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  1. I have been using it for years and providing one chooses a weekend crossing when the caravans go free Zeebrugge or Rotterdam are preferable for us to Dover and we can hit the road running the following morning after as you say a civilized night on board, also the crossings can be mixed and matched so we go out Rotterdam and back from Zeebrugge.
  2. There have been remarks along the lines of "I wouldn't want it back after......." I don't want my van stolen obviously but having spent time pitched next to a traveler family in Spain and seen the way the womenfolk spent their days cleaning, there is a good chance it would come back cleaner than it went.
  3. You are not the first to have problems there due the the actions of "middle men" like the CMC (they are not alone) touring in the Uk without booking is practically impossible and they are doing their best to export the ethos and turn touring into a branch of the package tour industry. Clubs taking block allocations are creating the shortage and then profiting from the sales. I am with Val on this avoid the sites in the club network.
  4. Waltrkerk59 We will also be heading for Croatia and Istria late August for the 6th time. I have described our routes from Rotterdam and Zeebrugee <here> Last year the worst roadworks were on the A3 near Wurzburg but even with the massive road improvement program its still preferable to the UK motorway system
  5. Al a Carte on BF and the self service on NS ferries but have had A la Carte on there too and still think BF beats them hands down
  6. So do we, regarding Brittany Ferries restaurants, the first thing we do when boarding is find out how soon we can book a table, the food on these ferries is in our experience in an altogether different league to North Sea Ferries and a fine way to start the trip.
  7. You never have Alan, we all know who they are and at least one of them has enrolled himself on here in order to continue the pursuit of WandM
  8. Now have mine in the drive ready more or less for its first big trip. I chose it at the Dusseldorf show but bought the demo model off the stand at the October NEC in order to be sure of delivery date. One or two extras we would have liked were factory fit so we have had to compromise a bit on the spec but am more than happy with the kit that has been fitted , Reich mover, rear bike rack and our own Thule canopy transferred over (and a better fit than ever) Cant praise our dealer in Leighton Buzzard enough and anyone looking for a Hobby couldn't do better.
  9. I wish you would stay on and fight your corner with these people, its been going on for years and quite few have left because of it , dont give them another scalp!
  10. I had to renew mine early due to the changes and am very glad to have 10 years of red passport in front of me.
  11. We also just use (and get through a few) supermarket TV/DVD combined but if you do want 12volt look carefully through the offerings on Amazon and you might find some of them are 12volt fed by a transformer (we had one but cant remember the make) and much cheaper than caravan accessory shops.
  12. On the Ile de Re all camping is supposed to be on official sites according to the road signs but it didnt stop the owners of a hugely expensive Niesmann+Bischoff motorhome spending their days on waste ground adjacent to the sewerage works.
  13. As you booked through the CMC (like us) then you would have paid £75 and a 10% deposit on most sailings is going to be more than that certainly on the Spanish routes
  14. We used to use a delightful French municipal site in Maillezais in the Vendee, €10 a night, large hedge pitches and good sanitary facilities, just a short walk out of the village. We were almost invariably on our own but the car park almost adjacent would have 20 or more motor homes crammed in , not surprisingly last time we tried to use it the gates were locked and I believe it now doesn't open until June , we have given up on France in April these days..
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