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  1. This matter has been explored in depth on the Caravan Club forum and after about 400 postings it seem to me that it boils down to trust. The entire document has had a "search and replace" run over it and all occurrences of "We will pay" have been changed to "We may pay" As someone with previous experience of a dispute (not insurance) with the CMC I have gone elsewhere and paid more rather than rely on trust and I am not alone.
  2. You may have good reasons of your own for going to that area or have been before but my personal view of the Cote D' Azure is that after 3 visits (2 too many) its the only place in France I have no desire to see again. Expensive crowded and overrated but that only a personal view and if you go I hope it works out well.
  3. I am a fan of crossings that take me where I want to go, so if going south to Spain or Portugal its Brittany Ferries either to Normandy or straight to Spain. If going East its North Sea Ferries from Hull to Rotterdam or Zeebrugge. Living where I do Calais crossings would need to be free before I drove down to Kent when we can enjoy an evening onboard and hit the road "running" in the morning.
  4. I have towed to Croatia 5 times now and spent the month of September there but have not gone further South than Istria. We take a North Sea crossing to Rotterdam or Zeebrugge (or mix) and have been following the route Holland/Belgium /Germany/Austria and Slovenia and crossing into Croatia near Koper. Currently there are road improvements on a gargantuan scale in Germany but we have decided to live with it after attempting a return through Italy that was if anything even worse A point to remember is that Croatian sites in the north of the country close almost en-mass first week in October and that night halts through Germany etc may also be governed by whats open. However we love it and although we rarely book anything have reserved our waters edge pitch again for 2020. The route we take and the night halts we use I have described here
  5. In the last 20 years we have had: Abbey special edition 3 years and 280 nights changed due to damp Hymer Nova 7 years 750 nights changed for layout Fendt Platin 3 years 370 nights changed when last UK dealer stopped trading Lunar Clubman 7 years 840 nights chaned due to damp and other faults Hobby Excellant present van 1 year 130 nights I find changeing and adapting to new vans a pain and dont understand why folk do it, and personally regret parting with either of our past German vans
  6. A lip seal for the toilet, have needed to replace 2 now whilst away from home.
  7. Interesting figures Andy. Apart from the odd night on our way between Portsmouth and home we only caravan on the continent. Although there are lots of other costs to take into account just on sites alone overseas sites are almost invariably cheaper and to our mind a better experience. This year we have been twice: 91 nights spring trip to Spain and France site fees totaled £1447 ave £15.90. 43 nights to Croatia via Belgium ,Germany and Slovenia £849 ave £19.75 We dont actively seek out cheap sites , only use ACSI if we wanted the site anyway but even in the more expensive areas such as Germany good well equipped sites are going to be no more costly than the basic offering of UK clubs. In Spain a long stay on a luxurious beach side site was £14.90 a night.
  8. We have done 137 nights this year 3 at Commons Wood CMC when we picked up the van 1 at a CL near Portsmouth before the ferry 88 nights in Spain, France 41 nights in Germany,Slovenia, Croatia, Luxembourg and Belgium 3 nights on ferries 1 night at Bladon Chains CMC site
  9. Vinney Most impressed with the way you got out of this. Some of the reactions are absolutely par for the course on forums, someone reports making some sort of mistake which of course the keyboard warriors would never do and they start.
  10. The "I have never failed to reverse into a pitch" is invariably is qualified by "I dont use pitches like that" This site has many vans delivered from local storage by drivers who do nothing else and even with towbars front and back of the tractor they still have to manhandle at times. I am just glad that with a mover I choose the pitch I want rather than one that can be managed without a mover
  11. Lost count of how many times we have been to Larrouleta, usually these days just a day or two en route to and from Spain but have also spent a couple of weeks there at times. Cant fault it.
  12. Not you Alan and apologies if it looked that way, but the aggressive post that started all this
  13. So can I in a straight line at least and in over 100k miles towing over the last 20 years its all I ever needed to do actually on the highway. In the event of some situation where more was needed and I couldn't get out of it I would use the mover and stand the embarrassment but its not happened yet and I feel certain I have been more places than our reversing expert . I have been taking ferries for nearly 40 years and in the last 20 its been twice a year. Dont worry about it I have never been asked to reverse on a ferry and if it happened I would only do it to the extent of my ability, if it didnt suit the ferry staff they would be welcome (and able) to take over
  14. No question where are going, mainland Europe. Its the only reason I own a caravan, dating back to the late 70s when my late wife who had refused to "spend holidays in muddy fields" saw a Spanish campsite whilst on a package tour and was convinced to give it a try.
  15. I dont know that I like your tone but just like to point out that as caravanner with over 40 years experience UK 12 countries on the continent I think I am entitled to a view without a lecture.
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