "happy campers" are less likely to post reviews and some are obviously unfounded a lot ring true and it paints a picture of a regime that would not be appropriate at privately owned sites where customer service is the key to gaining repeat custom. I only tour abroad where there is much greater choice and if confronted with some of the situations described there would have no hesitation in turning round and leaving or if that wasn't convenient leave next day.
  4. The site where we stay for a number of weeks in Spain like to be paid each month and balance on departure. We sometimes paid upfront to get a better rate but wary of it since we paid for 3 weeks last year at a site we grew to hate more each day. Otherwise its allways pay on departure
  5. 3 nights in the UK after picking up the van. First trip 2 UK, 1, ferry,17 France and 71 Spain
  6. I have been twice and last year again used the "camping" which is in effect a paved field without EHU and some distance from the water supply. Having said that its fine for a couple of days and you really need at least 2. Each major major manufacture has a display on par with an NEC hall to themselves. We concentrated on models available in the UK and afterwards bought a Hobby we had identified there from the NEC. After our first trip of 2500 miles to Spain we are more than happy with it but the particular model wouldn't suit you as the showering facilities are emergency only but we dont use them anyway however if you cant find a perfect fit there at Dusseldorf its not been made. Go and have a great time but take strong shoes.
  7. We love it too, but its so good word has got around and its been quite full last couple of times. As an example of how a small site can be this is is it.
  8. What I most dislike about this behavior is that it harms the genuine when distrust is created by these scammers. I was approached (in the UK) by a respectable looking well spoken elderly man who addressed me by name and claimed to know me from a previous employment, being bad on remembering faces I was almost taken in even when the "lost wallet" story started then I noticed I had left the office with a name badge and employers name on it. People as plausible as this have made a lifetimes career of it and I think it stinks.
  9. I am back with a German van, Hobby Excellent 540 after 7 years of leaking Lunar. We bought the demo at the NEC and consequently dont have the microwave we wanted, it has been titivated for the UK market most obvious being an oven (we dont want). Since we dont camp in the UK the door is on the correct side for us and on a 3 month trip the only issue we had was with the Truma Combi boiler generating an error code that needs a hard reset (button under a cover in the boiler) but this is a known issue. The construction looks bullet proof and we are very happy with it.
  10. I have one and have mixed feelings about it. It does work but slowly and if using a tyre pump noisy. I would also urge caution in slacking it off , I may have let air out too quickly on a slope and the van violently slewed round snatching on the brake in the process. This rapid application of the brake caused a shoe to become disloged and we had a 200 mi,e journey without brakes.
  11. For what they weigh just put a box in the car.
  12. It sounds quite mad to me, once in Spain it would be easier to do the miles but out of Germany and France no.
  13. Home now but we found our Spanish site through May and part June very well populated with French probably the biggest nationality group. My theory is that with North Afric effectivly out of bounds they are staying in Europe
  14. After having our caravan step stolen during the night on a site almost entirely used by other brits at Ouistreham Camping Riva Bella and I am as sure as I can be it was another Brit waiting for the ferry like us.
  15. I am in Spain at the moment and I can tell you why sites in France are quiet they are all here (the french) probably the largest contingent on this site. Regarding suggestions earlier to stay in the UK and spend our money there not likely travel on the mainland europe is the only reason I ever owned a caravan and it would be a shame to stop now that we have just bought a new German van.
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