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  1. You can get them off as they are so poorly fitted in the first place. Use a long flat screwdriver to lever the fixings out without damaging the plywood. They weren’t designed to last, they were designed to be quick to assemble.
  2. We have an Smax with the power shift box. It has been serviced minimum every two years at £150 a time by me. Ford wanted £300. It is noticeably clunky towards fluid change time. Never faltered and towed well, that was even at maximum weight over Alpine passes. That said, I won’t have another. I had Q5 company car before the Smax and the auto box in that, was a similar design but worlds apart. The Q5 was amazing and made the Ford seem a clunky mess in comparison.
  3. Ebay worked for me. Used a classified ad as it was much cheaper. Got the usual jokers. Can you deliver and knock a £1000 off etc etc. Be firm, don’t drop below your minimum price and describe it accurately, you can’t go wrong.
  4. Ours did this all the time. Not even a strong breeze would blow it out in the right direction. Winter cover cured it.
  5. Only used one once, I was 5m away and at idle, I couldn’t tell if it was running.
  6. Rannoch Moor on Christmas Day a few years back, I shouldn’t have towed the thing that day. I actually thought it was going over as the sustained 60mph wind hit the side of the van. Never again!
  7. Noticed that already too, it’s packed ready to go. It will be warm on arrival too.
  8. I would love one, but the overheating gutless performance of the S Max over Alpine passes with a mere 1550KG on the back made my mind up to go van instead of caravan. 😜
  9. Been toying with the idea a long time. Finally made the plunge, spent a fortune and now have a lovely motorhome on the drive. Caravan has sadly moved down south to new owners. Hope I haven’t made an expensive mistake, signs are good so far though. Used it for a night we wouldn’t have bothered with caravan and a day trip for a run over Cannock Chase. Will miss the Alde heating though and the masses of space. Won’t miss it being in storage though, the motorhome fits on the drive. Will still be here lurking and contributing though.
  10. Any work on gas systems requires a gas safe registration for domestic and industrial premises. Caravans are covered by an Approved Code of Practice course. This is of course for reward, any homeowner can have a bash on their own house, but legally need to be competent. Problem is it’s usually a court that decides competence and by then the house is in pieces.... In short, yes, any breaking of a seal on a gas system for reward requires an approved training course and qualification. I have no no doubt the dealer had this, in fact, it was the workshop Manager who last butchered the oven.....
  11. Yes, they had such a good reputation so a shame they cocked this up so much. Trustpilot, I may take a look.
  12. Alas they won’t be contacted as I have no intention of ever going back there. They won’t ever be getting anymore cash from me. It was all under warranty so didn’t cost me cash wise but I did rack up some mileage and time off work!
  13. Well, finally found out why I have been having all the issues with the cooker grill not staying lit. As as a bit of background, I bought the van new from a large dealer, a Bailey Unicorn Valencia 3. I had to repeatedly take it back as the grill wouldn’t stay lit. It is currently on thermocouple number 7! Whilst fitting thermocouple number 7 they also changed the gas valve in case it was that. All well and good you think, until the thing still wouldn’t work all the time. This was on the third service and despite me demanding a new cooker, as soon as it was out of warranty, the dealer wouldn’t reply to my emails. Fast forward a year of intermittent grilling and I am selling the van. As luck would have it the grill wouldn’t stay lit again. In addition the spark ignition had stopped working and the whole grill seemed loose. I couldn’t live with myself selling a van where I knew there was something not working. Biting the bullet and with the help of a gas fitting friend, cooker came out and I noticed the amount of screws missing from everywhere. Not only that but to change the gas valve they had to drill out some rivets. The one in the middle is one I put back, that’s right, they just left them loose so the grill rattled around and stretched all the screw holes at the front. Not only that but it pulled the spark electrode connection out. The plate you see is the rear support for the entire grill assembly, burner, base and all and it was flapping around like anything. I dread to think what it would have looked like on the move. So after fixing that, the thermocouple was loose at the gas valve, a quick squeeze of the spade connector followed by adjusting the thermocouple into the right part of the flame and the grill works perfectly. So rather than just do the job properly in the first place, like ensure a sound connection of the thermocouple and adjust it properly, they have wrecked the adjacent cabinets and mullered the cooker by removing it 6 times! Not content with that bodgery, they couldn’t even be bothered to ensure it was safe the last time. This is isn’t a small outfit but a large dealer of good standing that charge £250 for a single axle service. Wish I had sorted it myself ages ago now, the toast I have missed over the years! :-(
  14. We do this all the time and have done for years. It’s fine.
  15. Air for me. Tried both and have to say, air awning goes up in seconds. Bit of silicone in the rail and it’s as easy as pie. On my own every time and no hassle at all. Had it 2.5 years now. Just been up for three weeks in France in boiling weather, no punctures, no air loss. Use the hand pump and it takes 60 seconds until done.
  16. Went through today, Folkestone to Calais. No delays and the French Douanes was too busy on his phone to bother us. I suspect as usual, coming back won’t be so easy....
  17. Well, evidently I needed less because I cancelled it. :-)
  18. That sounds even better. Now we have had it for nearly a week I can say I am well impressed. The Three signal where we live isn’t great but we can still get 12megabit downloads. In good signal areas we are getting 50megabits! Even the cable only gave us 100megabits. Means we can now cancel the cable and the internet dongle we used to have. Saved us a fortune!
  19. That is hugely damaged, I have repaired similar in the past but not as extensive by any means. My advice would be to seal the outside as best as you can, even if it looks awful, dry the wallboard out as best as possible and rip out any rotten and replace timbers underneath. Replace with 6mm ply and paint with magnolia emulsion. Then go and enjoy the van. :-) It won’t look great inside or out but it doesn’t matter, it won’t leak and will be usable for as long as possible. You do really need to make sure of the extent of the damage though in case it has structurally affected the van.
  20. Just putting this out there, we have been impressed with our previous version and for the money and unlimited browsing etc with three kids it should be brill. In fact I have cancelled the home broadband so saving £24 a month even after the introductory offer ends as that went up to £50 a month. http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Devices/Huawei/AICubeB900?memory=0&colour=White&id=3sms_cv_cst_719_ai-cube
  21. Mine has overfilled twice in about 20 fills. Hasn’t done it for some time now, I always fill it myself and ensure it doesn’t do it now just in case. When it was overfilled I used a spare pipe to get the level down by venting it off outside.
  22. It matters not who the nationality of the thief is, it matters that there are thieves around. We we have always been lucky so far, my friend not so much. Lost his 3k carbon road bike last year in France. Snipped through the lock and gone. Always take the usual precautions like not leaving anything unattended and out of sight. Not a French problem either, plenty of stuff getting nicked here too. :-(
  23. Not with the dog in there for shared warmth. Ha ha
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