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  1. HenryB

    Cordless Drill

    I have had a De-Walt for years and although it is rather heavy and powerful it has a torque setting which will stop it operating when steadies are wound down to your liking.
  2. Thank heavens for our shower. We have a major water leak in our house and for 14 days after insurance contractors disconnected our hot water we have been able to use our shower in the caravan on our drive. We also always use shower in van when on site why walk in all weathers to communal facilities. Only van without a shower was our first 1971 Sprite Alpine
  3. I can't speak for a Unicorn but our Pegasus Rimini is exactly the same as yours. Only one screw in the centre hinge none in top or bottom.
  4. Although I have been caravaning for 40 plus years I had a break away on my first caravan to have an Alko hitch and stabiliser. Green button popped up stabliser handle depressed, electrics connected and break away cable attached . Every thing appeared in order. At that time it had not been suggested that you try raising the jockey wheel a little to see if the connection was secure. Off I drove and bang caravan detached. Fortunately still on grass on site so no damaged done. I discovered that when removing the Alko hitch lock the hitch red ball had not come out of the hitch, net result when I attempted to couple to van red ball was compressed and green button popped up. If I had done the jockey wheel lift it would have shown up.
  5. I have had many awnings over the years and it depends on the way they have been made. If the peg attachments are on the outside of the awning the mudflaps go on the inside if the pegs attach on the inside of the mudflaps the mudflaps go on the outside.
  6. Phone Powertouch 01283 587900 they are open from 8. 30 tomorrow Monday and talk the problem through with them.
  7. I have a Pegasus Rimini with same heating as yours. Initially mine did not work and needed a new circuit board. Since then I have had my unit freeze at times but think this is more operator error as the combined water and space heating unit is more complicated than the old stand alone systems. Can you explain what you were trying to do when you had problems and I will let you know if I have had similar ones.
  8. Another consideration is the life of a battery and any warranty. I have a Powertouch Evolution Auto and have used a 110 amp battery for years without any problems. My last battery lasted 10 years with previous Powertouch and then Evolution and my present battery is now 3 years old and going out of warranty but still doing well with the evolution that has to work hard getting my van in and out of its parking space behind my house.
  9. We had a Pegasus 2010 524 (black nose) from new for 6 years, great van but it was a struggle to keep nose weight down. We now have a Bailey Pegasus 4 2016 Rimini great van saves the wife having to climb over me to get to the loo in the night. I am 6'3 but single bed best nights sleep in 45 years plus caravaning. Bailey have worked hard to reduce nose weight by moving gas bottles near to wheels, apart from Truma 6e heater very little in front of wheels. Over and behind the wheels we now have gas bottles, cooker, tall fridge, battery charger, battery, spare wheel and table. We now have no problem balancing nose weight. One thing does come to mind is that when tipping backwards to go down a steep slope the tall fridge (that is mounted over the fuse box and charging unit) will start to tip backwards as it is so much higher than previous fridges that were below work top height. Also if motor mover is not soft start or stops too quickly that could cause van to tip backwards.
  10. Thank you for your comments. Yesterday after posting this topic I still could not find any of the options to change route, avoid part of route etc. Completely turned off Tomtom in disgust. Turned it on again and it download some updates and bingo it now seems to allow me to chose routes and avoid roads, despite having updated it as soon as it arrived before Christmas. Many thanks again for your comments.
  11. For years I have used a Tomtom 720 but maps were out of date and costly to update so before Christmas I purchased a Tomtom 5200 with free lifetime updates. I am trying to get my head around how it works. Put in route to South Lychett Caravan site near Poole and it wants to take me down a very narrow road when a slight division keeps me on main roads. On my last Tomtom it was easy to tell it to avoid a road or travel via another road. I can't find out how do do this. I have tried looking at Tomtoms website but still can't find the answer. If anyone has this model Tomtom can you help please.
  12. Interested in all the comments as we are waiting for our Bailey Pegusus 4 Rimini to go in for roof leak to be fixed. It does not seem to matter which way we tilt the van water still pours in, getting fed up with having to put an umbrella up before we can go to bed.
  13. Try Elsan Double Blue and Pink.
  14. We have been caravan owners since early 1970s and from 1990s have owned 3 Baileys and two vans by another major manufacturer. My preference is for Bailey as we have found their design layout and quality of build better in our opinion. All caravans will have some problems as they are not built on a very large scale using robots for some of the tasks unlike most car production lines. I visited Baileys factory, albeit a while ago when they were just building the first Unicorn, and I was very impressed with the whole operation. During my career I had also visited many other factories not related to caravaning. I would agree with everyone who says a good dealer is the key to your experience with the purchase of a caravan. Visit your local dealer see what they have to offer, question them about their service facilities and see if they listen and seem to support their customers. Don't be swayed by a dealer, particularly at a show, offering what appears to be a good deal but means you have to return the van to them many miles from home if there are even small problems that need rectifying. If you do buy a new van insist that the dealer demonstrates everything is in working order before you part with the balance of your hard earned cash. The caravan industry does not work like the car industry you cannot just take your van back to the nearest dealer and expect them to carry out remedial or warranty work.
  15. Have a Nextbase. Very pleased with it.
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